Saturday, December 29, 2012

Three Christmases

Well I don't have much to say because I'm so sick of reading all the blogs I follow about how they spent their Christmases.  I mean, I think we're all pretty reasonably intelligent, we know what happens on Christmas morning.  But I do want to share a few pictures.

We had our first at Grandpa Kenny's, on Christmas morning.  It was fun and exciting and the kids got more presents than they've ever seen in one place before.
And then after we opened presents, we went swimming.  It was just like being on Guam!!

 This was actually the day before, but it was too sweet not to post.  This is Warren, he climbed into Nick's grandmother's lap and promptly fell asleep.

Christmas Number Two was later that afternoon at Grandma Jane's house with the rest of the Engelbrecht family.

Then we hopped a quick flight to Biloxi and had Christmas Number Three on the 26th and 27th with my parents and both my sisters.

And that's all I got.  My children are more spoiled than ever.  We were extremely blessed, and even better, all their gifts were things we needed (as much as you need things like Legos and Bitty Babies, but still) and practical.  My mama got me The Message Bible too!!! So all in all, Christmas 2012 was a win win (win). 

Now Nick has gone back to Hawaii to turnover to the new WEPS for the USS Houston (SUCKER!!!) and say his goodbyes (peace out you cursed hunk of tin) and then he'll be back on Thursday so we can fly out on Friday for the new chapter of our lives!!!  According to my phone, this is how long we have until we touch down at Heathrow.
Then we have to move to a hotel (a huge suite, thank the Lord), buy a car with a steering wheel on the wrong side, find a house to rent, get a British bank account, find a phone that works overseas, get the kids enrolled in school, and then start traveling!!  Piece of cake!!


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  1. I have this little feeling that 2013 is going to be an amazing year for you!