Saturday, July 7, 2012

Brain (And Photo) Dump

-My mom is gone.  I cried at the airport.  Daisy is cutting FIVE teeth, including one of those pointy vampire teeth.  She's SUCH a good baby that when she does get fussy, it's so out of the norm that I can't function.  My mom has been just scooping her up and rocking her until she passes out.  But now she's gone and I'm stuck staring at this screaming monster who bears no resemblance to my sweet natured fourth baby, fighting back my own tears and wondering how my life turned out this way.

Warren is also having some sort of prolonged growth spurt.  When he's awake, he's either shoveling food into his mouth or standing still and crying.

It's super fun.

Especially when he stands next to already-screaming-Daisy June.

-This picture is supposed to remind me that it's all worth it, that not all boys grow up to be serial killers, that one day they will stop wetting the bed (they BOTH wet the bed yesterday.  BOTH OF THEM.  And Nick changed BOTH their sheets YESTERDAY MORNING.  BEFORE THEY WET THEM.  I hate them both.) that they love each other, deep down when they think no one is looking, and that they are not, in fact, out to get me.

It's not working.

-I really love our zoo.  I loved the zoo in Norfolk too, so maybe I'm just a zoo lover.  Although I did NOT love the 'zoo' in Guam.  I'll spare you a description, but if anyone is reading this and gets orders to Guam, don't go to the zoo.  You will cry.  Go to the Underwater World instead, that's lovely.  The zoo...let's just say if there was a PETA in Guam, there'd be a lot of protests.

We have a membership so we went out there on my mom's last day.  For anyone not on island, it's RIGHT on the beach, with all these gorgeous trees and you can see the mountains in the background and they have a really good teriyaki chicken burger for lunch and a fantastic petting zoo (well, it's more like a huge fish tank and a goat, but my  kids will LITERALLY stay in there for an hour.  Which is pretty much amazeballs.) and a super sweet playground that's entirely shaded by the aforementioned huge trees.  It's a fun way to spend a good four hours.  Plus an hour driving time, and it basically gets me through an entire day.

And the kids take nine hundred pictures with my phone.  So that's cool.

-I've also developed an affinity for the-beaches-at-dusk.  I wanted to say the-beaches-at-twilight but Kristin Fucking Stewart has forever ruined the word twilight for me, so I have to switch to dusk.  Is there a difference between dusk and twilight? Does google have a dictionary?

Why yes, yes it does.


  1. The soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon, caused by the reflection of the sun's rays from the atmosphere.
  2. The period of the evening during which this takes place, between daylight and darkness.


The darker stage of twilight.

Wikepedia didn't fail either.

Twilight is the time between dawn and sunrise or between sunset and dusk, during which sunlight scattering in the upper atmosphere illuminates the lower atmosphere, and the surface of the earth is neither completely lit nor completely dark. The sun itself is not directly visible because it is below the horizon. Owing to the distinctive quality of the ambient light at this time, twilight has long been popular with photographers and painters, who refer to it as the "blue hour", after the French expression l'heure bleue. Twilight is technically defined as the periods between sunset and sunrise during which there is natural light provided by the upper atmosphere, which receives direct sunlight and scatters part of it towards the earth's surface.[1]

Dusk is the beginning of darkness in the evening, and occurs after twilight, (during which the sky generally remains somewhat bright and blue). Civil dusk is when the earth has rotated enough that the center of the sun is at 6° below the local horizon. This marks the end of the evening civil twilight, the point where artificial illumination is required to read outside.[1] It can be confused with sunset, which is the point at which the earth has rotated enough that the sun is no longer visible from the local horizon.

So dusk is later? Dusk is made up? I'm so confused.  

Regardless, I like it because it's great for taking pictures. And there's not a lot of people.  And Nick is home from work sometimes.  And I don't use sunscreen because I don't think you can get burned at dusk.  But maybe you can.  Maybe I'll google that.

I'll spare you the details of my search.

-I drew a handy-dandy arrow to illustrate the fact that Scott is barrelling OVER Ava and her boogie board.  Good times at dusk on Hickam beach.  Good times.  

Also, if you try to make fun of Scott for wearing Ava's pink goggles, you will be sorely disappointed in his reaction.  He'll just shrug and say "I don't care, I like ALL the colors, even pink," and walk away.

-What was Warren doing at dusk on the beach? Like you even need to ask. He was sleeping in the stroller.  Duh.

-I want to buy a paddleboard.  To rent one a Ko'Olina is thirty bucks an hour.  That's stupid.  But we're waiting for orders and should be moving in December, and where else would it make sense to have a paddleboard?  I mean, maybe San Diego, but that's not the plan.  Norfolk? Again, not the plan.  I feel like I won't ever be living on the beach again.  I bet Washington has beaches, but I think there's a difference between Hawaii and Guam beaches, versus the Pacific Northwest COAST.  You know?

-My badass big kids waited in line for over an hour to climb the rockwall at the Fourth of July thing.  Scott made it all the way to the top!!! Ava didn't realize he was going to go all the way, she'd already come down.  I'm putting money down that next time, she goes all the way.  

She can't have her little brother beating her.  She's ultra competitive.

I don't know where she gets it.

-Nick completely split his pants getting on the horse with Daisy.  Front to back, one hundred percent.

He wouldn't let me take a picture.

-I've run out of things to say.  I miss my mom.  I hate summer.  I still haven't gotten to see Magic Mike. I just want to lay on the couch and watch Criminal Intent.

So that's what I'm gonna do.  Except Nick has to go in, and the kids are all awake.  Ugh.

-Girls are just the best.  


  1. Not that I would want you to move back to MS since you are a lucky duck and managed to escape, I'm just saying.. if you lived even an hour near Starkville (you could live near Robin!), I would be your own personal nanny. I'd even make dinner and clean your house on top of keeping your kids away from you, because I'm the bomb like that.

    Also, I hate these freakin things that make me prove I'm not a robot just to comment. I never get those stupid jumbled letters right on the first try.

  2. How did you like Hickam beach? I'm thinking we might try it tomorrow.