Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weight Check Wednesday

Down another point two.  What the hell.  How am I  going to lose another seventeen pounds two tenths of a pound at a time? That will take me like four years.

Despite being grumpy about such a minuscule loss, I'm actually pretty pumped.  I feel amazing.  I stayed on points every day, I tracked LITERALLY every single thing I put in my mouth, and I worked out all five days!! So I feel good, despite what that fucking scale says.

Wanna know what I'm NOT pumped about?  My Virginia license expires Monday, on my birthday.  So I went to the DMV today (gag me) to get a Hawaii one.  After waiting in line for an hour, while studying for the DRIVING TEST that you have to pass to transfer your license, the sweet clerk says I need to call the Virginia DMV because there's a hold on my license.  I need to get that taken care of and come back.  By the way, we're closed Friday and if you wait till Monday when it's expired, you have to take the road test too.

And there's a six week wait for a road test appointment.

So good luck.

So I called Virginia and after being on hold for thirty minutes, this bitchy woman informs me that I was supposed to let her know when we left the state and that my license is suspended because I failed to provide proof of insurance for June 6, 2010.

I'm sorry, what?

I was pulled over TWICE in Guam, why didn't those cops tell me my license was suspended!?!?!

So I had to call USAA and beg them to fax proof of insurance to Virginia.  I had to pay a hundred dollar fine.  And now I just have to pray that tomorrow morning, when some guy walks past the fax machine, he doesn't say "what the hell is this" and toss whatever USAA faxed them.  He needs to see it, realize what it is, get in the computer and un suspend my license, then I have to go back to the DMV, pray that their computer updates too, take the test, and then get my license.

All tomorrow.

I think.  What do you think, my license expires on Monday.  So does that mean I can do this on Monday, it expires like at 11:59 Monday night? Or it's ALREADY expired on Monday, it expired at 12:01 on Monday morning...

I'm obviously hoping it get it done tomorrow.  But I wouldn't mind that buffer...

And yes.  I do realize it's Scott's birthday.  More on that later, mmkay?

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  1. OMG - I hope this doesn't happen to me. I keep getting notices from CA to renew my tag (which I now have Guam plates) so I just trash it....

    I hope I don't have to prove I moved...

    By the way - had a little moment at the school yesterday when Ava's picture was up on the screen by the office.