Wednesday, August 22, 2012


*I typed up this big long sweet post saying all kinds of nice things, and then it disappeared.  I tried to remember what I'd said, but we'll see how that goes*

In an unusual twist of events (for me), I'm really bummed about the upcoming move.  Don't get me wrong, I'm TOTALLY stoked about the (looking more likely everyday!!) prospect of moving to London Adjacent Baby!! Like, so excited I can't even begin to describe it.  But this move, this time, it's gonna be...different.  Somehow. 

When we left Virginia in 2009, it was gut wrenching.  I was leaving my best friend Melissa, the only home my (tiny little) children had ever known, my beloved-beyond-words old home, great neighbors, my sucked.  A lot.  That winter wasn't a good time for me.  At all.  But leaving Connecticut, after just six months, six months where I'd been in a funk and hadn't really bothered to make any friends besides the sweet girl on the other side of our duplex and Erin up the road- that was easy.  I got on that plane to Guam and never looked back.  
I had met Mindy via email, and from her, I knew that there was a great group of women waiting for me in Guam.  And she was right, they were great.  Amazing even.  I made some friends for life on that tiny little island.  And wanna know the absolute very best part of the entire history of ever?

 When we had to leave Guam after just two years and head to Hawaii for what we knew would only be eleven and a half months, ALL THESE GIRLS were moving with me.

It's like we barely moved.  We just sort of picked up ALL of our stuff and plopped it all down somewhere else.  Together.

No, these pictures don't have anything to do with this post.  But my To-Edit folder is overflowing.  Literally.  And yes, computer folders CAN overflow.  You heard it here first.
So moving here was a cakewalk.  Even easier than moving to Guam, because while I was hopeful that there would be cool people in Guam, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there'd be cool people in Hawaii.  BECAUSE THE COOL PEOPLE FROM GUAM WERE MOVING TO HAWAII. Laura and Tanya and Libby and Emely and Meg and Jen and Emely and Yvonne- they were ALL moving to Hawaii.

Get it?

I can see my friend Laura's house from my driveway.  Our friends from Auburn (ten years ago!!!) live across the street.  Erin, from Connecticut, lives behind the NEX.  In a house, she doesn't like live in a box next to the dumpster or anything.

Tanya moved into a different (more awesome!) neighborhood right on Ford Island.
Libby in her mansion with my sweet Anastasia are a ten minute car ride away. Libby is indescribably awesome, always willing to hang out doing nothing but watching TV and drinking entire pots of coffee and admiring her baby's fat thighs and ignoring my disgusting house.

I love Libby.  And that baby.  I want to literally chew on her thighs.
But I won't.

Emely, back when I first got here and I was having a hard time holding it together, set everything up so I could drop Warren off with her sitter and sweet "baby" Annika (who is three and seven feet taller than all of my kids stack one on top of the other, yet they INSIST on referring to her as "baby" Annika!!) and she took me shopping.  Doesn't get much better than that.
And I met new friends, ladies from the boat, Eileen and Natalie, Jess and Jamie, Tracy and Diane, and ladies from Bible study.
And Yvonne.  I'm not sure what I can say about Yvonne that will give you some sort of clue as to how dear to my heart she is.  She lived across the street in Guam, she lives right down the road on Hickam now, and she's heading to Japan this fall.
Yvonne loves my children like her own.  She doesn't mind my filthy house, or my filthier mouth.  She never seems to mind when Warren climbs up her back and claws her eyes out.  She doesn't wrinkle her nose when Daisy June fills her diaper AGAIN, and AGAIN I don't have a walmart bag to clean it up, she just hands me her own walmart bag (because Yvonne is always prepared) and goes on about her day.
She seems to enjoy hanging out with my crazy team.  The beach, the pool, the living room- she's always game.  Maybe she's just really bored.
That's her son.  She's actually right next to him, keeping him safe, I just clone stamped her out.  Same with the picture of Ava way up top, she's next to her, keeping her safe too.  She also paddleboards.  This picture tries to show you just how far out she goes.
In the physical fitness aspect of things, we're sort of dead opposites.  It takes all kinds, right?
I know that, if I needed to (and Lord knows I might need to) I could call her at two in the morning and beg her to come over, and she'd come.  She'd probably be grumpy because who wants to be dragged out of bed at two in the morning, but she'd come.

So yeah.  Moving is going to suck.  Now that I'm on the crazy pills, it's a little easier to find a silver lining.  I found one here, and it's not that great, but here it is: all these awesome ladies are fixing to leave too.  And the ones that are staying, they're only staying for a few more years.  So even if I stayed (which I wouldn't, hello!! I'm moving to LONDON ADJACENT BABY!!) I'd end up without them anyway.

Told you it was a sucky silver lining.

Engelbrecht out.

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