Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Night Where My Mind Blew Ninety Four Times

Ya'll.  Stick with me for a sec because this is sort of a ramble.  

Back when I was driving for an hour a day in Guam, taking the kids to preschool on the Most Gorgeous Drive in the History of Ever and I was listening to my headphones while they watched movies, I blogged about some of my favorite albums.  I knew I'd take some flack from my dad and sister (and I was TOTALLY correct in that assumption, by the by) about admitting in public that I prefer Achtung Baby to the Joshua Tree, but whatever.  You know what? WHATEVER.  I like it better!!! A lot better in fact.  I had to look up the post to link it, and I said back then that I liked it at least five times better, and that's still pretty accurate.  It's MY opinion!! I don't necessarily think that those of you who prefer the Joshua Tree are a bunch of completely moronic sheep who deserve to be stoned to death, I just happen to think that Achtung Baby is a far superior album.

When I think of U2, the essence that is One of the Greatest Bands of All Time, Achtung baby is what floods my mind. (Well, that, and that video from high school where some woman is smooshing her feet all over the Edge's face, remember that Angela? I can't even remember what song that was for!!) I know every word on Achtung Baby, every beat, I know that album like I know the faces of my own children.

But I digress.  

Tonight, I finally got to go see The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  More on that later.  Right before the movie, but after I ran to the loo (see how I did that?!?!) and this bitch stole my seat even though I left my sweater AND SHE TOOK MY MILK DUDS RIGHT OUT OF MY KIDS' COMBO TRAY AND STUCK THEM IN HER PURSE AND LOOKED ALL PISSED WHEN I ASKED WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM, they played this trailer for this movie, the Impossible, which incidently I want to see because I've loved Naomi Watts ever since I saw Twenty One Grams and I watch everything she does, even though she did that AWFUL James Bond thing about the haunted house or whatever where James Bond thought he killed his family but it was really Naomi Watt's husband or something, I can't even remember because it was THAT bad.

Obviously, I recognized the song and immediately got on Google and itunes to buy it before Perks started.  I noticed something about itunes telling me that I had to buy the whole album to get that song, but I like Damien Rice, so I figured what the hell and just clicked yes and shoved my phone in my purse and went on about my business, watching the Greatest Book to Movie in the History of Ever.  As yet another aside, after this phenominal movie, I've decided that if you really want your book made into a movie the right way, you need to write the screenplay AND direct the movie.  That way it's perfect.

I've also decided that I'm going to stalk Hermione Granger until she wants to marry me, and I'm going to go on some sort of crash diet so I can be skinny and cut my hair just like hers in this movie and then when we're together it'll be like Single White Female, only instead of being freaked out, she's going to be totally flattered and want to introduce me to Professor Snape.

It's going to be awesome.

This movie ya'll, Perks of Being a Wallflower? It.  Was.  Breathtaking.  I know you probably think I use that word too much, but seriously, it was SOOO good. I cried on seventeen separate occasions, and the good kind of crying, with snot and shakes and the achey throat.  It was SO GOOD!!! In the span of ninety minutes, I was thrust back into high school, all the bad, but also, all the good.  And there was a lot of bad, but ya'll...there was a LOT of good.  A shit ton.  This movie was just amazeballs.  Honestly.  If you haven't read the book, please please PLEASE don't see the movie until you do.  They have to be done together.  You can't have one without the other, and I've NEVER thought that about a movie before.  I won't go so far as to say that the movie is BETTER than the book, because that would just be sacrilegious, but I feel like watching the movie added a whole nother dimension to the book, and truly, it made the book better.  It really did.

The cast was EXQUISITE, every last one of them.  The ONLY thing I was (just a teeny tiny bit) upset about what that they didn't figure out a way to work in the part about when the family watched the series finale of MASH and his dad cried.  I guess it would have beeb hard to get that in the movie, but I thought it was one of the most beautiful parts of the book and it was sad not to see it in the movie.  I kept thinking he would write it in his letters, but alas...he did not.  Also, Dylan McDermott, who knew?!?! I thought he was AMAZING.  He only had like four scenes, if even that many, and I'm probably biased since I read the book so I sort of already KNEW what he was thinking, but I felt like he REALLY did an amazing job of putting all this emotion into one little look, and his very few lines.  It reminded me a lot of Jennifer Garner's performance in Juno, which I think is VASTLY underrated and she should seriously get a LOT more credit for.  Ugh, I hate ending sentences with a preposition, but I also can't bring myself to change it to 'and for which she should seriously get a LOT more credit.' That would just be too weird.

Anyway, after the movie, I got in the van and pulled up this new Damien Rice album so I could hear the One cover in its entirety.  Imagine my delight to realize that I hadn't downloaded a Damien Rice album- I'd downloaded an Achtung Baby cover album!!!

My.  Mind. Was. Blown.


I'm still sort of in shock.  Lemme cut and paste the track listing right quick.
The full track listing of (Ǎhk-to͝ong Bāy-Bi) Covered is:
Nine Inch Nails – Zoo Station
U2 (Jacques Lu Cont Mix) – Even Better Than The Real Thing
Damien Rice – One
Patti Smith – Until The End Of The World
Garbage – Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
Depeche Mode – So Cruel
Snow Patrol – Mysterious Ways
The Fray – Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World
Gavin Friday – The Fly
The Killers – Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
Glasvegas – Acrobat
Jack White – Love Is Blindness

I'm sorry, did you see that?  Third from the bottom?

My favorite band EVER, covering my FAVORITE SONG, by one of the Greatest Bands Who Every Lived.

Pretty fucking badass.

I have to say though, it's not one of my faves.  It sounds a lot like the original, which is fine, but I'm a sucker for covers that are totally different and original.  I'd rather it sounded a lot more like The Killers, instead of The Killers Doing U2.  If that makes any sense.

I'm a closet Snow Patrol fan.  I hate them because that song was all over that awful Grey's Anatomy, but crap I love that song.  LOVE. And their take on Mysterious Ways is AMAZING.

The whole album is just awesome.  Please, if you're hard up for money, tell me and I will loan you eight dollars so you can buy this.  It's SO GOOD!!! I mean, hello!! Depeche Mode covers So Cruel!!! That's my favorite song too!!! And Garbage, do ya'll remember her from high school?!?! Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses is my favorite too, and she does it AWESOME!!! Awesomely? Is that a word? Must be because it's not red.

Fuck, I still can't get over it.  The Killers, covering Ultraviolet.  I mean, COME ON!!! It's like God said "Hey, I know I just sent her to England and she already feels like all her wildest dreams are coming true, but let's just throw in the Killers doing her favorite song, see if we can make her head explode."

Well played dude.  Well played.

Oh, and? When I got home from the movies, the garage was flooded with that Special Smell.  That Special Smell that means only one thing: my man is home, and he mopped the floors before he went to bed.

If I die in my sleep tonight, you can have peace of mind, knowing that I died happy and content.

And as a reward for those of you still with me, here's some videos from this little treasure of an album.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Photobooth Fun

 So I'm copying the things I need off my beloved Mac Mac into the hard drive thingie (please don't ask me how I'm going to live without my sweet sweet Mac Mac for three months because the answer is I HAVE NO FRACKING CLUE.  I'm in withdrawal NOW and I haven't even unplugged it yet.  I'm typing these words on her shiny keyboard RIGHT NOW and I'm already missing her.  I just love her so much!!!) and I came across these.

I realize we are probably the last family on the planet to start photobooth, but I'd never even heard of it!!! Warren was playing and laughing it up, so I came over and took a peek and we played with it for AT LEAST an hour.  My favorites though are the ones the kids did with each other while I wasn't paying attention.  Please excuse the giant fatty in the too short bathrobe drinking coffee in the backgrounds.
 And I REALLY love the ones where their eyes somehow don't make it into the shot.  And the one where Daisy  June is sucking on a (child) knife.  (It's not a REAL knife, it came in the kit with the baby fork and spoon so unclench.)

I feel like this sums up Warren, for the most part.  And bonus, there's two of him!!

Then I found proof that the kids, at least, have known about this for a while now.
The stamp says this is from September 2011, but I don't see how that could be.  She looks like a little baby!!! She's got chubby cheeks!!!

But we got Mac Mac in Sept 2011, so it can't be any older than I'm REALLY gonna cry!!!

The One Where She Rambles on for Eighteen Pages...Front and Back!!!

 Since my house is nowhere near ready to be packed up, I decided to hit both pumpkin patches on the island and then spend nineteen hours editing the pics.

Seemed logical at the time.

But now my house is nowhere near ready to be packed up...and the movers will be here in the morning.  Guess I'll be one of those people who just sits on the couch while they do their jobs and pack everything and load it up and drive away.


That's cool though.  I never understood the people who like prepack for the packers.  It's not like they're doing the Navy a favor- they're getting paid.  I bet they probably just WANT people to back off and let them do their job.


Did you remember that this is the SECOND time in the past twelve months that I've had to have my ENTIRE life packed up and shipped off?

I fricking love my life.  I mean, seriously.  Virginia, Connecticut, Guam, Hawaii, London...and each time, someone else paid for guys that weren't me to come in, wrap up all my shit, carry it out, and get it to these awesome, badass locations.

 I don't really have anything to say.  In case you hadn't noticed.

I wouldn't say I have writer's block as much as I'd say I have 'just want to lay on the couch and watch Downton Abbey and Criminal Intent and that new Sherlock Holmes thing.'

I also have a touch of Sick of Being a Single Mama Syndrome.

 These pumpkin patches were HOT.  I have terrible allergies.  I'm allergic to hay.  And grass.  And leaves.  And animals. And fresh air.

I want Nick to have one of those jobs where email works more than once a week.  Even better, a job with a phone!!! Or, I dunno, a job where he stays on dry land? OH!! Dry land IN THE SAME STATE AS HIS WIFE AND KIDS.

And with the same pay and benefits he gets now. And thirty days paid leave a year.

Please and thankyou.

As hot and sweaty and itchy and short tempered as I was, can you think of ANYTHING cuter than a kid drinking lemonade out of a mason jar?

I didn't think so.

Why have I never put liquids in a mason jar before? I have four hundred.

From now on, we are drinking all our beverages out of mason jars.  And without straws, because I think that would be even cuter.  Get ready for lots of pics of Engelbrechts and mason jars.

 You're welcome, in advance.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Am I Being Punked?

Do you ever have one of those days where you can't help but look around for hidden cameras because you're convinced you've GOT to be on some kind of Punked spinoff?


Just me?


For example, Warren is laying behind me on the couch, watching God knows what on my phone, and every few minutes, he inexplicably shouts out "Mama!! I'm inside!!"

Uh, okay.

I am slowly but surely dragging things into the playroom that I do not want packed, either because I'm going to give it away or I need it for in our luggage, or it needs to go in the express shipment.  And someone else is pitter pattering right behind me and snatching these things OUT of the playroom and stashing them in the most inconvenient places.  Such as toilet bowls and under the fitted sheet on my bed.

Um, not as helpful as you might think Daisy June.
I finally got the weed eater going last night, so I mowed the yard.  My sweet children let me sleep in this morning.  When I came downstairs, my ENTIRE ground floor was covered with the grass clippings from last night.


Went outside to pack the car for swim lessons.  Battery's dead.  Move all the seats to Nick's car and go on about my day.

Nick's AC is on the fritz.

After swim lessons, I need a diet Coke like no one's business, so I head to the PSD McDonald's, where any size fountain drink is a dollar (holla!!!) and guess what?

They're out of diet Coke.


Yes, really.

It's just been a STRANGE day, you know?

But yesterday was awesome.

These sweet ladies took us to the rodeo at Kualoa, and we had a BLAST.

My kids love pony rides.  And I LOVE that they love it, so I'm basically willing to shell out any amount of money for any sort of equestrian experience, no matter how lame.
This one was pretty decent though.  It's no secret that Kualoa is my number one most favorite place on Oahu (followed THISCLOSE by Waimea Valley) so basically, setting my kids on a horse with those mountains in the background? Can't go wrong.

I'm gonna zoom in here and turn of the fancy edits.  Now, I understand that all mothers think their kids are cute blah blah blah.  This is different, Ava is GORGEOUS.  Am I high?  I mean, whatever, she's the most beautiful kid I've ever seen.  Does that make me sound just awful?

I don't care.  Look at her!!
Not gonna lie, I could do without that huge front tooth coming in.  How can I get her to smile with her mouth closed without giving her some sort of complex?

Then there's this dude.

When I got home last night and uploaded this pictures, I literally did a double take.  For a second, I thought I'd accidentally snapped someone else's kid.  I mean, this isn't what Scott looks like!!! Scott is just a baby!!

But alas.  There's more than one, and that's what he was wearing, so logic seems to point to one conclusion.

This is Scott.

Where was Warren while this was going on?

As if you needed to ask.
 He was doing what he does best.  Sleeping.  Oy.

They also had an overpriced bouncey house slide.
Engelbrechts are suckers for anything bounce house ish.

And those horses? Check this out.

They painted their 'toenails!!!'  Then I died.
All right.  I'm off to see what other shenanigans we can get into before we can finally go to bed.