Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Favorite Things: Blogs Edition

Well, my dad left, my mama is still here, and the big kids started camp, so today I had a few minutes to catch my breath.  Actually, about an hour and a half, because the camp is forty five minutes away and ya'll know how much I like to think about things while I'm driving through the gorgeous eastern part of the island.  Well, today, I was thinking about my favorite blogs, and why I wanted to blog, and all that good stuff.

I like personal blogs.  I subscribe to a few big-money blogs, but for the most part, I like the random ones about everyday life.  I can usually only stick with a blog that's well written and I need at least a few pics.  It's hard to feel a connection if you never see anyone.  I subscribe to PW, but I usually skip over all the giveaways and reviews of products and things like that.  I read the ones about her LIFE, because that's what I'm interested in.

I also refuse to read blogs that, when you're looking at them in your reader, you have to click to the actual website.  I think that's lame.  I realize they want the money or the hits or whatever, but come on, don't be lame.  Going to real sites on your phone is time consuming and looks funny and I just won't do it.

Anyway.  Here's some of my faves.

My absolute all time FAVORITE blog is This Life I've Found.  I think LB is one of the most talented writers I've ever read, and I don't understand why she's not a world famous author.  She's THAT good. She's a Godly woman, she seems really down to earth, she's kind and loving and funny and helpful...I guess you can say I have a blog-crush.  She doesn't do giveaways or big publicity things or anything annoying at all, just just keeps a record of her life, for herself and her family.  She has an adorable daughter that I can't get enough of, and a sorta-grumpy son who is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. She doesn't update all the frequently, but when she does, I basically drop everything to read it.  I love her.

I also love Holly.  Most of ya'll know that I 'met' Holly shortly after we moved to Guam, and even though we've never met in person, I talk to her (well, text her) every single day and I consider her one of my absolute best friends on the planet.  She doesn't update very often either (something about having six kids and a cyber bestie who spends hours bothering her with texts like 'hey there's a fly trapped behind my mini blinds and it's driving me crazy' {hey Holly, there really is!! But I can't reach my phone.  And good job with the fruit rollups.} ) but when she does, it's as hilarious as you'd imagine a woman with six kids would be.

Another fave is La Buena Vida.  I can't remember how I stumbled onto this one, but she's a mom expecting her second baby and she's also a brilliant writer.  She just chronicles her life in Oregon, which I think is pretty helpful since I want to end up in Washington and the weather really freaks me out.  She doesn't make it seem like it rains twenty four seven, but I guess we'll have to see.

Elefanitas Alegres is a HILARIOUS site, written by a sorta-crunchy, almost-hippie who just had her first baby.  Read it.  It's worth it.

Life As Lexa is a cute read by my friend Alexa, who just finished her first year of college.  She's cute and funny and sweet and sarcastic and snarky, and it's fun to read her blog and remember life when I was young.  Sigh.

All right.  Here's the scoop.  I am OBSESSED with E Tells Tales.  It's unhealthy.  I stumbled upon her,  and immediately began texting Holly various links, such as her meeting her husband and her letter to her brother.  If you're being a butthole and won't follow the links yourself (because you're one of those people like me who HATE having to follow links...) I'll just tell you: she met her husband when she was eighteen.

And he was fifty seven.

She's obviously got some baggage in there, and I'm obsessed with it.  It helps that she's an amazing writer.  I don't really know how she doesn't have a book deal yet.  Maybe publishers are afraid that her creepy old husband has a twelve year old girl chained up in a sound proof subterranean vault in the backyard? No? Just me? Hmm.

Anyway.  I love her.

Rounding it out are a few of the more 'professional' type blogs I love.  First and foremost, Robin's Chicks.  I am proud to say that I sat in front of Robin for two years in nursing school, and we were two of the only married people in class.  I like to think that I had something to do with her success as a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.  What, I'm not sure, but I know I must have done something.  She should probably start giving me half of whatever she makes...

I also really like Moosh In Indy.  She's a pretty good writer, and photographer, and I like it.  What else can I say?

Skinny Taste is one of my favorite food blogs.  The Daybook is a fun fashion type read, sort of.  In that it has pictures of clothes.  I just like the way she talks.  Too many giveaways though.  The Texas Chicks and The Coffeeshop Blog are my go-to photography blogs.

All right.  I gotta get.  Don't be upset if I didn't mention you, my kids are bugging me for dinner.  You know I love you!!

What blogs do ya'll read?


  1. Jennifer, oh my goodness, you are too kind. This made my night/week/month, etc. etc. Seriously. And the feelings are mutual. I always, always read your blog posts as soon as you update because I love the honesty!!! Please give me honest over fake anyday. Plus, my heart goes out to you b/c I can hardly survive motherhood with only two children and a husband who is home every night, so I can't imagine how you do it when your husband is gone on the submarine(? is that right?) Anyway, thanks!!!!!!!

  2. JENN!! I always love when you talk about the blogs you like to read because you always follow such good ones! But I didn't think I would be on here. I'm just the weird little girl you used to babysit! And besides, I wouldn't even be blogging if it weren't for you. I love to write and record random moments about my life, but reading yours was the reason I even wanted one! There isn't any other blog I love as much as yours. And when I read your posts and pray for you and your babies during my night prayers, I always hope that one day I'll have a cute and fun family like you and be able to blog about it. Okay, I'm done. Really. Thanks for reading my weird blog babblings. I know you're not a hugger but I'm sending you one anyway. Hugs!

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