Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sometimes Life Sucks


-After three (really? Only three?!?!) and a half weeks of grueling uncertainty, I woke up to this email today.  Basically it says that the Admiral doesn't want Nick (duh) and that the detailer may (or may not) be releasing our orders for Northwood soon (or later) once he clears up some business with another department head somewhere else in the world getting fired.

The life of a military wife isn't really suited for people who need to plan their entire lives.  You know, LIKE ME.

But I'll take what I can get.  I'm restricting myself to checking bupers only once a day (I already did it for today) and counting on Angela to keep me accountable.  Otherwise I'll check it every (half) hour and stress about the fact that the orders aren't coming through.  I may or not be getting a phone call within the next month so we can hash this out face to face (because for a submariner, a phone call is face to face) but for now, I'm going to say God is Good!! We're moving to London sometime in the future!!! I said I wasn't going to buy any winter clothes, but that lasted about seven minutes and then I placed a huge order at Carters.  Because duh, I had a coupon AND a gift card from returning a bathing suit over the summer that didn't fit my newly-tall almost seven year old.

And they have hassle free returns to the store in case something changes again.

And I sort of told Warren we were going to Old Navy this morning to buy some pants.  Because I have another coupon.  And I'll just leave the tags on, I have ninety days to return.  And I need some yoga PANTS (as opposed to my eleventy billion pairs of yoga CROPS) regardless of whether we go or stay because it gets down to the high sixties here, and that's cold for someone who spent two years in Guam.

So yeah.  I'm pretty stoked.  Once the orders come through, I can set up our packout and medical screenings and break our 'lease' on this house (I have joined the We Hate Forrest City Club, by the way) and find a school in Northwood for the big kids.  I'm already back to looking at rentals, even though I probably should hold off on that.  My heart can't take another break.

But then again, my heart will break if this falls through (again) whether or not I look at rentals, so whatevs.

-Anyway.  I got this email (EEEEKKKK!!!!) after the worst night of my life.  Obviously, I've done this three times before, but each time, I must forget how awful it is.  Daisy June's vampire teeth are all four coming in right now.  They're the LAST teeth for her to get, and damn am I excited.  She's SUCH a good baby.  Except for when she's teething.  Now she's a drooling, crying, clingy, hot mess.  The drool.  OOOOOOHHHHHH the drool.  It's UNREAL.  And the crying.  The nonstop  screaming during waking hours, and the q ninety minute wake up cries ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

See all that drool? It's so gross.

One has broken through.  ONE.  The other three are just swollen red disasters.  It's AWFUL.  I cut a wisdom tooth my senior year of high school and it was BRUTAL so I really do empathize with her, I know it's painful.  I really do.  But the screaming.  OH THE SCREAMING.

But whatever, by the time we get to LONDON ADJACENT BABY!!! she'll be done.

-Tuesday, the new Killers cd came out!!! And for some reason, every few weeks the Target by the NEX sells itunes giftcards for less than they're worth.  It's very VERY strange, I've never seen anything like it.  And the more you spend, the more you save, so obviously, it just make sense to get a fifty dollar card for FORTY TWO BUCKS.  Nick's lucky there was only one hanging there because I seriously would have bought ten.  I mean, hello!! They don't expire.  We buy all our movies (that we don't steal) on itunes, plus Nick buys books and I buy a LOT of music.  So we spend a decent amount of cashola.  And eight bucks off fifty is like what, ten percent? Fifteen? That's a STEAL!! Maybe I should go to the Ewa target after Old Navy...

Anyway, I wasn't waiting to lose another five pounds for this cd, I preordered it weeks ago.  The Killers might well be my favorite band of all time.  I've only listened to it a few times so far, and it's good, really good, but not quite AS GOOD as Sam's Town.  But Sam's Town holds a special place in my heart, so even if this WAS better, I probably would still like Sam's Town better, you know? Sam's Town got me through my transition to Guam life, single motherhood, and adding a fourth child to the Team.  That's a lot to live up to, even for a band as amazeballs as the Killers.

-Also in music news, the new Mumford&Sons comes out next Tuesday!!! I think.  Yes, I just confirmed and preordered it.  Whoever invented itunes really had people like me in  mind.
Did you guys know that that song they played during the gymnastics commercials at the Olympics that sounded EXACTLY like Mumford&Sons was actually NOT? It was some dude who won American Idol or something.  Which is so lame (except for you Carrie Underwood, I love you!!!) but that song is SO GOOD.  It's called Home by Phillip Phillips and it's really a cute little song, if you're into that folky Mumford&Sons feel.  Which, duh, if you read this blog, I'm sure you are.  Because you're awesome.

Also? What a stupid name, Phillip Phillips. Don't even get me started.

What else...oh!! DUH!!

The sequel to the Best Non Stephen King Book I've Ever Read comes out...Oct 16th? Does that sound right? Yup.  Itunes confirms again.  I didn't preorder, because I still use my trusty Sony eReader for books. I don't like the idea of reading backlit stuff like the iPad.  Also, Nick has the iPad.  Relax, ours is the original, so there's no camera.

If you're interested in reading about the Best Non Stephen King Book I've Ever Read, you can check out my review here.  Please don't be turned off if someone you know knows someone who told someone that this book is about vampires.


Yes, the monsters are creatures that sort of eat your blood, live for a really long time, and don't go out in the sunlight.  But they're NOT vampires in the literature sense of vampires.  They're more like zombies.  And this book isn't about zombies either, it's about the characters- the wonderful, deep, amazingly developed characters- dealing with the aftermath of the virus.


-Also in books? This.

I have no words.  None.  September 27. That is all.

-This is how I started my weekend.

Not bad.  I just love having older kids.  Those people who say "oh, cherish these moments when they're little" are morons.  Big kids are way better.

All my lame friends bailed on me for the Hale Koa, but whatever, I'm moving to London and I'll make new friends!!! "I'll get new friends, and pay for them to have plastic surgery to look like you!!"  There was a monk seal on the beach we went down to scope out, but he was a tiny bit boring.  He rolled over every few minutes, but that was it.  Team Engelbrecht was not impressed, so we went back to the pools.

-I had my first Pumpkin Spice latte!!!

Very nice.  I'm a fan, but it was expensive and lots of points, and you know I'm a stickler for my plain old coffee with sugar free creamer and truvia, so it probably won't be a regular occurance.  Although it was uber nice to have a COLD drink instead of hot.

-And my weekend ended with this.

 We FINALLY got back into swim lessons with Meg (my kids basically want to leave me and be Meg's kids, but whatever) and afterwards they all fell asleep and I sat still for forty five minutes and watched Property Brothers.  Did ya'll know they're identical twins? I never did.

So yeah.  Life is awesome.  God rules.  Thanks for all your prayers and for listening to me cry off and on for the last three and a half weeks.  I really appreciate it.  Now I've got to go buy some winter clothes!!! And leave the tags on.  Seriously.  Because after gloating about how awesome life is for this entire post, something bad is bound to happen.

Engelbrecht out!

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