Friday, July 13, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

I can't find the website I used to link to on Thursdays :( But I still have a lot of thoughts in my head right now.  Don't fret.


-We are more than surviving swim lessons.  So I was telling you, Warren is from 9:15 to 9:45, then the big kids are 10 to 10:45.  And whoever is NOT in class cannot go in the pool.  It's class ONLY.  So me and Daisy are stuck for two hours, and each kid is stuck for about an hour as well.  Great setup.

The first day, Warren cried the entire thirty minutes.  He was in the water and doing whatever the coach asked (because he's been in water his entire life AND taken swim lessons before!!!) but he was crying. I want my mommy, I want my towel, I need a snack, and on and on.  So...I told him the big kids got to go to the mini mart and pick out a treat, and he didn't because of the crying.  But if he didn't cry the rest of the days, I would let him get something too.

He hasn't cried since.

I'm big on bribing.

Mother of the year here folks, mother of the year.  

So after his class is over, I pack up the babies in the double and walk around this amazingly gorgeous neighborhood for thirty five minutes, then head back to pick the bigs up.  I cleared it with the coach (it's the same hippie dude for both classes) and made sure he knew he could tell me to stay.  Scott can be...a little Scott-like, so I always expect other adults to say that they can't handle him.

Each day so far, the big kid class has gone off the low diving board a few times at the end.  Our hippie dude is a little more conservative, the other coach has his kids jump off and swim themselves to the ladder.  Ours is in the water to 'catch' them and shove them towards the ladder.  I'm a little ticked because I'd like for Ava to be able to pass the swim test at the end of this, but I figure after the first day, they divided the kids by ability and mine didn't make the cut.

HOWEVER, today the other coach was sending his kids off the HIGH dive, and Scott immediatly raced over to him and asked if he could go too.  And for once, Ava got that competitive urge (it's usually Scott not wanted to skip something Ava does) and climbed up too.  She was cautious, walking slowly and peeking over the edge.  But we'd JUST had a conversation during Warren's class about how it looks like you're up so high because you look down to the bottom of the pool when all you have to do is get to the surface of the water, which is twelve feet above the she did it!!

Scott, on the other hand, raced up the ladder, ran down the board, and leapt without looking.  I'm pretty sure I heard him laughing in the air.

Warren asks every day, as Ava and Scott do the low board, when his class is going to do it.  So today I asked Coach Mark if Warren could go...and he said yes!! 

Warren chickened out, so Mark had to jump with him, but whatever.  Two girls in Ava and Scott's class do that too, and they're six, so I'll take it.  It's hard for me to remember sometimes that he's ONLY three, you know?

So we don't do it tomorrow, then we've got four days next week.  Daisy is getting a little annoying, but I think I can make it work.  I hope.  


-I entered the world of digital scrapbooking.  Sort of.  I wanted to make my mom a snapfish book of her trip, like last year, but as I was plugging in the pics, I couldn't help thinking how ugly it was.  So, a quick google search and thirty dollars later...

This is going to be dangerous.  Not only does it take me nine hours to make a page since I'm a PSE moron, it's SO much easier to click a mouse and get a hundred dollars worth of scrapbook supplies than it is to go to Michael's.  Which we don't have.  

Ugh.  Just what I need, another way to spend my time that doesn't involve taking care of my kids or my house.

-Ava and Scott are pretty much done with naps.  Yes, I do know that normal seven year olds (gulp) do not take naps.  But regardless of bedtime, Ava wakes up at six o'clock.  Every. Single. Day.  So she has usually needed a nap.  And I still nap her on Wednesdays, because they get out of school early, and truthfully, she ALWAYS falls right asleep.  ALWAYS.  Scott's a little different, he will sleep in till six thirty if given the chance, but usually someone else wakes him up, or he gets up to pee.  So he still basically NEEDS a nap, but in the interest of weaning him into kindergarten, I'm trying to only put him down twice a week, usually on days when we go to the beach or do something else exhausting.  On days he doesn't nap, he's so tired by six thirty that he's making us all miserable and he usually goes to bed in the middle of dinner because he's in so much trouble.

Okay, not ALL days.  But a few times a week at least.

Anyway.  Point being, nowadays, I don't have those two hours EVERY SINGLE DAY to myself to pick up and watch tv and play on the computer.

And it sucks.

Yes, I do know that I'm incredibly blessed to have had this miracle of free time for the past seven (gulp) years.  I do.  Blah blah blah.  It's not like I just lucked into it, so quit with the dirty looks- I made a conscious effort to train my children this way.  I had to choose between the prospect (granted, the incredibly slim prospect) of sleeping in versus getting those two hours in the middle of the day.

And for me, it was a no brainer.  I wanted the two hours in the middle of the day.

So from infancy, I napped my kids.  I was a nap Nazi.  It drove my mother INSANE the first few times she visited us in Virginia, when it was two year old Ava and six month old Scott and I stopped whatever it was that we were doing at one o'clock on the dot to rush home and put them in their cribs.  It was just my thing. At times it sucked and I missed out on some stuff, but it was what I did.

And I'm going to miss it.

I might be in mourning.

-Apparently, I don't have any more thoughts in this head of mine.  I thought there was more.  But said non-napping children are basically walking around crying, so I can't think straight.

Engelbrecht out. 

-Oh, here's my fifth.  Is there a way I can tell Mac-Mac (for you new readers, that's my name for my beloved fifth child, my twenty seven inch Mac computer, as opposed to her little sister Baby Mac, which is the teeny tiny fifteen inch laptop that we like to laugh at together when she's not listening, which is often because she's always got a dead battery {snicker}) that Engelbrecht is a word? Whenever I type it, she underlines it in red, and it drives me INSANE.

Also, my phone is on the fritz.  I won't get into the whole long dealio, but basically, it thinks I want it to make noises through a dock connector, which is not true.  The rings come through all right (on the three phone calls I get a week) and the text noise comes through half the time, and I can listen to music as long as I use headphones or the headphone thingie I use to listen in my van, but I can't listen to JUST music on the phone.  And it doesn't make that noise when you slide the thing over to unlock the screen saver.  And it doesn't make clicking noises when I type.

I (Nick) googled it, and half the people say it's a software problem, and the other half say it's a hardware problem with the big wide connector thing, that's why it thinks it's connected to a dock.  

Here's a picture, if anyone thinks they can help but can't figure out what I'm talking about.  Angela, do you have any idea? Robin, aren't you friends with some computer nerds?

See? It's playing the music (and making the clicking typing noises and that swooshy thing from unlocking the screen) through this mythical dock connector that doesn't exist.

It's very weird.

It's not life altering, who really needs to listen to music through JUST the phone, but in a pinch (okay, on a regular basis) I like the give the kids the phone to watch Umi Zoomi and the Fresh Beat Band and monkeys riding around on the backs of pigs on Youtube.  And none of this works without sound.  So it really is life altering.  

Twenty bucks to whoever fixes it!!

Okay, by "twenty bucks", I mean "a huge thankyou".  Just so you know.


  1. I am dreading the day MORNING nap ends for Mason......let alone AFTERNOON nap. I will mourn too....

  2. i have a neighbor who is always like "just so you know, you are SO lucky that your kids go to bed so early" and i try to smile and thank her (?!) but want to scream! sleep training is hard stuff! and it takes work and diligence and consistency!! and i want to teach her how to train her monkey child too so he stops beating on my door at 7:30 pm when my children are asleep ;)

  3. I don't know if someone already answered your Mac-Mac question, but just highlight the word and then right click and click "add to dictionary." I had to do it for Cacibauda a LONG time ago. It tries to correct it to audacious. Like.. what? Makes no sense.