Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Update

Well I've survived my first week alone with these wretched children.  We've watch Nanny McPhee seventeen thousand times, so now we say things like wretched a lot.  And bollucks.  Which I don't even think they say in those movies.

The first week is usually the hardest, so I've got high hopes.

The boat wives got together at the beach on Friday night, and I gotta tell ya, I looked forward to it ALL.  FRICKING. WEEK.  It's like what kept me going.  Weekends are rough for me, it's basically sixty hours alone with my four kids and nothing to do.  So having plans helps, and having plans with awesome people double helps.

So, if you are in Hawaii and you are reading this, take note: I am not too proud to beg.  Text me and invite me to do something.  It doesn't have to be cool, I'll do anything.  Just don't call, because you know how hearing the phone ring makes me break out in a cold sweat. (Yes, the zoloft is NOT helping with that, can you believe it?!?! The phone rang on Thursday and I had a mini panic attack, which I haven't had in almost two months.  I thought it was PHK and that Ava or Scott or BOTH had mysteriously died in their respective classrooms.  It was going to be some befuddled administrator on the line, confused and sorry and telling me to come get the bodies. It was Lowes, telling me the grill Nick bought was here.  Phew.  Close one.)

Anyway.  The beach at twilight slash dusk is basically my favorite thing in the history of ever, so there you go.  The new florabella actions are my second favorite thing ever, and ignoring my kids so I can edit each and every picture I have ever taken no matter what is my third favorite thing, so here you go.

Sorry this blog is basically turning into the all pictures, all the time channel.

Sorry I'm not sorry, that is!!!  Haha.  I'm cracking myself up.
I named all the pics with the actions I ran, in case anyone was interested.  But the names don't show up when you upload, so it was a waste of time :(

This is a friend of mine whom I haven't asked permission to post, but I'm going to.  And I loved this picture too much not to include it.  And she looks great, so I don't think she'll have a problem.

I thought this picture captured Scott perfectly.  He LOVES the beach.  They all do, but he seems to like it just a smidge better.  I think he likes the feeling of being in the water, with no one and nothing touching him.

I can seriously relate.

Yes.  I am addicted to square pics.  And black and whites.

I don't know why, but this picture CRACKS ME UP.  What is he doing? Why does he have three tattoos half applied to his arm? Is he in the water? Is he in a hole? I have no idea because I was too busy talking (to adults!! real grown people!!!) to figure it out.

Believe it or not, Ava WAS there.  Not sure why she isn't in a single picture.

Then Saturday we had some company for coffee and playtime.  This is Ava's best friend Anna.

I'm posting both of these because on one (which one? I have no idea) I saved it specifically for the web (whatever that means) and the other one I just did the usual and I have to publish both to see them for real and see if there's a difference.  And also, I want to make sure you see how gorgeous she is.  Can you believe this creature used to live inside my body? Blows my mind.

 This is another friend that I haven't asked permission to post, but I just love the look on her face. She was a FANTASTIC sport all day, as Warren climbed all over her, Scott talked to her nonstop, Daisy ran around taking her diaper off to impress her, and Ava acted like they were fourteen year old besties and talked her into teaching her to play that game where you draw pics and people have to guess what you're trying to do.

Thanks girl-who's-name-I-won't-say-without-permission, you made my weekend amazeballs.

Now I have to go mop.  And by mop, I mean fill the sink with hot water and pine sol to smell up the house while I watch Criminal Intent.

Engelbrecht out.

PS I don't see a difference between those two Avas.  Does anyone else?


  1. I just moved to Guam and found your blog linked through another Guam blog. But obviously you're not on Guam. And that makes me sad. Because I've laughed my way through a few of your post and decided that we would be great friends. *le sigh* :)

  2. you are taking some phenomenal pics! i think the top Ava is pinker or fleshier or something?