Sunday, September 30, 2012

Random Pics and Moving Woes Slash Moving Awesomeness

Well, here we go. You're probably sick of hearing about my awesome life and how I'm fixin to move to LONDON ADJACENT BABY!!! in which case, you should probably take me off your list of blogs for a while.  I mean, HELLO!!! I'm fixin to move to LONDON!!! What else would I be talking about?!?!
As soon as the orders came through, Nick emailed them to the dude across the street and he brought them to me THAT EVENING so that I could get started.  I got all the forms we need from medical (ugh) and made an appt with the household goods people to set things up.  Now, obviously, I just did all this less than a year ago, with Nick out to sea then too, so I kind of know what I'm doing.  That being said, it's still more than overwhelming.
Ninety three days.  That's how long they quoted for our goods to get from Honolulu to London.  I knew it would take a while, but I was expecting her to say sixty, sixty five.  Not ninety three.  So for my stuff to be waiting for me, which is what I really really wanted (nay, NEEDED) it would have had to leave at the beginning of last week.

So I requested October 10th, 11th, and 12th, which I feel is the soonest I can reasonably get the house ready.  The worst part of military moves (for me and Team Engelbrecht anyway) is the damn unaccompanied baggage business.  They put all your regular stuff in crates and load it on a ship and paddle it to your new home, over the course of ninety three days, give or take.  But to help you out, you get a few hundred pounds of stuff that goes in a plane and gets there a lot (or sometimes just a little) faster.
I'm sure most people find this amazing.  You can hold onto some clothes and pots and pans, sheets and towels and dishes, it's great, right? But I hate it.  First, you have to get it all in one place and tell the movers not to touch it.  Second, you have to decide what you want held.  For us, we do that right before we go, some people do it way far in advance so that that stuff is there when they land.  But I need it more on this side, so I wait.
But that means that whatever I think is so important that I can't live without it here...I have to live without it there.  See what I mean?

It's very confusing.  And stressful, for me.  So after we did it in Guam, I swore I wouldn't do it with the next move.  But there's really no way around it.  So that's my story.

So with ten days to go, we are emptying out the playroom and putting the express shipment in there.  Now, I just have to figure out what to save.
Ugh.  Summer clothes, obviously, because we need to not be naked for the next two months.  Winter clothes, because when we get to the States, it will be cold and we will need to not be naked some more.    We can borrow dishes from Fleet and Family, so we don't technically NEED to keep those, but I just happened to finally find my china pattern (ten years after my wedding) so I've recently bought all new plates, mugs, and a few bowls (it's discontinued, so I'm getting it piece by piece).  So the new dishes will be packed out next next week, I'll keep the old stuff until we leave, and then give it to Goodwill.  If Goodwill wants it.  Easy enough, but I've got to schlep it all upstairs into the Do Not Pack room.
First world problems.  Yes, I know.

Also, Nick is not here, and emailing a submarine twenty thousand leagues under the sea is less than reliable, so I'm going to have to take a wild guess at what he wants me to leave out for him.  So that's fun.
And when I take to Pinterest to solve all my problems in life, all the moving tips are like PACKING tips, know what I mean? Like, the best way to tape a box, pack one room at a time, all that.  When you use professional movers, they tape the boxes, and if there's more than one dude, they're not packing one room at a time.  Every guy usually does one room at the same time.  So Pinterest has failed me, and not for the first time.
Anyway.  That's my latest obsession.  But honestly, I'm so excited about moving to LONDON ADJACENT BABY!!! that even when I'm stressed, my face actually HURTS from smiling so much.  I just cannot think of a way my life could possibly be any more awesome.  Except for maybe if Nick were here to help.  But it's not like he could stay home from work for the packout anyway, so whatevs.

Oh, wanna hear about my other headache? So, my wireless router isn't working.  Yes, the router, no, it's not a problem with the cable company's modem thingie.  So between google and my friend Jen's husband's offhand comment ten months ago about setting up a wireless network via our laptop in our hotel room, I have set up my mac mac as a wireless router.  It is beaming magical rays of goodness (read: Downton Abbey and Criminal Intent) into my Apple TVs so that I can still waste plenty of time. Feels like I sorta dodged a bullet with that one.

However, my living room is full of various cords and wires, which is super fun with four naughty kids.

And it looks pretty tacky too.

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  1. Super excited for you guys!!
    Our stuff could have taken up to 95 days to get here from Spain but made it in about 80. I hate it, the sorting and packing and deciding what to pack out when.
    Also was your wireless router a Belkin? We had the 600 and it was such a piece of garbage that after being on the phone with them trouble shooting for hours they mailed us a new 750.