Monday, March 12, 2012

Waimea Valley

 Today we went (back) to the Waimea Valley to try to hike to the waterfall they used in Lost!!! Oh, and to see some trees and flowers and stuff too.  Whatever.

Just kidding, the trees and flowers were actually amazing.  I would say without hesitation that this was the most beautiful thing we've done on Hawaii so far.

You park and pay and walk right in.  It's all paved and super easy- Nick pushed a stroller with one of the boys in it the ENTIRE way, and I had Daisy June on my back.  It took about an hour and a half to get up and back, but normal people could probably do it a lot quicker.

Just what everyone wants to see when they start out, right?

Right before the actual falls, they have a little concession stand.  It just wouldn't be Hawaii if they didn't have shave ice, yeah?

And then we saw it!! I was bummed for a nano second that it doesn't look EXACTLY the same, but then it dawned on me that Lost started BEFORE Ava was even born.  Before I was even pregnant!! So, it's been a while.  And it looked good enough for me!!

It's the waterfall in season one, where Kate and Sawyer go (almost) skinny dipping and find that briefcase full of guns or whatever.

And then we headed back.  I always hate the heading back part.

After that, we went to that beach on the North Shore where the turtles are supposed to be hanging out, and there was a turtle hanging out!!!
It was weird, he was all walking around like he owned the place.  Coolest thing ever.  I just love turtles :)

Also cool? People surfing.  I don't get it.  How do they do that?!?!

And check this out- it's like a wild boar, killed and strapped to the back of this guy's truck.  This is weird.  Right?

And I couldn't resist.  Even though (EWW!) I never liked Kate and Sawyer, I always like Sawyer.  Here's the clip of them at the falls.  How cool am I that I was HERE!?!?!

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  1. Beautiful! You're there for a year right? That should give you just enough time to do everything but hopefully not go Guam crazy before you leave.