Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Menu Plan Monday (4/22-4/28)

Um, did anyone else notice that it's April 23rd? As in, eight more days and it will be May? Of 2012? No? Just me? Weird.

Anyway.  Another week, another menu plan that I'm going to try to stick to.  I did pretty good last week, I only skipped two recipes and I think I can get them in later today (it's actually Saturday, I wrote this in the past.  I'm spooky like that. I spent my formative years addicted to the X-Files and being introduced to Kurt Vonnegut by my father) but if not, I'm okay with this.  This is my plan, it's not written in stone.

It's just written in...internets.

Also, this is today.  I'm not in the past anymore.  I just wanted to let you know that I'm currently standing in front of the computer because my butt muscles hurt too much to lower myself into a chair.  And even when I scream through the pain to lower myself down, I can't get up without a total lift from Nick.  I finished my 30 Day Shred (!!! and it only took me seven and a half months!!!) and tried Shred it with Weights.  When I downloaded 30 Day, the Weights one came free.  I was pretty stoked, went out and bought the kettle bell and everything.  I did it twice and it just wasn't clicking for me.  It was hard enough, but it didn't really do much cardio? Maybe I was doing it wrong? And obviously I know lifting weights is supposed to be HARD, but a lot of these moves were actually uncomfortable.  i felt like I was going to hurt my back or something. So I took that kettle bell back (I love target) and downloaded Ripped in 30.  It's the 30 Day Shred format, but you get three strength moves per circuit instead of two, and it's about eight minutes longer (33 minutes from start to finish).  I did it Saturday evening and I broke a sweat, but I thought it was pretty easy compared to Level Two of the 30 Day Shred.

Then I woke up on Sunday and couldn't get out of bed without hollering for Nick to come help me.

I cried with every step I took all day Sunday, and when I woke up today, I was still sore but it was manageable.  So I went ahead and did day two.

And then I died.

So.  That's my story for the day.  I'm doing Ripped in 30, but I don't want to do it five days a week.  At least not yet.  I'm watching The Tudors on my elliptical, so I want to do that on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  So I'll only be able to do the Ripped three times a week, maybe four if I don't have anything better to do on Saturdays when Nick is doing insanity.

And since TV seasons are wrapping up, that's a distinct possibility.

Anyway.  Here's the menu plan.  As always, check out Organizing Junkie for tons of great ideas.

Sunday: chicken tortilla soup, part of the A&J Tackle PW Challenge.  But we're going to the water park, so I may or may not be able to do this.  I'm hoping to get the chicken cooked and shredded tonight, otherwise it ain't happening.

Monday: gymnastics, so we're eating those taquitos I raved about a while ago and froze.  What's that, you want to try them? Well here you go!

Tuesday: Rigatoni and meatballs, part of the A&J Tackle PW Challenge. I will NOT be making my breadcrumbs from scratch.  Because that just sounds stupid to me.

Wednesday: Nick has duty, so leftovers.  Or more realistically, cereal.

Thursday: breakfast pizza, part of the A&J Tackle PW Challenge. Yes, the challenge has basically taken over my life.  Sorry.  But I figure if I have to cook (and I do, because these tiny people keep asking me to feed them all the damn time...) I might as well have a little fun while I do it, you know?

Friday: five spice pork kabobs and cilantro lime rice.  Not sure if I've ever posted these recipes, so here's the link to the kabobs and the rice.  I've had them both several times and they're both FANTASTIC.  See? I do do more than just PW!!

Saturday: still not planning for Saturdays.  Ever.

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