Sunday, January 27, 2013


So, obviously, we went into London this weekend.
I took three hundred and sixty seven pictures.  One hundred and eight of them made the final cut when I got them on my Mac Mac, and I whittled it down to maybe seventeen images for you.  It was hard.  Mega hard.  Collages help, but still, a lot of times, I'm on my way to cram my sweet rotten kids into a tiny window of a collage, and I just can't do it.  So I shadow it and just put it up nice and big.

Basically, for the next two years, this blog is gonna be blowin up with half assed photography.  If you hate my photography or my kids or the United Kingdom and surrounding areas of Europe, you should probably just steer clear.

If you love all of the above and you want MORE PICTURES MORE MORE MORE, then you, my friend, have come to the right place.

I'll just jump right in.  We got up early (for me, this means eight...) but even still, we missed the bus right outside our house and so we walked to the subway station in town.  Honestly, it was miserable and the worst part of my day.  My camera bag was too heavy, the kids kept falling in the ice, and I just KNEW it was a bad omen, a horrible sign of how our day was going to go.  There may have been a few tears.  I may have begged Nick to just turn around and cancel.

What can I say, the therapy lamp is helping, but I'm still a TAD overwhelmed.

Anyway, we made it to the station and after I fell down the stairs while carrying Warren, who was understandably terrified by that experience, everything else was smooth sailing.  I knew we were close to London here in Northwood, but I didn't really understand just HOW close we were.  We rode the first train for a while, but probably not more than maybe thirty minutes (please realize that I have no concept of time, so I made that up.  It was enough time to check facebook and instagram and read two posts on my google reader, but that's it.  So it seemed pretty short) then we transferred at Baker Street (how cool is THAT?!?!) and it wasn't more than ten more minutes and we got off at the Waterloo station, right by the Eye!! So, two trains, less than an hour, from my door to the heart of the city.

My life is so ficking cool!!

We rode the London Eye.  Even typing it out, I can't believe it actually happened.  I'm terrified of heights, so we didn't do it on our honeymoon (I'm serious, TERRIFIED.  I had to literally get up and walk out of the theater at the new Mission Impossible movie when he was scaling that building in the UAE <is that where it was?> ) but I just said fuck that, you HAVE to do it, and I did!! And it wasn't bad.  The worst was the very beginning and the very end, other than that, it seemed fake, like there was no way we could REALLY be up that high, so it didn't bother me AT ALL.  I panicked every time a kid got close to the door, but Nick handled that and it was fine.  So cool!!
 The views were OBVIOUSLY to die for.

 Nick is getting pretty comfortable with the camera.  I have to specifically ask him to take one, but I don't mind, and I love having proof that I actually WAS a part of my kids' lives.

After that ball of awesomeness, we headed over the Westminster Bridge for lunch.

If you follow me on instagram, you know that we found the cutest little place to eat, but EVERY SINGLE PATRON in the place was staring at us!!! The kids weren't being ill-behaved AT ALL, they were hungry and we'd had a pretty good hike, so they were just sitting there shoveling food into their mouths. It's like no one had ever seen a big family before!! And we're not even THAT big!! It was weird.  But the food was really good.  Like REALLY good.  Or maybe I was just really hungry.  Either way.

After that, we went to Westminster Abbey, but decided not to go in.  Maybe next time.

From there, we walked through St. James' Park (so adorable, by the way) to the Palace.

Y'all.  I had to do a side by side.  Ten years ago on our honeymoon, versus ten years and four kids later.

 I don't know whether to laugh or cry.  So I'm doing both.  How could our lives change so much, but so much stayed the same? I can say that I'm just as in love- nay, MORE in love- with that man as I was ten years ago, standing in the freezing cold on my honeymoon.

After that, we trucked it up to Trafalgar Square.  I don't know why, but Ava was OBSESSED with Trafalgar.  Like, seriously.  She read about it in Katie Goes to London, and she hasn't stopped talking about it since.  I think it lived up to her (strange little) expectations.  She obviously would have been more excited if the lion had come to life and taken her on a tour...

 Then we went to Costa for coffee and a crap ton of cakes and muffins, then we just sort of wandered around for two hours (in the Picadilly and Trafalgar areas, we didn't try to get to the Tower Bridge or St. Paul's or anything else that was sort of far away) before we headed back to the Westminster station.  It was just an amazing day.  You know how like, when you go on vacation, you have to do SO MUCH every day, because you're only there for a little while and you want to make the most of it? Well, we didn't have that, because WE LIVE HERE.  We could go into London every weekend!! It only cost like five pounds to get there!!!

However, the kids were pretty beat, even after a relatively short day, as far as sightseeing is concerned. We asked some dude to take our picture before we headed underground, and he was nice enough to do it...but he just ignored the girls.  Kinda strange, right? Whatever.
 I can't wait till people start to visit and we can do it all again!!!


  1. Love the pictures! You, my friend, look so beautiful. I hope you start appearing in pictures more. Glad y'all had such a great day in London :-)

  2. England agrees with you! You look great!
    I have started to shove my camera in my husband's hands as well. I would like there to be some photographic evidence that my children had a mother!
    Your pictures are making me miss London. I love that city. My daughter has a lion picture fetish, anytime there is a lion she MUST get a picture with it/on it. She has some from quite a few different cities and countries now!
    But yeah, you are totally making me miss Europe.

  3. I'm in the "all of the above and MORE MORE MORE" camp. Seriously, can you take pictures of your grocery store? And a bus stop? And British trees? I might have to take you up on your offer to visit-hope you don't regret it! Also, you look great!

    Oh, almost forgot-if I haven't told you before, I have insane anxiety. Up until recently it drove my husband crazy but I think he finally understands that I can't control it. Seriously I'm convinced every night when I go to bed that I'll wake up in the morning to find Eli gone. Also the only thing that would stop us from visiting Europe is that I'm convinced whatever plane I get on will crash. If our next/last embryo transfer is unsuccessful I'll be hopping on some meds immediately. Just in case you were feeling at all alone over there. ;)

  4. hey jenn! i was looking up photos of gab gab beach and some of your photos from your blog popped up. so i had a brief look and just wanted to say hi! my family lived on guam in 1995-1997 when we were younger. i was 11-13 yrs old. im now 29. loved seeing up-to-date photos of guam, since we didnt have digital back then and havent been back. so interesting to see others have similar experiences, even the stop over in hawaii. we did that as well. im now married and living in new zealand. we are christians living here missionally and have one daughter. when i get the chance i'll read more through your blog. nice to meet you! -kate