Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bellows Air Force Base Beach

I'm up half a pound.  BUT, we went to Benihana last night so maybe it's a little water weight from eating nine gallons of soy sauce?  Fingers crossed.

Anyway.  Monday we spent the ENTIRE day at the cottage while Nick worked his tail off.  Have I mentioned how much I hate that boat?

That's not fair, I don't hate that boat.  They're trying to finish the repairs and get it out of the shipyard, so they're working really hard.  My problem is that I want Nick to get his O3 pay and sub and sea pay and nuke bonus...all while being a stay at home dad.
How do we sign up for that job? Where's a recruiter when I need one...

Anyway, the waves at the cottage are pretty intense, and there's not much of a shelf, so after a few hours, we decided to check out Bellows.


It is HELLA nice.  It's sort of a hike from parking to the water (don't forget, I will forever be comparing everything to Gab Gab, where I could have my toes in the water, ass in the sand, and reach back and put my fingers on my van) but it's a big sprawling beach, a HUGE shelf of knee-deep-on-toddlers water, fun waves that didn't kill anyone, and gorgeous trees back behind the sand.


 Warren didn't make it very long.  BUT, once he was down, he slept for two and a half hours, so I can't really complain.
What a weirdo.  Who sleeps like this at a crowded beach?!?!

Scott had a BLAST on those little boogie boards or whatever they're called.  He was the only one who was really willing to give it a go.

Daisy June ate her weight in sand.

Ahh.  It was just really super fun.  I wish my mom would just follow us around every time we moved.

And here's some random pics off my dad's camera that I liked, but can't remember when they're from because his date stamp is wrong.


  1. WHY do you get to live THERE?! So beautiful.

  2. I have been catching up on your blog... it def is on my list of favs! :) I started taking Zoloft when my youngest was almost 2... it helped tremendously. Then last summer I started Wellbutrin (depression) as well... combine the two and most days they work like magic! They've literally kept me sane... don't know how I could survive without them. Don't plan on stopping them anytime soon! ;)
    AND, my husband and I went to Kauai in May and it was freakin' awesome... so beautiful! Can't remember which island you live on, but I hope it's half as nice as Kauai! :)