Saturday, December 22, 2012

Photo Dump

We are leaving in seven hours.  We will be spending twelve hours in a plane, then staying with the Engelbrechts for a few days in Stuart, and the Zandees for a few days in Biloxi.  Nick is basically dropping me off in the States, then coming back to Hawaii to finish work.  Then he's going to come back, pick us up, and we're going to fly to Heathrow in fourteen days a some change.

That's two weeks people.

We will live on the other side of the globe in TWO WEEKS.

So rather than get ready for the trip, I spent the day rushing through the seven hundred pics I haven't edited in the last three weeks to get them up.  I have this irrational fear that the airport is going to wipe out my camera, laptop, and portable hard drive, but I figure even the Mighty Airport is no match for the Great and Powerful Internet.  So I need to get these pictures out there.

There's no rhyme or reason to any of these.

This is Ava getting her student of the quarter award.  I just want it on the record that Ava went to Pearl Harbor Kai for exactly FOUR quarters, and she won student of the quarter for TWO of them.  That's half!!! I just love that she's a nerd.

This is Warren, photobombing when I was trying to take pictures of my best friend's sweet baby getting her first taste of birthday cake.

What Daisy and Scott were up to when I was taking pics of Ava's Girl Scouts troop at her last meeting...

 These are from the Children's Museum yesterday.  Children's Museums are such an amazing invention, but goodness gracious, why are they so expensive?!?!

Not only is Ava a nerd, check out these little future scientists!!!

His Honor...

Or, more likely, Postman Scott...

And this.  Nothing makes me happier than to see someone who used to live inside of my body doing my favorite thing in the entire world.  If fifty percent of my offspring love reading when they leave my home, I will consider myself a successful parent.

We moved to the Hale Koa after our express packout, and man.  I knew it was so gorgeous here, but it's somehow even MORE breathtaking as a guest, instead of just as a family using the free pool.

And this is gonna make me cry.  Our very last time at the beaches of Oahu.

Then I laid in the sand and took a hundred pictures of Daisy against the bluest sky I've ever seen.  They didn't come out like I'd pictured in my mind, but I sort of like a few.

Yes, I know that my photography is Daisy-heavy.  She's the only one who doesn't scowl as soon as I pull out the camera.

I think these are from the mall the other night when we went to see Santa.  And I lost those pictures already, so you won't get to see it.

And this...this is what I really wanted to get to.  We went on the Honolulu City Lights Trolley Tour the other day (I totally made that name up, I have no idea what it was called) and I had a total BLAST!!! It was so fun.  Good times.

Look at Warren's expression in this next one.  He was SO excited to finally (after three LONG minutes) get to ride this silly helicopter ride.

Then I took them on this tiny little baby carasoul, and even though it was LITERALLY for babies, the girl made me ride with them.  So I was sitting in the center as we were going on, and every rotation we would pass by all these twinkle lights a few yards away and it was PERFECT.  I just wish I knew more about shooting that style so I could have gotten the shots I was seeing in the present.

Huh.  I have no idea why I can't get this any wider.  Very strange, no?

And that's all I've got.  I'm overwhelmed, extremely anxious, more excited than I can figure out how to express, and so grateful.  I mean, come on.  All my wildest dreams are coming true.

If you're wondering if I'm ever going to talk about Newtown, I'm not.  I'm not cold and heartless, but with my anxiety, and the fact that my anxiety manifests itself as an UNDENIABLE KNOWLEDGE THAT MY CHILDREN ARE DEAD IF THEY ARE NOT IN MY SIGHT, I just can't handle it.  At all.  I grieve for the families (ALL the families, including his) and I'm as horrified as anyone, I just can't risk spiraling into a void of depression and anxiety right now.

Also, on a lighter note, we had our family photos done last week and she came over today to show me and WOW.  Holy fuck.  Watch out world.  You've been warned.

Engelbrecht out.  Next time I see you, I'll be back in the States (well, the mainland, since technically Hawaii is a state...) for the first time in three years!!!


  1. Love the photo of Ava reading! I'm so excited for you guys to get to London, partially because I know you'll be great at documenting it and I can live vicariously through you!

  2. I love these pictures. LOVE the one of Ava reading. And basically any of the Daisy ones. And all of them. I'm getting really excited about New Years Eve now. And I know you always say you and your kids don't do much and you don't get on the floor to play with them or whatever, but seriously. You are always taking them somewhere and doing something with them! You are awesome. I'm so jealous.