Sunday, April 22, 2012

Summer is Freaking Me the Eff Out

Should Me be capitalized in a title? I can't remember.  You would, if I said Freaking You Out.  Right? Or Her? Freaking Her Out? Freaking her Out? I have no idea.  Anyway, not the point.  The point is...

I am slightly panicked about summer.

Okay, not slightly.  I am MAJORLY panicked about summer.  This will be my fist real summer as a mom.  I worked full time until the middle of summer 2009, and as soon as I quit, we up and moved to Connecticut, so that summer didn't count.  And they started preschool as soon as we got there.  Summer 2010 we were in Guam and Tender Shepherd runs ALL. SUMMER. LONG.  I fricking love that frisking place.  I had Warren with me, but he was one, and seriously, who cares.  Summer 2011 was even more awesome because my mama came to Guam, and Warren was at Tender Shepherd starting in July.

But summer 2012? Summer 2012 is a whole nother ball game.  I will be home with my six year old, my five year old, my three year old, and my one and a half year old ALL DAY LONG.  EVERY SINGLE DAY.

What the hell? How did THAT happen?

Don't be confused.  I'm not one of those mamas who's all like "I can't wait for summer, we can snuggle on the couch and go to the pool and just gaze at rainbows and ride around on unicorns and it's going to be so magical!!!"  I have lived in The Lands of Perpetual Summer for over two years now, going to the pool is not a big deal.  We go to the beach on Christmas Eve.  We go to the water park in February. So that's not really something worth looking forward to, you know? I mean, sure, we like the pool.  But we like it all year.  Takes a tiny bit of the magic unicorn out, you know?

Now, I will be grateful to not be rushing around to get out the door by seven thirty.  But on the flip side, since I don't have to rush around to get out the door by seven thirty...I won't be rushing around doing anything.  We'll probably just lay around watching tv all day.  No one will eat breakfast, the house will be a wreck, there'll be dirty dishes everywhere, no one will ever get dressed, the kids will fight all the time because they all four hate not having a's going to be a nightmare.


So what do I do? Besides the obvious GET OFF YOUR ASS AND BE A MOM, I mean. Because that really isn't helpful.  Do I lay down the law? Get up, eat, get dressed, brush teeth...then what? Do I slack and let everyone do their own thing? Do I make them do alphabet worksheets every day? How much tv can we get away with? How do I convince my mom to stay for twelve weeks instead of just four? Can anyone loan me nine billion dollars so Nick can quit his job and deal with all this over the summer instead?

And wanna know the worst part of this panic attack? I'll tell you.  I went straight to pinterest and searched for 'daily summer routines' and 'daily summer schedules' and I got NADA!! Nothing!!! Just exercise routines!!! Ugh.  Pinterest FAIL!!!

Okay, I gotta go.  Did y'all know Trisha Yearwood has a show on food network!?!?! She's making fried chicken and I can't miss this.  I mean, hello, she feeds GARTH BROOKS people!! I bet it's amazing.

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  1. Search 'kids summer activities' on Pinterst and a BUNCH will come up. I would invest in new outdoor toys, art supplies and water stuff. We have one of those inflatable waterslides that has paid for itself MANY times over!
    I am seriously looking forward to this summer because I will be quitting work and moving! I am can not wait to NOT have to wake up and get the kids and myself ready, although I agree, the rest of the day pretty much goes to shit without a schedule.