Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Best Decade

There are approximately nine thousand pictures in this post.  When I was sizing them, Scott asked me on three separate occasions "who's that lady with Daddy?" A*hole.

I have been married for a decade.  That's a third of my life.
I feel sort of like when Pedro gets up and says "vote for me, and all of your wildest dreams will come true." I married Nick, and all of my wildest dreams are coming true.

As my mother will tell you, we have a storied history of him giving me anything and everything I ask for.

We dated for about six weeks.
One of the ROTC Balls, fall 2001

No idea.  Spring 2002?

Then one day, I said "hey baby, let's get married even though we're still in school and I'm only twenty." And Nick shrugged and said "sounds awesome, let's do it."

Okay.  It wasn't six weeks.  But it was close.  We were engaged before Thanksgiving, and we hadn't really started dating until late that August.
No idea when this is.  Assuming spring 2002.
Mardi Gras 2002

I think this was our actual honeymoon, two days in Key West, August 2002.

A few months later I said "Hey baby, let's go to London for our (delayed) honeymoon even though we only get two weeks off for Christmas break and you're an E4 and I don't work and we have no money and we live in a trailer and neither one of us knows anything about international travel." And Nick shrugged and said "Sounds awesome, let's do it."

Dec 2002

Dec 2002

Dec 2002

Then we graduated, one at at time, and we each said "Hey baby, let's go ahead and start living a few thousand miles apart, just so we can get used to it. Sounds awesome, let's do it."
May 2003

At a dining out thing at OCS, summer 2003

First weekend free at OCS, summer 2003

Christmas in Virginia 2003, my "summer cruise"
In Michigan, spring 2004?

No idea.  I know we're in Charleston, so I'm gonna say spring 2004.

May 2004

My friend Laura's wedding, May 2004

One day I said "Hey baby, let's buy this rickety old house with no garage and no off street parking, even though it's literally falling down around our ears and it's in the heart of the city and one of us will have to take a tunnel to get anywhere no matter what." And Nick shrugged and said "Sounds awesome, and I love that paint color, so let's do it."

Summer 2004

Winter 2004

Winter 2004

You know he loves you when he's willing to do this...

Christmas 2004, when Nikki brought tiny Mia to visit

The day that this sweet, tiny baby left our house, I turned to Nick and said "Hey baby, I HAVE to have my own baby.  Right now."  And Nick shrugged and said "Sounds awesome, let's do it."
Oct 27, 2005

And it WAS awesome.  So we said it again.
Christmas 2006, the best little submarine in the Navy threw an awesome party.  I was five months pregnant and couldn't see my feet.

He loved me when I looked like this, and every other word out of my mouth was the eff word, and every single one of those eff words was directed at him
April 4, 2007
My fifth time on the labor deck in seven days.

And again.

Feb 25, 2009
Never once went to the labor deck with Warren :) That's what being an L&D nurse teaches you.
Also, please ignore the body parts they're holding up behind the curtain.  Surgery is so gross.
Scott and his tiny little brother Warren.  For reals.

Time passed.  Once, I said "Hey baby, work sucks, I'm going to quit and lay around the house all day instead." And as you can imagine, Nick shrugged and said "Sounds awesome, let's do it."  Later on, I said "Hey baby, I know we had all these plans to move to Washington and live the Boomer life since I have a really hard time taking care of your three kids while you're out to sea, but instead, let's go halfway around the world to this deserted island and you can be on a forward deployed boat and hey, as soon as we get there, let's have ANOTHER baby.  Because obviously, three is not enough." And Nick shrugged and said "Sounds awesome, let's do it."

What I wanted my life to seem like.  Winter 2010.

What my life was ACTUALLY like.  Winter 2010.

January 29, 2011

Then one day, not too long ago, I nervously bit my lips and said "Hey baby, I know we've been so far away from the real world for the past two and a half years, and I know you've hated your job and you're exhausted, but there's this two percent chance that you could get this job in England, so why don't you go ahead and apply for it, just in case?"  And Nick shrugged and said "Sounds awesome, let's do it."

So here we go.  Off on another adventure.

Thanks for the best decade of my life baby.  You're making dreams I didn't even know I had come true.
I can't wait to spend like infinity with you.


  1. LOVE this post! And happy anniversary!!!!

  2. i love this like times a million and one infinity. how sweet.

  3. I love hearing beautiful stories like this one. Happy anniversary! We have been so blessed to know such a great family.

  4. Super sweet! I am jealous of all of the pictures you two have together! We have SO few, even over 13 years!

  5. You are so awesome. I can't even think of anything more to say than that. Happy Anniversary!!