Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Is There an App That Can Title My Posts for Me?

-So Princess Kate is pregnant.  You may not know this about me, but I am overly obsessed with all thing The Royal Family.  I try to keep it on the DL (do people still say that?) because it's sort of embarrassing, but with everything else I have to be embarrassed about, this seems pretty minor all of a sudden.  I DVR'd twenty four hours of coverage on the wedding (literally, twenty four hours) and then, over the next two weeks, watched every single minute.  I can't get enough. I know it's stupid, and they don't have any power and it's just a huge waste of money and all that, but WHATEVER.  It's princes and princesses and a queen!!! What could be more fun than that?!?!

It doesn't hurt that she's gorgeous and thin with amazing hair.

And I'm obviously jealous of every single thing about her (although I probably would have chosen Harry, but I guess if she was in love or whatever...) but now I'm most jealous about the fact that she gets to lay around in the hospital with a zofran drip and orders not to get up.


-Daisy June and I are on our deathbeds.  She spent all weekend sleeping sitting straight up, which means I spent all weekend not sleeping.  And then she gave whatever this is to me yesterday.  LAME.
See all that snot? It's constant.  Unending.  It's everywhere.  And yes, it's green.  We each got a flu shot, and so did Warren, so hopefully it's not the flu.  Because I didn't vaccinate the big kids.  I'm not interested in a vaccine debate, and I fully one hundred percent believe in vaccinating the general public against all the lethal, debilitating diseases.  I can't even wrap my mind around the knowledge that children die from whopping cough in two thousand and twelve for God's sake.  I do wish they'd spread it out a little more, but with four kids, I was too lazy to deal with that on my own, so I just offered up their little legs whenever the immunization clinic told me to.  But with the flu shot...I feel like now that they're each forty pounds, even though it would SUCK for them to get the flu, it's a chance I'm willing to take because I think they could do a decent job of fighting it off without needing IV hydration.  So it wasn't worth it (for ME and MY family) to introduce them to the vaccine.

So we're on a strict hand washing regime.  Wanna know what my favorite part of Contagion, one of my favorite outbreak movies (of the two that exist) ever, was? The fact that they stressed social isolation and strict handwashing.  With all the modern medicine and technology and hoopla out there, the best way to avoid getting sick (either with the common cold or a government created superbug that's going to end the world, a la The Stand) is to stay away from sick people and WASH YOUR HANDS.

Unless it's airborne, a al The Stand, then you're fucked.  And btw, am I using 'a la' properly? Should it be ala The Stand? Is 'a la' even a thing, or did I completely make that up?

Anyway.  I don't know why he's saying it in Spanish, but that's Harry Potter, telling you to wash your hands.  It's just common sense.  And good manners.  Win win. (Win.)

-You know those websites that are all "dress for success!!" "don't wear jammies all day or you'll feel like a loser!!" "dress for the day you want to have!!!" I can't decide what to think about those. Currently, I am wearing jeans and a normal top, because I just ran to Target.  And I don't feel any less loserly than I did yesterday when I ran to Target (yes, I apparently go once a day now) in my yoga pants and Auburn tee.  I feel a lot more uncomfortable.

I think I understand why they say that if you wear jammies all day you might feel like a loser. But that doesn't win out over the comfort factor, at least not for me.  And naturally, I feel like this is what I look like when I wear yoga pants and a tee shirt.

Kinda like Regan on Up All Night.  That show is so lame this year, but her stay at home mom clothes are doing it for me.  I googled it.  Most of her outfits cost well over eight hundred bucks.  So that's out for me.

Anyway.  The above is what I feel like I look like (that's a mouthful) and below, I'll show you what I actually look like.  Ready?

Except I'm obviously not blonde.

So anyway.  I get that I might feel a little more...purposeful? Is that a word? I might feel a little more purposeful if I dressed for success.  But I spend my days on the floor with my kids.  I couldn't even say that with a straight face.  I spend my days laying on the couch on the computer and driving back and forth to school and preschool.  So yoga pants and an Auburn shirt it is.


Anyway.  That's all I've got.  In case you're worried that I've forgotten that we're completely uprooting and moving to the other side of the globe for the second time in less than twelve months, I have not.  We leave Hawaii in seventeen days and ten hours.  I have more to do than I will ever get done, and no husband to help me do it.  So, like any good Mom of the Year, I am going into denial and pretending that everything will just magically do itself and we'll just click our heels and end up in a gorgeous Tudor style home in the English countryside with a van already in the driveway and school uniforms for the best school in the area folded neatly on the radiant heated floor.  Oh, and all my stuff will be there, unpacked and put away

Engelbrecht out.


  1. Can I just say that moving 45 minutes across Atlanta in May overwhelms me to the point of panic attack, so across the country in ab two weeks w/ 4 kids and on my own, I'd be in a mental hospital. Just to encourage you ;)

    1. Well your panic attack does encourage me :)

      And I'm NOT doing it on my own!! I have yet to tackle that Military Right of Passage, we plan all our moves so Nick can be there. I have a hard time flying. He's just gone now, he'll be home for all the flights.

  2. Several things:

    I imagine I look like fancy yoga pants ladies when I'm in my Old Navy active wear, but now I realize I'm no Reagan in Up All Night. Boo.

    You are one bad ass mother. You got this move. I can't wait to read about it!

    I love that Spanishy Harry Potter.


    1. I am pretty badass.

      And whenever I say "I am" anything, I always say it like Ross, when they're shopping for baby stuff and the cashier says something about him being like Indiana Jones because he's a paleontologist and he works out, and Ross tilts his head and says "I AM like Indiana Jones..."