Friday, April 6, 2012

Flashback Friday

In honor of this birthday boy (who I promise I didn't forget, I'm just coming out of the fog of a psychotic break, which I'm sure I'll go way too far into detail about soon) I've dedicated this Flashback Friday to the first few months of life with Nicholas Scott Engelbrecht II.

The day before my scheduled section.  Shoulda known that kid was trouble ;)

First time we got to snuggle

Yes.  He slept in my bed.  On his tummy.  Don't bother calling CPS, I don't even care anymore. 

Brand new Big Sister

Sup dawg?

My womb literally aches when I see this one

Apparently I was pretty serious about feeding him

Look at those fricking eyes.  This is NOT edited.

Why so serious?

Why so fat?

Pity the boys who don't have a big sister to pick their noses.

And because Ava was so damn cute at this age (about 17-21 mos) I had to throw in a few shots of her.

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