Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Photobooth Fun

 So I'm copying the things I need off my beloved Mac Mac into the hard drive thingie (please don't ask me how I'm going to live without my sweet sweet Mac Mac for three months because the answer is I HAVE NO FRACKING CLUE.  I'm in withdrawal NOW and I haven't even unplugged it yet.  I'm typing these words on her shiny keyboard RIGHT NOW and I'm already missing her.  I just love her so much!!!) and I came across these.

I realize we are probably the last family on the planet to start photobooth, but I'd never even heard of it!!! Warren was playing and laughing it up, so I came over and took a peek and we played with it for AT LEAST an hour.  My favorites though are the ones the kids did with each other while I wasn't paying attention.  Please excuse the giant fatty in the too short bathrobe drinking coffee in the backgrounds.
 And I REALLY love the ones where their eyes somehow don't make it into the shot.  And the one where Daisy  June is sucking on a (child) knife.  (It's not a REAL knife, it came in the kit with the baby fork and spoon so unclench.)

I feel like this sums up Warren, for the most part.  And bonus, there's two of him!!

Then I found proof that the kids, at least, have known about this for a while now.
The stamp says this is from September 2011, but I don't see how that could be.  She looks like a little baby!!! She's got chubby cheeks!!!

But we got Mac Mac in Sept 2011, so it can't be any older than I'm REALLY gonna cry!!!

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