Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Disclaimer: There are fifty nine pictures in the post.  You've been warned.

Wow.  I don't even have the words to describe how perfect (and what perfect timing) this weekend was.  When Nick's dad was here in March, we went to the Disney Resort out near Ewa, the Aulani, for the character breakfast.  We'd been to the Ko'Olina lagoon twice before that, but we hadn't noticed the resort.  So when we went for breakfast, we were in awe.  It was so beautiful, and the pools looked like SO much fun.  So Grandpa Kenny asked around and it turns out, the ONLY way you're allowed in those pools is if you get a room for the night.

What a bummer.

Until Grandpa Kenny bought us a night at the resort!!!!

A million thanks!!! Seriously, ya'll know I've been having some rough days, and this weekend was the PERFECT getaway.  Literally.

From the instant we checked in, it was perfect.  Like everything to do with Disney always is, you know?  They had a TV with a movie and a bunch of cute little chairs right across from the lobby for the kids while we checked in.  Someone came over and greeted me with a flower lei, and each of the kids got these cute little gnome-type charm necklaces.  Then we headed for the room.  Bear in mind, this is like eight fifteen in the morning, even though check in is like at three in the afternoon.  They told us on the phone that the pools opened at eight and we could swim regardless of if the room was ready.

But it was ready!!

I actually cried a tiny bit when we came into the room.  I've just never seen a hotel like this in my life.  I've never stayed on Disney when we've been down there, we stayed at an Embassy the first time and rented that amazing house the second time, but if this is what it's like, we'll be staying on site next time.

This is the FULL kitchen.  FULL.  The dishwasher was bigger than the one in my house.  That's a RICE COOKER in the corner.  A rice cooker!! And the cabinets are full of dishes.  And there's soap under the sink.  And an ice maker in the full size fridge.

The amazing, huge bathroom.  You probably didn't need a pic of that, but whatever, it was super swanky.

The jetted tub, in it's own room off the bathroom.

The huge bed, in the huge bedroom, with the huge patio off of it.  We were on the ground floor and backed right up to gorgeous greenery.

People who aren't outnumbered two to one by their children might not think that this is that amazing, but their was ALREADY a pack and play and a high chair in the closet.  We didn't have to call and beg someone to PLEASE JUST BRING US ONE ALREADY while one of us furiously rocked the baby back and forth making shushing noises.  It was ALREADY there.  At eight in the morning.

The living room.  That's a queen sized sleeper sofa, and over in the dark area where Daisy is standing is the TV stand.  Under the tv, you "open" this cabinet and it folds down and there's a bed in there!!! SERIOUSLY!?!?!

Apartment sized washer dryer, with Tide provided....

Daisy goofing off while the kids got their suits on...

Then we headed outside.  This is the kiddie part.  Although the ENTIRE resort is super kid friendly.

On the backside of that giant jungle gym (where the sun was WAY better if you wanted to bake and bake and BAKE your skin) was more climbing stuff and a slide.

Daisy only did the slide once.  Weird.

By ten, the babies needed a break.

Then we geared up for the lazy river.  Mama's favorite ride.  Always. 

Then,  after a delicious (junkfood) lunch, that super friendly people brought right to our poolside chairs, the boys and Nick and Daisy went to the room to rest and Ava and I went to the spa.  Yes.  The spa.  We were as pampered as you would expect at a place like this.

I let Ava pick the colors.  Yeah.  It's THAT purple.

This is the picture Nick texted me five minutes after he got to the room.

After resting, we got right back into the swing of things.  The kiddie part was getting shaded (the hotel buildings are REALLY tall) so we headed further back towards the big pools and the hot tub. And the snack bars :)

We headed back to the room before dinner to get dressed, and let the kids play in the tub.  You'd think after being in the pool all day, it wouldn't be that exciting...

But you'd be wrong.

Scott still says that was his favorite part of the whole thing.

After the world's most glutinous buffet dinner, we stopped by the little show where they were pretending to teach the kids to surf before we went in the hot tub one last time.

I think this was at breakfast the next morning, but I'm not a hundred percent sure.  It's from Nick's phone.

Ugh.  But this is the ONLY picture with me in it, and I wanted to prove that I was there too.

All right, I'll stop the commentary for a while.  It was just so fun!!! I want to tell you EVERYTHING!!!

This was my favorite, it was the big pool, but it had a ledge all the way around it that Daisy could stand on and have her head above the water.  And the chairs were RIGHT there so I could read and not feel guilty for being too far away.  (Nick was in the water whenever Daisy was.  Just so you know.)

Is there anything sexier than watching your man with your children?

 Back at the kiddie pool so Daisy could have a milk break...in the water...laying on the ground...

And here she is on the other side.  Top left, she's drinking water off the ground.  Like an animal.


Oh here they are!!! The hot tub pics.  My favorite part were the hot tubs, these two infinity pools overlooking the lagoon.  The water was HOT, but there was the ledge and the stairs, so Daisy could play without getting overheated.  This was one of the few times I had my actual camera with me, all the rest are off my phone.  And whoever said that the iphone 4s camera was as good as a DSLR was a moron.

Does this even look real?!?!

Um, yeah, Scott REALLY understood the whole concept of "chill."  He was a pro.

Back to the big pool, this time the side with the beach slope (which I also love, but Daisy had a hard time keeping her balance.  And laughed every time she fell, which resulted in her nearly drowning a few dozen times.)

Warren after lunch on the second day.  He slept for about two hours.

Daisy was fighting it.  She took a stroller nap, but nothing serious.

Here's Scott entertaining her while Nick and Ava rode the slides and Warren slept.  He's calling her over by dangling her pacifier out for her, then he drops it, then they both hunt for it.  You know, like you'd do with a puppy.  But she seemed to enjoy it.

And I'm not gonna lie, we logged some time with Netflix on my phone.  So sue me.

More amazing scenery...this picture obviously doesn't do it any justice.

Look at this crazy hair!!!

And then we went home.  Back to real life.  We'd hoped to stay till dinner (you get to swim ALL DAY the day you check in and the day you leave) but the kids had had enough by two and I was pretty burnt.  Here's Ava when we tried to run to the commissary.

The kids were all fabulous.  The whole weekend was fabulous.  We couldn't have stayed there without Grandpa Kenny's EXTREMELY generous gift, so from the bottom of my heart, thankyou.  It was magical.  There's no other word to describe it.


  1. That place looks INCREDIBLE!! The scenery pictures don't even look real. I need to stop reading your blog so that I'm not disappointed with my grown up life. Just kidding! Kinda. I really like your life. :) Glad you guys had fun!!

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