Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The One Where She Rambles on for Eighteen Pages...Front and Back!!!

 Since my house is nowhere near ready to be packed up, I decided to hit both pumpkin patches on the island and then spend nineteen hours editing the pics.

Seemed logical at the time.

But now my house is nowhere near ready to be packed up...and the movers will be here in the morning.  Guess I'll be one of those people who just sits on the couch while they do their jobs and pack everything and load it up and drive away.


That's cool though.  I never understood the people who like prepack for the packers.  It's not like they're doing the Navy a favor- they're getting paid.  I bet they probably just WANT people to back off and let them do their job.


Did you remember that this is the SECOND time in the past twelve months that I've had to have my ENTIRE life packed up and shipped off?

I fricking love my life.  I mean, seriously.  Virginia, Connecticut, Guam, Hawaii, London...and each time, someone else paid for guys that weren't me to come in, wrap up all my shit, carry it out, and get it to these awesome, badass locations.

 I don't really have anything to say.  In case you hadn't noticed.

I wouldn't say I have writer's block as much as I'd say I have 'just want to lay on the couch and watch Downton Abbey and Criminal Intent and that new Sherlock Holmes thing.'

I also have a touch of Sick of Being a Single Mama Syndrome.

 These pumpkin patches were HOT.  I have terrible allergies.  I'm allergic to hay.  And grass.  And leaves.  And animals. And fresh air.

I want Nick to have one of those jobs where email works more than once a week.  Even better, a job with a phone!!! Or, I dunno, a job where he stays on dry land? OH!! Dry land IN THE SAME STATE AS HIS WIFE AND KIDS.

And with the same pay and benefits he gets now. And thirty days paid leave a year.

Please and thankyou.

As hot and sweaty and itchy and short tempered as I was, can you think of ANYTHING cuter than a kid drinking lemonade out of a mason jar?

I didn't think so.

Why have I never put liquids in a mason jar before? I have four hundred.

From now on, we are drinking all our beverages out of mason jars.  And without straws, because I think that would be even cuter.  Get ready for lots of pics of Engelbrechts and mason jars.

 You're welcome, in advance.

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