Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursdays Thoughts

Down point eight, I just didn't get around to doing a Weight Check Wednesday post.  I'm having time management issues.  Again.  I get up at five.  FIVE IN THE MORNING.  I work out and shower and usually get back downstairs right at six ten.  So ten minutes after Nick leaves.  Nick unloads the dishwasher and usually gets Ava and Scott a bowl of cereal before he leaves.  We have to leave at seven thirty, so that gives me roughly (well no, exactly) one hour and twenty minutes.  All I have to do is pack lunches, get the baby ready, oversee the boys getting dressed and brushing teeth, and put up Ava's hair. And dry mine. THAT'S IT. (I put my makeup on in the carpool line and I wear pajamas all the time.)  But every SINGLE day, I am running around pulling my hair out because there's just no way I can get it done!! And it's not like I'm laying around on Facebook, I'm actually running around this ENTIRE time.  For full disclosure, I usually do shoot a few (dozen) texts to Angela and Holly during this hour and twenty minutes, but I'm not willing to give that up, and it really doesn't eat up more than probably seven or eight minutes.  Honestly.  I've done some soul searching, I wouldn't lie to you, it's not that big a deal.

So what gives?!?! What am I doing wrong?!?!  I hate mornings.  I used to love this one blog and really feel like I was relating to her because her husband is a lawyer, so I assumed he worked like fourteen hour days, you know? Gone before dawn, home after nine, that sort of thing.

Then I found out that he doesn't leave the house till eight thirty and now I hate her.  HATE HER. If your husband leaves the house at eight thirty, you better do yourself a favor and never tell me because I'll probably punch you in the face.  Do you have ANY idea the things I could accomplish if I had some help for an extra hour and a half every morning?!?!

I can't even think about it, I'm going to kill somebody.  And the strangest part (and the part that I'm pretty sure drives Nick INSANE) is that I truly, with all my heart, believe that this is worse than him being out to sea.  I mean, when he's out to sea, he's gone.  You know? So he's not here after six in the morning because he's NOT HERE.  He never makes it home for dinner because he's NOT HERE.  But knowing that he's HERE and just not here with me? That's worse.  It sucks, and it pisses me off.  And there's nowhere to direct all my rage because it's no one's fault, it's just a fact of life.

I hate logic and reason.

This is the closet under my stairs.  It's supposed to hold our office supplies (because this weird house doesn't have an area for a computer and printer.  Did I ever tell you what we had to do for a 'desk'? We bought a twelve inch deep sofa table and stuck it under a window in the kitchen.  Keepin it classy), my scrapbook supplies, and then in the back (it goes to the right WAY deep) is all our Christmas crap.  Of which we have too much, I know, but we moved over the holidays and I didn't feel like going thru it, so we just shoved it in.  See those flat rate USPS boxes? That's because I have this irrational fear that I'm going to need to mail something.  So I keep a stack of boxes around so that I don't have to go to the post office, get a box, go home, pack it up, and go back.

But I never EVER mail things.

You can't see the floor.  Literally.  The point of this is that I keep taking boxes and boxes and BOXES AND BOXES of stuff to the goodwill.  Just tons and tons and tons of stuff.  And I've still got this closet, and most of the rest of my house is just as full.  I don't get it!!! Why do we have so much stuff? How big was our Guam house?!?!

And how come, with all this stuff, I don't ever have the things I'm looking for?!?!

I don't usually have the tv on during the day, but when I do, it's usually on the food network.  Dub and I are watching Paula Dean right now, and she's making a jello salad.

Really? Jello salad? People eat that? Nothing she makes EVER looks good to me, seriously.  I don't know what it is.  It's not that I'm a PW snob, so don't suggest that.  And a lot of stuff on pinterest doesn't look good to me either.  I want to comment "what are you TALKING about? That's gross!!"

Same with some of the crafts and stuff like that.  Some of these ideas just make me want to scream!!! Naturally, I can' think of a single example, but trust me.  I just wan to say "are you an IDIOT!?!? Give your kid a stick and a rock and kick his ass outside you hippie weirdo!!!"

My food network channel has frozen for the second time since I started this post.  The baby is crying, Warren is taking all the drinks out of the garage fridge, and my van is full of shit to take to goodwill and the dumpsters at the community center.  I feel like this is all my cue to peace out.

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  1. NOTHING that Paula DEAN cooks looks good to you?! Oh man, I can't watch her show anymore because it makes me want to fry something. Haha! :)