Monday, July 30, 2012

Photo Dump

Well I'm over it.  I'm not exactly sure what it is exactly that I'm over, but whatever it is, ugh.  I'm over it.  I'm sick of Nick working all the time (he worked ALL WEEKEND!!!) I'm sick of the heat, I'm sick of my house being a wreck, but why organize it when we're leaving for Near-London in four months, I'm sick of Scott being a shitbrick, I'm sick of Warren crying all the time, I'm sick of Daisy June being so stinking cute that we all just give her everything she wants so that she's developing a SEVERE spoiled problem, I'm sick of PSE crashing on me all the time because as it turns out, 4gb of ram is NOT that much, even though we paid almost two grand for this stupid computer and it should have come with every single thing I'd ever want or need for the rest of my entire life.

What else...oh, I'm sick of not losing weight.  I'm sick of not exercising, but I'm also sick of not sleeping in, so that's why I'm not working out.  So I know that the lack of exercise is leading to this unshakeable foul mood, but the foul mood also leads to more not exercising.  Which leads to more foul mood.

Poor, poor pitiful me.

In other news, Ava started first grade today.  I'm having a WAY harder time with this than I did with the whole kindergarten thing.  Kindergarten is dumb, it's sort of like preschool.  But first grade? First grade is REAL.  She's going to REAL school.  And she's almost seven.  SEVEN!!!

I just threw up thinking about it.  Four, five, six, none of those birthdays fazed me in the least.  But for some reason, the idea that I am going to have a SEVEN year old just turns my stomach.

Maybe a slight thug look on the first day is our thing?

And, just for fun, a comparison shot.
Now I really do want to kill myself.  And if you're wondering, she IS wearing a bow today.  She likes her hair all pulled back, so I have to stick the bow back there.  I hate it, but she's trying to assert her independence or whatever, so as long as she actually wears one, I guess I don't care where it is.  And, in case you're also wondering about the uniforms, yes, in two years, I've sent her to two different public schools with strict uniform codes.  And naturally, it was too much to ask that school number two have the same uniform.  I was hoping that at least the khaki bottoms would transfer over, but nope.  All new outfits.  Ugh.  At least the ones from last year still fit this year. And yes, she's using the same backpack. And lunch box.  And pencil case.  But she did get a new water bottle, lucky kid!!

What else has been going on...Scott found a family of snails...
As soon as he went inside, they hurried up and raced down that table and back into the bushes. They were FAST.  Poor Scott.

Daisy June discovered that clams snap shut if you push them...

Warren developed an obsession with taking fake pictures...

Daisy drew on a fake Hitler mustache at swim lessons...

I finally remembered my camera one day for swim lessons...
Warren didn't cry one time!!

Scott is good to go.  Until he realizes that you're not holding him and he can't touch.

Sleeping sickness knows no bounds...

The diving board is ALWAYS the best part of the day.

Here's what the babies usually did during the big kids' class.  Mother of the year, ladies and gentlemen. Mother of the YEAR!!
Yes.  Our one year old has the iPad.  With it's special one year old's case.  Ugh.

And, in an ironic twist of fate that just adds to my foul mood, my absolute favorite shot from swim lessons was taken by Warren when I left my camera on the lounge chair to chase after Daisy June one morning.
So there you have it.  My three year old is a better photographer than I, even though all the did was mash the button.  He didn't even pick it up or look through the viewfinder or anything.  I hate him. Engelbrecht out.

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