Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The First Two Days

You didn't think you'd get away with just those few pics, did you?

They got here middle of the night Thursday, and then early Friday we drove out to Waimanolo to check into the beach cottage that they'd rented for their first four days.  It was awesome, but I'll have to wait for my Dad to get some pics of it.  After we checked in, we took the scenic Pali Highway to Waikiki for lunch.

It was super windy.  Doesn't this look like she's about to blow over?!?

Lunch at Duke's.  Where they put the SEVEN of us at a two seater table.  I do NOT understand that!!!

Saturday, we drove all along the south east shore.  We stopped at the blow hole so my dad and I could hike down and get up close and personal with it :)
The view from below

Then we went to Hanauma Bay to play!! It was AMAZING.  Well worth it.

Me and Ava snorkeling!!!

What a goof!!

Favorite Shot of the Day

Obviously, I don't have an underwater camera for proof, but I swam with a sea turtle!!! Me and Nick went way over where our friend said he likes to hang out, and sure enough, there he was!! I swam right over the top of him without realizing it, then I noticed him and FREAKED out. It was amazing, I literally almost cried.  I fricking love turtles!!

Then we headed back to the cottage to chill.
By this time, the light sucked, so these didn't come out :( Hence the action. Best way to salvage a crap photo? Convert it to black and white or something.

Couldn't pick between color or black and white.

Phew.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg!!!

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