Monday, October 8, 2012

Am I Being Punked?

Do you ever have one of those days where you can't help but look around for hidden cameras because you're convinced you've GOT to be on some kind of Punked spinoff?


Just me?


For example, Warren is laying behind me on the couch, watching God knows what on my phone, and every few minutes, he inexplicably shouts out "Mama!! I'm inside!!"

Uh, okay.

I am slowly but surely dragging things into the playroom that I do not want packed, either because I'm going to give it away or I need it for in our luggage, or it needs to go in the express shipment.  And someone else is pitter pattering right behind me and snatching these things OUT of the playroom and stashing them in the most inconvenient places.  Such as toilet bowls and under the fitted sheet on my bed.

Um, not as helpful as you might think Daisy June.
I finally got the weed eater going last night, so I mowed the yard.  My sweet children let me sleep in this morning.  When I came downstairs, my ENTIRE ground floor was covered with the grass clippings from last night.


Went outside to pack the car for swim lessons.  Battery's dead.  Move all the seats to Nick's car and go on about my day.

Nick's AC is on the fritz.

After swim lessons, I need a diet Coke like no one's business, so I head to the PSD McDonald's, where any size fountain drink is a dollar (holla!!!) and guess what?

They're out of diet Coke.


Yes, really.

It's just been a STRANGE day, you know?

But yesterday was awesome.

These sweet ladies took us to the rodeo at Kualoa, and we had a BLAST.

My kids love pony rides.  And I LOVE that they love it, so I'm basically willing to shell out any amount of money for any sort of equestrian experience, no matter how lame.
This one was pretty decent though.  It's no secret that Kualoa is my number one most favorite place on Oahu (followed THISCLOSE by Waimea Valley) so basically, setting my kids on a horse with those mountains in the background? Can't go wrong.

I'm gonna zoom in here and turn of the fancy edits.  Now, I understand that all mothers think their kids are cute blah blah blah.  This is different, Ava is GORGEOUS.  Am I high?  I mean, whatever, she's the most beautiful kid I've ever seen.  Does that make me sound just awful?

I don't care.  Look at her!!
Not gonna lie, I could do without that huge front tooth coming in.  How can I get her to smile with her mouth closed without giving her some sort of complex?

Then there's this dude.

When I got home last night and uploaded this pictures, I literally did a double take.  For a second, I thought I'd accidentally snapped someone else's kid.  I mean, this isn't what Scott looks like!!! Scott is just a baby!!

But alas.  There's more than one, and that's what he was wearing, so logic seems to point to one conclusion.

This is Scott.

Where was Warren while this was going on?

As if you needed to ask.
 He was doing what he does best.  Sleeping.  Oy.

They also had an overpriced bouncey house slide.
Engelbrechts are suckers for anything bounce house ish.

And those horses? Check this out.

They painted their 'toenails!!!'  Then I died.
All right.  I'm off to see what other shenanigans we can get into before we can finally go to bed.

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  1. you FINALLY posted photos of Libby's baby! she's sooo cute and squishy.
    and i had the SAME thought about scott. i thought 'certainly that can't be scott. maybe it's another island kid." he's so grown up! and just in, like, three days. or whenever the last time i saw a photo of him was.