Friday, August 31, 2012

Flashback Friday

Let's flash back to all the Augusts of the past seven years.  Doesn't that sound fun? And don't laugh at the crap quality of my early pics.

August 2005.  Yes.  I was blonde.  Pregnancy makes me do stupid things.

August 2006.

August 2007.  We were in Orlando.

August 2008.  We must have been in Tennessee.

August 2009.  Moved to Connecticut, swung by Auburn on the way up.

August 2010.  Guam.

August 2011

Sometimes I really wish I could go back.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Photo Dump

Because I would obviously be a terrible mother if I didn't post every single picture I ever took of any of my four children, here's a massive photo dump.  I have nothing important to say, but there's a LOT of pics here. And they ARE the cutest kids on this planet, so I don't even feel that guilty about it.

Oh, because it's actually Thursday afternoon when I'm setting this up and I've got Brian Williams on in the background, if anyone is concerned about my stateside ohana, they are fine.  There's four feet of water in the backyard, but since their entire house floated away after Katrina, this ain't no thang.  On the other hand, my baby sister is having some PTSD so she could probably deal with a few prayers if you've got the time.  Katrina sort of shattered her entire life (she hit like the first week of Arika's senior year of high school.  And no one wants to do your senior year of high school in a fema trailer, you know?) so I don't imagine this is very fun right now.

All right, the pictures.  The first group is from when Yvonne let me tag along to the Bishop Museum a few months ago.  They still had the Elmo thing up, and the little restaurant grocery store was the perfect setup for a photo op.  So naturally, I couldn't figure out the proper settings.  Sounds about right.
 And people kept ruining my shots.  Can't we just be the only people in a place? Just once?!?!
Favorite shot of the day.

Or maybe this was the favorite...

This next one would have been my favorite, if it wasn't for that extra kid!! Who is that guy? Get out of my shot!!

Who doesn't love taking pictures of the backs of heads and Auburn bows? 

I like this shot too, because I like reflections.

And even though she's my fourth (or maybe BECAUSE she's my fourth...) whenever I see those fat little legs toddling AWAY from me, it wrenches my heart.  Literally.  It actually HURTS my heart to see it.  So I took a picture.

Anyway.  Here's a random collage.  No idea when these were taken.

This was the last time we went to Wet and Wild.  We lasted TWO HOURS!!! That's a record.

Love her progression.  Tippy top of the slide, right in the splash, bewildered at the end.  I love that little monster.  Please don't notice that instead of an actual bathing suit, she's just wearing a swim diaper.  Which she later pooped in, at which time I realized I'd only brought one, so she had to wear an actual diaper.

We are such white trash.
Last picture: "WOW.  What happened?"

These next few are from the zoo, from before my  mother got here.  So sometime in May or April?
 If any of you have been to the Keiki part of the zoo, you know about that giant fish tank? Well, when we were there, this lady was telling her friend or something about how the glass was warping the fish, that they aren't really that big.

Yes they are!! Don't just make stuff up!! The top is open and you can look right into it, those fish ARE that big!! I wanted to smack her and tell her friend to hang out with me instead.

Again with the reflections.  Isn't it cool?

 Random badly lit picture of Ava...
Converting to black and white just really does wonders for crap photos, you know?

We use our Katrina pool just about every single day.  Best eleven dollars ever spent.  (If you're wondering why I always call them Katrina pools, I'll tell you.  When my parents house floated away, it took our pool with it.  So when I came down that next May, it was nine million degrees and we had NO POOL.  So we ran to the Walmart and grabbed...a Katrina pool!! No?)

We also have tons of pool slash beach toys.  So naturally, she's playing with a dirty McDonalds cup.

Scott had to clean the wagon. Because duh.

And there go her clothes.  I guess if we have to stay in Hawaii, we'll be grateful that our youngest won't freeze to death any time soon.  Pointers on keeping clothes on?

And even on days when I don't fill up the pool, she still needs her floaties.  They're her security blankets.


Wait a second, are you doing something that I can destroy?

In three seconds, I'm going to grab that plane and slam it into the upper left side of your giant head.

What? It was a love tap. At least I'm still dressed.

But not for long.  Take all my clothes off, and gimme those goggles.

 And as a final observation for the day: shooting at high noon in direct sunlight really is hard!! Those photography bloggers are NOT pulling your leg!!