Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Randomness (Yes, Even More Random Stuff)

Well it's Monday.  Again.  I'm used to the conundrum of the days going by slowly and the weeks flying by, but now life has thrown more into the mix for me.  The days drag on like they always have, and the weeks are flying faster, but somehow, the calander isn't making any more progress.  We're not getting any closer to Decemeber and our move to London!!

It's very weird.

And speaking of London (or rather, London Adjacent Baby{does anyone watch Raising Hope? When they went to Vegas or whatever for Virginia's cousin's wedding? The episode is called Henderson Nevada Adjacent Baby, Henderson Nevada Adjacent!! and for some reason this has always cracked me up, so when we realized that Northwood is only eighteen miles from the center of London, I naturally began referring to it as London Adjacent Baby!! complete with exclamation.  Nick thinks it's super fun.}) I am SO nervous.  Not about going, but about getting my hopes up and then the detailer yanking the rug out from under me and saying "Tricked ya!! You're going back to Norfolk, have fun!!" So for every hour I spend on the internet looking for nursery schools and flats to rent, I spend an hour and a half crying because I just KNOW we're not going to get to go.

Nick thinks that's super fun too.

He says to quit being ridiculous and just count on going.  Ever the optimist, it never dawns on that man to ever think that anything sucky will ever happen.  As far as he's concerned, the detailer said we're going, so we're going.

So while I breathed into a paper bag, gasping about how we're going to jinx ourselves, Nick took us all to get new passport photos (the kids only have no fee passports, which we can't use to go see where they filmed The Sound of Music, and my real one is in my maiden name and expires in November), listed his truck and power tools on craig's list, and told me to to start purging the closet under the stairs.  He opened a bank account in London (London Adjacent Baby!!) and began researching what types of cars he thinks I can handle and can fit our kids.  Spoiler alert- there aren't very many.

I just don't know what to do.  Should I just assume we get to go and risk being devastated when we don't?  Should I count on the detailer screwing us over and risk being completely unprepared when it's time to fly over the pond and get settled? Ugh.

Anyway.  Life goes on.  Today was Scott's first full day of school.  I'm already a little pissed because his teacher insists on calling him Nicholas.  She put that on his desk and cubby and that's what she makes him write on his papers, it's a hot mess.  And I want to scream "If we wanted to call him Nicholas, we woulda named him Nicholas!!!" But I can't.  Because we DID name him Nicholas.  So in addition to hyperventilating about the passport jinx, I also want to contact Social Security and legally change his name to Scott Nicholas instead.

Nick really thinks I'm super fun.
Isn't he handsome? And he's SO tall!!! For an Engelbrecht anyway.  And he's been eating everything in sight for three days now, so I think he might be getting taller!!! Do you think Nick will have a problem if Scott is taller than he? I know I would.

{If you're annoyed because that last sentence looks funny, too bad.  It's correct.  "Scott is taller than him" would be wrong.  If you're ever confused, just remember to add the word that's missing, which is IS in this case.  So you say "If Scott is taller than HIM IS" or "If Scott is taller than HE IS." And then you've got your answer.  Same as when you answer the phone you're supposed to say "This is she" not "This is her."}

This concludes your grammar lesson for the day.
 Welcome to the Age of Making Stupid Faces When Mama Pulls Out the Camera.  My favorite age.

This one is a little more Scott-like.

Warren didn't want to be left out.

And this one, I think, sums Scott up perfectly.  Outside, no shoes, just finished playing with the hose, and now he's talking apart the buckle on his backpack.

So with four hours to myself this morning (well two- Daisy took a decent nap even though I told her she needed to wait until this afternoon so she could nap with Warren) I had all these plans. But instead of doing ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY PRODUCTIVE, I hunted around for a coupon to get the new Erin Condren planner.  Mine ends in December, and naturally I want a new one for the move anyway.

So I didn't find one (if you see one, TELL ME ASAP!!!) but while I was digging around on her website, I decided I need the Weekly Schedule Pad to tear away and put on the fridge.  I do not, however, need to pay thirty dollars for fifty two sheets of paper.  Don't forget, we might be moving to London Adjacent Baby!! in which case, we're going to need a LOT of money to flit around Ireland and Scotland and Austria and Italy and Greece and Sweden and I could go on and on. So I'm on a SERIOUS budget these days.

What was I talking about? Oh, the tear away schedules.  Hers are 11x17, but to save thirty bucks, I can handle it only being 8.5x11.  It'll fit better on the fridge that way anyway.  So I whipped one up in PSE.

But then I thought maybe someone else out there (Melissa) who is as obsessed with Erin Condren as I might like this too.  So I took out my name.  I wanted to make it so ya'll could download it, that way if you want to add your own name or lines or dates or ANYTHING, you could.  But I can't figure out how to do it, and google is NO help, for once.  So you'll just have to either click and save this as a jpeg, or leave a comment and tell me exactly what you'd like it to say and your email address and I'll send you one.  I can change just about anything, but not adding lines.  That would take too long, and I can't figure out a way to do it faster.  Tell me how, if you know. But colors, fonts, starting on Sunday or Monday, anything, just let me know.  That'll give me something to do so I don't have to clean the house, and also keep me from watching two and a half hours of people running a marathon.

Yes.  I'm obsessed with the Olympics.  It's not pretty.  I even watched a water polo game the other day. And I'm right this second watching horse jumping or whatever it's called.  And I have a to-do list a mile long.  Sigh


  1. We use XE Trade (xe.com) to transfer $ from USAA to our overseas bank account. We set it up before we left the US if that helps? It takes about 3 days of email/scanning back and forth.

  2. Have I told you how jealous I am that you're moving to London? Probably not. That's how jealous I am.

    I was looking for an EC coupon, too! I'll let you know if I find one. One Kings Lane had one a couple months ago and I didn't get it, thinking they'd have another. You're sweet to offer to make the weekly calendar for others-even if you do claim you're just trying to waste time. ;)

  3. Love your weekly plan. I want one of course. I still have not taken the time to figure out PSE. I get frustrated and end up using word or power point. I've been stalking google for a EC coupon code, nothing good yet. In the mean time I have been making all these sheets to fit my mini binder. It actually is turning out pretty awesome. So I'm hoping I might end up liking mine and saving the money on EC (probably not but that's what I'm telling myself for now).

    You don't want to hear my opinion on detailers b/c it ain't pretty. Just remember that you're married to Nick and he is the luckiest person on the face of the earth. Keep on planning. I know you and you have to have a plan for when you do move. You are already excited so there's no turning back now. Just remember that I want to go to Ireland. :)

  4. We like to be optimists AND skeptics over here at the Cacibauda household. So, optimistic that you will get to move to London AND skeptical that the detailer will change his (her?) mind.

    I think Ava is my favorite just because she's so damn beautiful, but Scott is for sure my second favorite. I just love that weirdo. Just kidding. I don't do favorite. I just, uh, smile a little bigger when I see pictures of those two.

    Oh and I giggled every time I read the parts about Nick thinking you're super fun.