Monday, March 4, 2013

Day in the Life

(This was a Wednesday, so all three big kids went to school, and Nick had to work late, he usually gets home at 430 but he was expecting to stay until after eight. Also, I don't know why some of my text is green and some is black.  Very strange, and I can't fix it.)

-Alarm goes off at six. If I was awake, I'd laugh in its face. Instead I reach over and a swat at my nightstand until I hear a loud crash and the ringing stops.

Nick hears all these noises. Comes in, fishes my phone and glasses out from under the bed, sets up my sad therapy light. Doesn't say anything bc he's been married to me for ten years and he knows better. He's so good to me, sometimes I can't even believe he's a real person.

Usually I actually wake up and lay there for fifteen to twenty minutes, soaking up the fake sunlight and going through facebook and instagram on my phone before I get up and come down for coffee with Nick, but today he comes back in at 650 to find me under the covers, hiding from the extreme light, sound asleep.  Oops. He tells me he's leaving, kids all ate.  I decide that now I do want a second car because then he could leave at seven thirty instead. Those extra thirty minutes could change my life.

Get up and start my morning.  I'm already in a mood.  I'm trying to work on a working out, getting dressed, being a normal human routine, and right now this includes showering before bed, and only washing my face before I get going in the morning.  I'm not a huge fan of the greasiness I feel ALL FRICKING DAY, but I am a fan of not getting up at five to workout.  So there's that.  Anyway, wash face, get dressed (black yoga pants and a long enough sweater.  Rationalize that shoving the yoga pants into my badass burnt orange Hunter wellies will make me look like I tried. 

Head down to face the Team. Takes the entire hour to get everyone dressed and Ava's hair put up.  Pretty sure no one brushed teeth.  And Daisy is going to stay in her jammies because I forgot all about her. Manage to get a load of laundry going before we rush out the door.


-810 get out of the house on time, not sure how.  I've screamed a few times at Scott, who just doesn't get it. At all. Daisy spotted the iPad on the counter but since I won't give it to her, she screams the entire way to Ava's school. Luckily it's a four minute drive. AND I get a KILLER parking spot. Things are looking up. It's gonna be a great day. It HAS to be a great day. I NEED it to be a great day.

Take Ava in. None of the other moms or nannies talks to me. As always. I think they're thrown off by the rowdy boys and the usually crying Daisy, but maybe they can just tell I don't fit in. For example, when I get back to our awesome parking spot, the Mercedes and BMW parked in front on my Ford have been replaced by one of those Porsche SUV things and this silver Bently that I swear follows me EVERYWHERE. But it's such a great school that no matter how uncomfortable it makes me, I'm so grateful Ava gets to go here. She LOVES it.

This song comes on spotify on the drive.  I know it's from a movie, but I can't for the life of me think of what it is. This drives me CRAZY.

-840 drop off Scott. His school has a car park, so there's basically ZERO stress involved. And all the moms and nannies are super nice. Every single person I pass smiles and we say hello. Now why can't one of them stop and say 'hey, wanna be best friends and go to the movies this weekend?'

-920 Home after dropping Dub off. His is the easiest. In case you don't want to do the math yourself, that's an hour and ten minutes I spend in the car and dropping off.  SUCKS.  But the bright side is that i get rid of seventy five percent of my Team.  On the ride home, I was patting myself on the back for not needing my gps AS I missed my turn. Nice. I'm trying to get into the habit of working out in the evenings when nick gives baths, but he's working late and I REALLY want to finish season two of Dexter today (which I cannot under ANY circumstances watch unless I am POSITIVE that all the kids in the house are asleep), so I start setting up to work out now. Give Daisy the iPad so she'll FINALLY stop crying, get my mat and clothes and weights, spend ten minutes trying to get iTunes to work, and another ten loading a Zumba playlist in spotify. Not bc I'm doing Zumba but because I want to feel like I'm in a Miami nightclub with Dexter and Angel and even Deb and Rita. When all is said and done, my twenty five minutes workout has taken just over an hour. Lame. Daisy alternates between jumping up and down with me and watching team Umizoomi on the iPad. I swap out the laundry after I'm done before flopping down on the couch to die.

I'm supposed to clean the playroom this morning.  And I really do intend to.  But we got these new cubby shelves, and it really would be easier to keep clean if they had the right sized baskets to put in them.  So instead of ACTUALLY picking anything up, I play around on the computer and order new baskets.  I'll clean when they get here next week. 

Read the same book four times to Daisy.

Make poached eggs for lunch.  They don't turn out right, so I do the only logical thing I can think of.  I eat them all and then I top it off with a side of brownies.  Duh.

-1240 get packed up to get Warren. There's a bad accident right on the corner, the airbag went off.  This makes me super nervous and I start to panic, thinking that Ava and Scott are dead at school and no one can get ahold of me.  Pull over, make sure my phone is on and turned up.  Try to take a few deep breaths and be rational. peniThey're fine, you just need some sun.  Shouldn't have hidden under the covers this morning.  Calm down, this isn't happening.  You're just in a bad mood.  Finally get Warren home, give him a snack, put him and Daisy down for their naps.

And then... Dexter.  Ahhh.  Perfection.  Fold laundry and sit as close as possible to my sad lamp for an hour while I watch the second to last episode of season two.  I fricking love this show.

-1520 Get the babies up, shovel more snacks down their throats, load up to get Scott.  I have a twenty minute gap between Scott and Ava, and it's a two minute drive.  Normally I just sort of piddle around or park and play on my phone, but today we have to run to Waitrose and get some wipies and veggies.  The boys are great, and Daisy isn't half bad either.  Then we rush to get Ava just in the knick of time.  Another mom at Ava's asks if her kid and Ava can have a playdate!!! I try not to squeal with excitement. I know it's not the same as the mom wanting to hang out with ME, but I'll take whatever I can get.  The sun is out so as soon as we get home, I force everyone outside.  They ride their bikes and scooters and just play, and I sit on the porch and soak up the tiny bit of sun.  It's glorious.  I knew this day was going to be great!!

-1700 As soon as the sun dips beneath the wall in our front yard, it's too cold so we head back inside. The big kids run upstairs to play Power Rangers. Daisy is alone in playroom, happy with Legos and matchbox cars. I poke my head in and start asking if she wants to go play with the big kids. Of course she doesn't, she wants to follow me around crying. What was I thinking?!?! Why didn't I just leave here there happy?!?! I could have had more time to myself to waste time on the computer!!!

We have burritoes for supper, thanks to my handy dandy crockpot.  Getting a UK spec crockpot was basically the first thing I did when I got here.

-1830 homework with Scott. Groan. I cannot STAND homework. And he seems to have a lot.  It doesn't help that Ava never has ANY because her school makes it a point to not have to do ANYTHING at home.  They want home time to be family time.  They do swimming, piano, ballet, and sports all during the school day so we don't have to waste our family time running her all around town. Isn't that awesome?!?! Why can't Scott's school be like that?!?!
Anyway.  Homework doesn't take too long. Worried the school will kick us out when they realize how much I DON'T do with him at home. Kids get into jammies. Sweet Ava even brings me down a pair for Daisy without me even asking. Get everyone settled with Spy Kids 3 while I load the dishwasher and clean up after supper. Is there a dumber movie on the planet? After I'm done, head in with them to cuddle. Daisy and Scott climb all over me.

-1915 Nick gets home early!!! Bail on the kids pretty much the SECOND he walks in the door so I can finally take a shower while he puts them to bed.

-2000 finally sit down to watch the last Dexter of season 2. Have to stop repeatedly. Warren comes down with bloody nose, Nick on the phone with the bank bc my credit card won't work online and that's just not cool. Finally finish. Love it. Best show ever. Well, one of the best.

Watch Sons of Anarchy with Nick and play on phone until 2230. Nick takes boys pee and changes Daisy. Read in bed till 2330 and hit the hay. Pray there's some sort of weird twilight zone thing and I can sleep for fourteen hours but still have a smooth morning and get out the door on time. You never know...

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  1. awww, i so enjoyed reading about your day. It makes me reminisce about my days like that. my 3 kids are in their 20's now with babies of their own. so enjoy those crazy days. they go by way too fast.