Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Menu Plan Monday (April 8-April 14)

Sunday: Easter dinner at Laura's

Monday: spicy Dr. Pepper pulled pork, also part of the A&J Tackle PW Challenge 

Tuesday:  Asian hot wings, part of the A&J Tackle PW Challenge 

Wednesday: Nick has duty, so leftovers or take out.

Thursday: Korean style beef bowls

Friday: Thai Chicken Pizza, part of the (you guessed it) A&J Tackle PW Challenge 

Saturday:  gonna try again for the Honey Plum Soy Chicken, part of the A&J Tackle PW Challenge 

As always, head over to Organizing Junkie for tons of greats menu planning tips!!

Well, I'm sure you heard by now that I cleared up my driver's license issues.  Here's the run down if you didn't get the memo.  I realized (with five days to spare) that my license was expiring TODAY.  So I headed to the DMV to take the written test (yes, you heard that correctly) and pay my forty bucks to get a Hawaii license.  Well, after it was finally my turn, the clerk informed me that my Virginia license was suspended and I needed to clear that up before I could take the test.  This was Wednesday.  Hawaii was declaring Friday a holiday.  And mine expired Monday.

So I spent all day Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on the phone with the Virginia DMV.  Turns out, they had mailed a spot check for insurance on June 6, 2010.  As in two years ago.  And since I didn't provide proof of insurance, they suspended it.  Two years ago.

Well they kept telling me to have USAA fax the forms, and USAA kept NOT faxing the right ones- it was a hot mess.  I basically cried all day, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, and couldn't take care of my kids.  At one point, I actually considered heading to the ER to tell them I was having some sort of panic attack and I needed to be sedated.

So on Friday, USAA FINALLY figured it out and sent the forms, and not five minutes later, the gal from Virginia called to tell me I was clear.  But then the bitch says "Oh, it might take a few days to clear the national registry so wait to go to the Hawaii DMV." Uh, this was Friday afternoon and my license expired MONDAY!!!  So I was a little more calm, but still a wreck all weekend.  I had to take sleeping pills to wind down.  It was THAT bad.

But I got to the DMV today, the lady laughed because I was so nervous, she looked me up on the registry right away and said it was cleared.  She was SO HELPFUL.  Unbelievable.  And for anyone in Hawaii needing to deal with DMV, I went to the one downtown (sort of) off Nimitz on Wednesday.  I got there at seven (they opened at seven forty five) and there was twenty people ahead of me in line.  I waited in line once they opened for almost forty five minutes.  Today, I went to the one in Kaneohe by that old movie theater and McDonalds.  I got there at nine twenty, and when I walked in, there was no one else there.  Two people showed up while I was taking my test, and one more walked in while I was walking out.  By the time I got back to my car, it was nine fifty one.

For reals.

Anywho.  So I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday for my acne and I think it's time I finally bite the bullet and ask for help.  I hate to be yet ANOTHER lonely housewife on Zoloft, but at the same time, I hate this feeling.  Stressful situations are stressful, yes of course.  But should they really render me completely debilitated? And non stressful situations, like having to talk to someone on the phone at Papa John's to order a pizza- I feel like I should be able to do that without my heart racing.  For years now, I've just said "oh, that's just how I am, I get anxious when I have to talk to people.  I get anxious when I have to do stuff.  I get anxious when the phone rings.  I get anxious when it's Tuesday."  But I wasn't always like this, and once I realized that, I felt uber foolish.  I mean, for heaven's sake, my senior year of high school I set up all my ROTC scholarship applications, set up an interview with a Captain in Pascagoula, went to the interview and talked with her, a complete stranger, with no problems.  I left my family and moved four hours away to a school where I knew not one SINGLE soul, and I did fine!! I mean, sure, it was rough, ROTC sort of sucked, but I did it.

If I had to set up an interview today, I would pee my pants.  Literally.  I'm sort of getting sweaty and shaky even thinking about it.

So I don't know.  Meryl, if you're reading this, what do you think? It sounds kind of ridiculous typing it out, but it's hard to explain.  I just feel anxious and nervous ALL. THE. TIME.  Always.  And I'm exhausted from it.  I really am.

It's a temporary paper card, that's why it has that obnoxious red expires thing on it.  I don't even CARE how shiny my face is, I was so happy I actually cried a little.


  1. Can't wait for your review on the asian hot wings! I despise PW with a passion but that recipe sounds good.

    Glad your license situation is cleared up, so sorry your emotions are rolling and acne is bad though. I get it, trust me, I do. The only way my anxiety stays under control is when I'm regularly on my yoga mat. I refuse to do meds again.

    Check out pure2raw.com ...their eating style is obviously very different from the normal but they're both going through skin issues too and are blogging what is and isn't working for them. Worth a look maybe?

    Also if you're interested, I can email you the commentary a friend of mine sent to me when she went through a period of anxiety/depression, weight gain, and skin issues, and what has worked for her.

  2. of course i'm reading this. gah, no faith in me after all these years ;) you probably have agoraphobia and probably some component of generalized anxiety disorder. not only would an ssri (celexa, zoloft, or the like) maybe help, counseling can be really helpful for anxiety. i am very hesitant to ever discount something that works so I do believe folks when they tell me they changed their diet/exercise and it helped. but i feel like its time for you to consider your options. and i admire you for being so transparent about it. do you want me to call you? i don't want to make your anxiety worse...

  3. That's a really cute picture of you though! I'm glad that everything worked out with your license...

    And I hope that you figure something out with your anxiety. That has to be a horrible feeling.

  4. Please allow me to say I don't NOT recommend meds or counseling. In fact, if I were even on the same continent as my therapist from Kings Bay I'd do anything to get a spot in his office again. I just know meds are not the way I will ever go again, just a personal decision.

    Hopefully you will find the steps necessary to help you live a fuller, happier, less anxiety ridden life, whatever those steps may be!