Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weight Check Wednesday

Down a pound!! Well, in the interest of full disclosure, I'm actually only down nine tenths of a pound.  But I'm not gonna split hairs, I'm calling it a whole pound.  Hooray for me!!

I worked my tail off last week,  I did Ripped in Thirty every day and ate sort of decently, at least until the parties we had all weekend.  But this week...ugh.  I worked out Monday, but on Tuesday, when my alarm went off, I almost lost my mind.  I was PISSED.  So I turned it off and slept another two hours, then I laid around all day doing nothing but playing on the computer and drinking coffee with Libby and sweet Anastasia.  Then when Nick got home at five, I crashed on the couch for an hour.  I felt like CRAP and went to bed at like nine, so needless to say, I skipped today too.  I don't feel sick, necessarily, but I don't feel great either.  And my mama comes tomorrow so I think I'm throwing in the towel for the week.

BUT, next week, I'm back at it.  My goal when my mama is here is three times a week, instead of five, and I'll try to make up for it by not eating the points I'm not earning.  I feel like it's unrealistic to expect to lose while she's here, but my goal is to at least not gain more than a pound.  I'm thisclose to 159, meaning a new Killers album!! Ironically though, I have them all, so I need a new reward....

Anyway.  I'm so excited!! My parents will be here in thirty hours!!! So far, I've booked a sea plane tour of the island, a luau at Paradise Cove, the ATV tour at Kualoa, and the movie tour there another morning.  We'll also do Waimea Valley, that snorkeling beach that starts with an H, and I want my dad to take a surfing lesson on the North Shore.  Obviously, we'll do all that Pearl Harbor stuff, the Arizona and the Missouri and the Aviation Museum, and the lagoons, and the water park...


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  1. i wish we lived closer and could do ripped together. i basically hate 30 day shred but its a good workout. i feel like i can see your wt loss in your face--i really do!! we are coming to HI next spring! i have no idea about the layout of the islands. i'll have to find out what our plans are but i definitely want to see you guys! i promise i won't be all huggy if you don't want me to, even tho i will totally be restraining myself.