Saturday, April 14, 2012

Photo Dump Friday

I think the title says it all.

I take pictures.  Lots of them.  They're not particularly amazing, but I'm sort of obsessed with it.  I love taking them, and for the most part, I love editing them.  Then I send the best ones to snapfish, write the dates on the backs, and then slip them into too-tall photo albums that no one but me EVER looks at.

When I think about it, I download the pics off my chip, into little folders called like 33 and 34.  Then I edit and blog them, then I move them to the correct forever-folder.  Like, March 2012.  That's where these scenery shots ended up. Eventually, it makes my skin crawl, because the little 33 and 34 folders start stacking up till I have ten different "waiting for action" folders and no March or April folder even started.  So when that happens, I waste an entire morning editing and uploading and blogging instead of washing towels and wiping sticky stuff off the counters.

I know you don't need two of the same shot, but I'm so excited to be in a picture that I just can't help myself. 

I'm not a hundred percent sure where this is.  It's like maybe east? It's past Diamondhead.  I think.  Anyway.  We were WAY above this beach, but it looked pretty cool.  I'm sure Nick knows where we were. I do remember that we had to pay a dollar to park.  That's so stupid to me.

This was further up on that same day.  I need to google it, because doesn't this look a little like the place where Kate killed The Man in Black When He Looked Like John Locke? At least a little?

Quick story here.  We only had to wait about seven minutes before we saw a whale.  I was taking the requisite two hundred and forty shots of the same thing, and waiting for it to jump all the way out like Free Willy and splash down on its back.

Well.  Nick kept saying that they wouldn't do that in real life, so I took my camera off my neck and we got ready to go (we left the kids in the car behind us.)

Well.  I'm sure you can guess what happened next.  That sucker jumped ALL THE WAY out of the water, and splashed down on his back.

Just like in the movies.

I shit you not.  I got to see it, but I didn't get a picture of it.  Isn't that the WORST?!?!?

This is some sort of blowhole.  I didn't think it was that cool, but there were lots of tourists around who did, so I was just trying to fit in. It's a hole in the rocks, and when waves break a few yards from it, it sprays up through it.  Like a blowhole.

Look at that hair!!

Now THIS is what I think is cool.  Surfers.  I just don't get how they do it!!

A few weeks ago, Nick's boat had a little picnic out at one of the beaches.  Very nice, lots of fun.  I'm a sucker for things like that, it always reminds me of my dad's squadron from when I was little.

This was right when Daisy start walking FOR REAL, and they had a little Easter egg hunt set up for the kids.

Up next are a few shots of the kids dyeing eggs last weekend.  I was in the middle of my DMV Nervous Breakdown, so it wasn't as festive an event as you might have seen on pinterest lately.
So intent on their work.  Except Dub.

You've heard me talk about how dissapointed I am that my new 50mm lens isn't as magical as I wanted it to be? Well, this shot below is what I want.  Always.  And I can't figure out how I get it, so it's REALLY hard to replicate.

These are Scott-heavy because I was sitting directly across from him and I didn't want to get up.

This is the only shot I got of all three.  And the worst shot of the night.

And this is what Daisy June did the whole time.

What's next...oh, Scott had a program at school.  For Easter? For spring? Who knows.  It was cute.  Except I'm so sick of going to preschool programs.

Here we have Buzz Lightyear towing a wagon, then changing the tire...

 And here's Scott on his actual birthday, opening family presents.  Look at Warren's face on the top shot!
That's all I got.  Engelbrecht out.

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  1. 1) Have I mentioned that for some reason every time I read your blog and Nick is mentioned, I think about how I want a husband like yours? Actually.. the sentence "find a husband like Jenn's" is kinda popular in the Cacibauda household. Weird.

    2) I LOVE that second picture of you and Daisy. She is so cute and that is such a good picture of both of you.

    3) I think I'm going to change up my bed time prayers a little bit and mention that I want my future grown up life to be like yours. Your kids are cute and you always go cool places. If my life plan fails, I'll move in and be your live-in nanny. I'll even cook and clean. Forreals.