Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

I want one of those electric cars.  Not the hybrid things that use less gas, I'm talking about an actual electric car.  They have them here, I'd never seen them before.  They're little Nissan's and up front above the plates, a little door opens up and you just PLUG IT IN!! Isn't that crazy? I'm not one of those 'go green' people (as I'm sure you've noticed.  I even use paper plates.  And LOTS of baggies :( ) but I have always thought it was a little strange that our entire world runs on fossil fuel.  Well, not always.  But for a while.  Well, since that weirdo from Lost on The Walking Dead shouted it out last season.  He got me thinking!!

Anyway.  If they ever make an electric mini van, I'm TOTALLY buying it.  I never go on long car trips, so I think I'd be okay with charging it. And here, if you have one, you get the front spot so you can plug it in!! Very cool.

I finally got to the end of Homeland.  I'm not gonna lie, I was PISSED.  Spoiler alert if you're looking to watch it.  The guy is a terrorist.  He thinks he's doing it for the right reason or something.  But then just when you finally get bored and WANT him to just hit the trigger already...he chokes.  Awww, his daughter wants him to come home.  Barf.  What a sissy. 

So basically, it didn't end.  And I think we all know how I feel about non-ending endings.  I don't think I'd even waste my time watching it next season.

I had all these grand plans of watching season two of Game of Thrones over at my friend's house.

She just told me her free trial of HBO is up.

HBO (for INSANE and unknown reasons) doesn't release GoT on iTunes as they come up.  So basically, I have to either find them in Portuguese on youtube, or wait until next March.

Not. Fair.

I started The Killing on AMC on demand.

Yes.  I really do watch THAT much tv.

Me and Angela are going to cook through the new Pioneer Woman cookbook like Julie and Julia!! Sort of.  Right now, we're going to pick one recipe/meal a week and do it, and I guess I'll talk about it since she doesn't blog.  Maybe she'll finally start? Anyway, I'm pretty excited.  I was trying to do this with her last book, but then I got pregnant and had that nervous breakdown in November before she was born so...Second time's the charm!!

For next week, we're doing tequila lime chicken (p170), mexican rice (p173) and mango margaritas (p116) and maybe even her salsa (p92) if I'm feeling particularly Betty Crocker-ish that day.  

Hopefully this will kick me out of my not-wanting-to-cook rut.  Ya'll should do it with us!! Let me know if you want to, I'll think of something fun to do with it.  I'm very fun. I'm a fungi ;)

Those are my thoughts.  My head is pretty empty lately.  Mainly I'm hungry I'm hungry I'm hungry I'm hungry.  Want coffee want coffee want coffee want coffee.  TV TV TV TV TV hunger games hunger games hunger games- I'm hungry.


  1. I think an electric car would be wonderful, except going anywhere long-term. I feel like the hassle of road trips and finding outlets where you could plug in (even in my condo complex; where would I find that?!) would far outweigh the benefits. It just seems like a great idea that's super impractical in use (at least now, anyway). Blah.

    Good luck cooking! I used to be adventurous but I haven't cooked an unknown recipe in a long time, so I think you've inspired me as well!

    Thanks for linking up!


  2. PW's salsa is delicious! I haven't bought salsa in months since I first started making it. You just throw it all in the vitamix for like 5 seconds and you're done.

  3. I might have to cook PW's new book along with you! I LOVE her old one, I use it all the time and have given it for gifts to so many people.