Saturday, July 21, 2012

Feelin Crafty

So.  I'm not exactly the most creative person alive.  I love to gaze longingly at the beauty of pinterest, and truthfully, if little fairies came in and set all the supplies I'd need out on the magic table that my kids couldn't touch, sure, I'd sit down for a few hours and pound out project after project after project.  So I guess I'm not not creative.  I'm lazy.  I have an entire closet full of crafting supplies, but seriously, the thought of dragging all that shit out where my kids will undoubtedly get their dirty sticky hands all over it...

It makes me shudder.  And then the idea of having to put it all away makes me throw up a little in mouth.

BUT.  Every now and then, I get the itch so bad, I have to scratch it.  It's happened twice this week, which is a little unheard of lately.  I mean, Daisy is eighteen months old and I have ONE page of her scrapbook done.

So, I pulled out some supplies and went to town making some tulle bows.  I'm sick of paying six and seven dollars per bow, so instead, I went to Ben Franklin's and spent forty dollars on supplies.

Um, I'm not quite sure I came out ahead on this one.  I did get four different colors, but seriously, that would have been what, twenty eight bucks? To buy four different colors of bows? That seems like less that forty...but then again, I did fail math at Auburn.  And pinterest says making it at home is ALWAYS cheaper, so it's gotta be true.

This is my favorite.  It's an exact match to her uniform shirt (BUT WITH SPARKLES!!!) so I'm hoping she'll wear it to school.  But I doubt it because she sucks.

And it is HUGE.  Here's the same bow on Daisy June.

Why yes, it IS the same circumference as her head.  Thanks for asking.

Whether or not it was actually cost effective, it was a lot of fun.  And I think Ava liked the fact that I actually made her that bow, instead of getting it at a craft fair.  Maybe she'll wear it after all?

A long long LONG time ago, Nick got these sheets of sticky back vinyl.  He wanted me to cut letters out of it with my (expensive and barely ever used) cricut.  I got my cricut RIGHT before everyone got all wild about the silhoutte.  The silhoutte was out when I was looking for something, but I did some pretty extensive google research and a lot of people said that you REALLY have to have some graphic designing skillZ to get the most out of it.  And if you think my PSE knowledge is embarassingly lacking TODAY, you should have seen me try it two years ago.

I'd be all like "what the fuck?!?!? I don't understand why I can't get on this layer!!! ARGH!!!!!"

Now, I undertand that you have to actually CLICK on the layer if you want to be on it.

But that's about as far as my knowledge goes.

So I went with the cricut.  I got it on the home shopping network website because they were willing to ship it free to Guam.  Hooray!! So in Guam, I had this friend who was a SERIOUS scrapper.  Well actually, she made cards, but that's not important.  The important thing is that she basically had every single cartridge ever made.  (This is why people love the silhoutte, you don't have to buy a sixty dollar cartridge every time you want to change fonts.) Wanna know how many cartridges I had (and still have)? Three.  They came with the machine.

Anyway, this friend had them all, AND she had the add-on thing where you load all the info from the cartridge and then you don't need the physical cartridge to use the designs.  So she invited me over and let me borrow whichever and as many cartridges as I wanted.  I took about thirty.  She had about two hundred.

And she didn't ask for them back until she moved off island!!!

So that first year, I did a lot of scrapping with my poor cricut.  But then, without the cartridges, I sort of quit.

Anyway, then pinterest happened and everywhere you look, people are cutting these amazing graphics out of vinyl on their sillhoutes and sticking them to everything that isn't capable of running away.  And Nick wanted me to cut the names of the kids, for their bike helmets.

I didn't have the heart to tell him that the cricut couldn't do it.  So I shoved the vinyl sheets in the closet and went on about my business.

But last night, I got the kids new water bottles for school.  (The schools here don't run the AC.  Ever.  So water bottles are like the first thing on all the school supplies lists.  And our cute monogrammed tin ones from Pottery Barn that you're not supposed to put in the dishwasher- all the paint is chipping off from being in the dishwasher every day.)  So today, to avoid cleaning the house, I googled 'cutting vinyl with a cricut.'  And low and behold- of COURSE you can cut vinyl with a cricut!!!

I only have two cartridges with fonts, and this is the best one.  Ugh.  It's totally random which letters are capitals and which are lower case, and you can't switch it.  so my J and R are big, and my E is little.  But whatever.  How cool are we going to be with our personalized water bottles? No, I said cool.  Not lame!!

If you're wondering why poor Warren is the loser with the Rubbermaid bottle instead of the swanky Camelbak, it's because he's a chewer.  He chews through those rubber spouts, so I had to get him a hard one.  That way it'll take a few weeks to chew thru.

And this is what I was left with.  The part I hate.  More than anything.  Ugh. Hardly seems worth it, right?

And then, because I was spending all my time on the computer doing my mom's book anyway, I finally updated the chore charts for the kids.  They've been hounding me FOREVER to make them.  It's like they can't wrap their minds around the fact that you can still do chores WITHOUT the chart.  You don't HAVE to have a chart to clean your room!!!

But whatever.  It took four minutes and it made them SUPER excited.

If any of ya'll are interested, I can send you the file.  You'd just have to open it in PSE and either redo the whole thing, or just change the names.  I guess I could do it for you if you wanted, just let me know.

And stay tuned, because I've got some pretty exciting news!!  No.  I'm not pregnant.  I had my tubes tied, remember?  But it's actually even more exciting than that.  I mean, let's face it, after you've had two, no one really cares anyway...

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