Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flashback Friday

Let's flash back to a simpler time, a time before bearing four children in six years ruined my body, a time before the mighty warship Houston sucked my husband's soul out with a straw.  Look at us in the honeymoon years.  While these years were happening, naturally, I couldn't WAIT for the next big thing, graduation, commissioning, jobs, moves, babies...

I was SO stupid!!!

So we met, officially, to me at least, in the fall of 2001.  Right before Sept 11.  I remember, because right after we first got together, Nick had to fly home for something and it was right after that and it SUCKED.  We were engaged by Thanksgiving, and we went down to Florida to meet his family and stuff.
My first taste of year-round summertime.  It's addicting.

Look at how skinny I was.  It makes me sick, literally sick, to see this!!!

That spring, we took a cruise to the Bahamas to celebrate getting in to nursing school.

This is one of those medievil time type things, but it's set up like a pirate ship.  Hence the head thingies.

One of my fave pics ever, outside the Senor Frogs in the Bahamas. 

This is at Seaworld, but I don't remember when we went back down there.  

This is also in Florida, but again, I can't remember when and why we were there. 

So then we got married in August of 2002, about a week before I started nursing school and my life changed so drastically.  We delayed our honeymoon and went to London over the Christmas break that year.
Stonehenge.  Awesome.  England is so fucking cold. 

No idea where this is. London or Paris? A church? Your guess is as good as mine.  Probably better. 

I believe this is at the Auburn dining out, but don't quote me on that.  I thought it was an OCS thing, but now I think it's not, and I can't remember what changed my mind. Regardless, it's spring or early summer, 2003.

Then Nick graduated...

I moved into a new apartment because we were going to be separated for a year (and I had no fricking clue how many more times we'd be dealing with those separations.  I mean, I KNEW, in my head, but I had no idea what that meant.  At all.)

And he left for OCS in Pensacola.  It was a three hour drive, and I was doing summer classes for nursing school and nursing school was REALLY hard for me, so I only made it down a few times.

You might notice that he looks like he was in a concentration camp.  He came out of OCS weighing about a hundred and fifty pounds.  That is NOT a healthy weight for his frame!!! Poor guy.  OCS sucked, if I had had to do anything like that, I wouldn't have even bothered.  I'd still be living with my mama.  He said bootcamp was a fricking cakewalk compared to OCS, and I don't even think I could have made it thru THAT.

But he made it, and graduated, and got his commission and moved to South Carolina.
OCS Graduation, before I pinned him.  Those pictures are really weird, so this is all you get.  Although I love this dress, and the pinning pictures are better for seeing how great it is...

This is another dining out, I think at OCS this time.

While he was in South Carolina, I was finishing up my senior year.  I had to do my first class cruise at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth over Christmas break of 2003, and Nick came up for a few days so we could hang out.  Little did we know that in six months, we'd be living in that hellhole.

Just kidding.  Norfolk wasn't that bad.  Everyone likes to badmouth it, so I wanted to fit in.
They put me up in a swanky BOQ  type place.  In Portsmouth.  Behind the Hot Lips strip club.  Classy.

Then it was my turn to graduate, get my commission (OCS free, thank you Jesus), and move to Norfolk over the summer of 2004.

Right before I left Auburn, Nick came down for my friend Laura's wedding.  Look how big my hair is!!! I love big hair.

This is our first night in our very own home.  I love that house, and to me, it will always be one of my homes.  I brought three babies home from the hospital to that house.  My entire career, I came home from work to that house.  I became an adult in that house.
 We painted a LOT in that house :)

And then, it wasn't just me and Nick anymore.  I couldn't find one of me pregnant with Ava, so here I'm actually carrying Scott.  Christmas 2006, which means I'm about five months along.  And big as a house.  See how happy Nick is?!?? This is a Christmas party for his old boat, the Scranton.  The non-soul-sucking boat.  Sigh.
Okay, he doesn't look THAT happy.  They were about to leave for a six month deployment.  He knew he was coming home for PNEO school, and he was technically supposed to be home in time for the delivery, but he was nervous about missing it.

Spoiler alert, he made it.  By the skin of his teeth.  He got home six days before I went into labor and we went from being two people with a baby to a family.  A real family.

And that's my flashback Friday.  Hope you liked it, because it was a total blast for me :)

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