Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Big Island- Friday

So we started day two by driving ALL the way to the other side of the Big Island, Kona.  Bear in mind, we haven't driven for longer than forty five minutes (the time it takes to get from Big Navy to Andersen on Guam) in over two years, so those two and a half hours were LONG for me.  But gorgeous, and fun.  So it was cool.

Not cool? We were headed for the brewery, to take a tour of the factory.  But once we got there, they told us you had to be thirteen to do it!!! No where on their website does it say this, no where in ALL the travel brochures and pamphlets...I was pissed.  But whatever.  So we grabbed a quick lunch and pulled over at the first awesome thing we saw.

Then we found this fun little beach to play at.

Wasn't long before the clothes came off and the white trash came out.

And check this sucker out!! Thank God I didn't hear Nick talking about it because I woulda freaked.  I don't like sea life.  I didn't know this was there till I was uploading the pictures.

Our beach fun was cut short when Warren fell (surprise surprise) and cut the hell out of his foot.  I wanted to take him to an emergency room for stitches, but I was outvoted and had to settle on Target for bandages and a sterile wash.  Nick assures me that lava rocks are not the same as coral and that Warren's foot will NOT begin to grow lava.

Time will tell.  I still think it needs a stitch.

So, caramel frap light in hand, we started back to the Hilo side.  We tried to take a detour to go see a lighthouse and a botanical garden, but we got a little lost, and the winding roads proved too much for Warren and he barfed ALL OVER the back of the car.  It was so gross.  As usual, Nick stepped up and took care of everything.

We rested for a while, then headed for a mini hike at the park, the Thurston Lava Tube.
The flashlights the camp provided in our cabin proved the be the biggest hit of the week.  Naturally. 

We grabbed lunchables and frozen stuff for dinner at the general store, then roasted marshmallows in our fireplace.  With goggles on.  Duh.

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