Saturday, July 21, 2012

Where in the World are the Engelbrechts Going Next?

So, I'm sure most of you understand that when the Navy is in charge, knowing where you're going doesn't really mean anything.  At all.  And we don't even have actual orders, this is all just the detailer telling us.  But Nick is fairly confident, and I'm like sixty five percent sure, so I figured I'd go ahead and say it.


I'm SO excited!!! I mean, in Europe (THE Europe?!?! Name that movie!!) you can like just skip and hop and you're in ALL these other countries!!! It's amazing.  I'm already google-and-pinterest planning our trip up to climb the mountains from the Sound of Music.

Climb every mountain...

Apperently, it's not at all where we thought it was.  It's in Northwood, which seems to be a suburb of London.  I googled it (duh) and even though I'm a product of the failed Biloxi Public School system as far as geography is concerned, I think I figured it out.
I think the arrow might (or might not) be pointing to the general area of Northwood.  Perhaps.

And just for fun, I tried to find it on an actual map of London.
Again, this is just me guessing.  It's Friday afternoon, Nick had duty yesterday when he found out and he hasn't been home yet.  We talked for about three and a half minutes yesterday about it, but most of those precious seconds were spent by me shouting "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! ARE YOU PUNKING ME?!?! I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU'RE PUNKING ME!!!"

So.  There's that.

Anyway.  As always, I was wishing and hoping and thinking and praying, planning and dreaming...for this.  I have ALWAYS wanted any European assignment (even Naples- no, seriously.  I would have gone there in a heartbeat too) and then when I heard there were actual sub jobs in England and Scotland, I was REALLY crossing my fingers.  Then, we Nick saw the (completely not up to date) slate and the guy in the England job was set to leave RIGHT when we needed to started to look like it might really happen.  So then I REALLY started wishing and hoping- I'll spare the rest of the song.

But now? Now I'm a little nervous.  True, it's not as far (by a long shot) away as Guam.  And yes, Guam sort of sucked in that it was a deserted island with no diet Sunkist.  But England is like this whole other country.  Name THAT movie, or we are not friends anymore.

At the risk of sounding like a moron (and since most of ya'll already know I'm a moron) here's a short list of some of the things I'm worried about:

Will my beloved Mac Mac work in England? iPhones? Our killer Bose speaker?

Do they get AMC? If they don't get AMC, will I be able to watch the Walking Dead online? Do they get Netflix? Netflix streaming?

What's the weather like? Because when I went to London on my honeymoon, I sort of thought it sucked. How cold is it, really? How will my mental facilities handle the extreme lack of sunshine? How will my island-babies handle the complete lack of beaches and sand?

According to my phone, this is what the weather is today.  Seems pretty friggin cold, considering I went to the beach yesterday...but this is JULY.  I can't find anything about December, when we'll be arriving.

Do I have to buy a car with the steering wheel on the wrong side? How many tickets will I get from driving on the wrong (but right) side of the road?

How long will it take me to start talking with a horrible, fake British accent? (I can answer that one already- I've basically already started.) But what about Daisy? She hasn't really started talking yet, is she going to have a weird accent? You can laugh, but my big sister has this daughter Mia who learned how to talk in Tennessee and even though my sister and her husband BOTH do NOT have any sort of southern accent, Mia is so southern, she'd give my bestie Holly a run for her money.

Speaking of Daisy, what do I do about schools? It's not a Navy base.  Well, it is, but it's the Royal Navy, they're not going to have a DoDEA school like Guam.  If they go to second third fourth grade at an English school, what happens when we get to Bangor? Will these two years count, or will they have to start all over? Am I going to have to homeschool? Bitches be crazy if you think I'm even going to CONSIDER that.

Do they have anything like WalMart? Diet Sunkist? McDonalds? Chik-Fil-A? Is mad cow disease still a problem? Is the shampoo different? Proactive?

What about the internet? I mean...don't laugh...but will it be the same? Can I order on Will I be able to follow all the blogs I love? Facebook?

All right.  Time to pull you out of my mind there.

I'll be going with a two year old, a four year old, an almost-six-year-old, and a seven year old.  Now, I'm no parenting expert (obviously...) but I feel like it's going to be a WORLD of difference from how I traveled to Guam with my not-yet-fertilized-egg, a one year old, a just-shy-of-three year old, and a four year old.


Wow.  Scott was TWO when we moved to Guam.  Granted, he turned three like ten days later, but still.  He was TWO YEARS OLD.  And Ava was only FOUR.  Do you have ANY idea the difference between a four year old and a SEVEN YEAR OLD?

I'll give you a hint: it's the diffrence between Ava and Warren.

WARREN!! Shudder.

That means Ava was only WARREN'S AGE when we moved to Guam.

How fricking close together did I really HAVE all these kids?

Anyway.  I don't know much about the job (again, because I haven't really spoken with the man DOING the job since he found out) but I did read the email from the guy he's relieving, and I wrote down what Nick first told me.  He said it's called Deputy of Submarine Planning Officer.

And from the email I stole, I'll quote directly: Whatever you do, don't lose this posting.  This is easily the best post DH job you can get.


He also says (paraphrasing) it's about 18 miles NW of central London...most people live up by the base, but I'm too cool for school because that's a suburb and it's really boring, so I rent a fantasticly swanky flat (he actually said flat) in central London and it's totally worth the commute.

Dude obviously doesn't have a clue that Nick is married with four kids and his ole lady does NOT do commutes.  But that's not the point.  The point is, dude obviously LOVES his job and we are about to have the most badass time of our lives!!!

PS: Nick finally got home and we talked about it, and he actually made a more accurate map. I especially like how it doesn't look like a cartoon like mine. And it took him two minutes in Preview, whereas mine took me an hour in PSE.  I think I hate PSE.

I wonder if PSE works in England?...


  1. When I was in Plymouth in Dec over 5 years ago it was cold (winter coat and boats, even gloves). No sun, rainy and everyone coughed with their mouths opened spreading germs like crazy. All the sheep along the commuter train line had painted blue butts. The coke taste completely different then here. McD's was different too. Oh, you may have to get a new credit card. Everywhere we went had issues swiping our cards. Most places didn't even know how to swipe. Other then that I think you'll be fine. You may need outlet converters for your electronics but you can do that. One more thing. When traveling check the baggage policy. The flights from europe to europo places allowed one less bag then the states. Some of the wives had issues when they flew from london to plymouth (I took a train).

    You guys are going to have a blast! You will figure everything out. Can Nick play the slate for Ryan??? I want awesome orders next time. LOL

    Have you told the kids?

  2. There will be some growing pains... there were with us when we got to Okinawa. But from what I've heard the British are friendly, and like the Japanese, are willing to help you out with anything you need. Driving on the wrong side of the road only takes about a week to get used to. Electricity will be slightly different, but nothing that adapters and transformers can't help with. I would expect about 5-6 months steep learning curve/adjustment period. The novelty of a new country will help, and just stay positive with how much there is in England to do! I'm definitely jealous! I've wanted to live in England forever. I hope you like tea!

  3. I am SO JEALOUS!!!! You're kids are going to grow up so much cooler than mine--living all over the place like this. What an adventure!!!! I hope you figure out your internet quickly once you get there because I can't wait to read about life in England. ha, ha, ha...what if you have to homeschool ;)

  4. You got them, awesome!! Internet is still the same over there but go ahead and give up on netflix, pandora, hulu, etc. The don't work outside the US (unless you use a VPN blocker which we ended up doing) Also hopefully you guys will have an FPO address while you are there.
    Oh and over in Europe they have Coke light, not diet coke, and we liked it SO much better!

  5. You got them, awesome!! Internet is still the same over there but go ahead and give up on netflix, pandora, hulu, etc. The don't work outside the US (unless you use a VPN blocker which we ended up doing) Also hopefully you guys will have an FPO address while you are there.
    Oh and over in Europe they have Coke light, not diet coke, and we liked it SO much better!

  6. Everyone else is commenting about how excited for you they are because you're moving to England. (I did mention that I hate you, right?) But not me. Nope. I'm a tad (a lot) upset that I don't know any of your "Name That Movie" things. I ALWAYS know them!

    You're old. That's why. Right?