Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ireland: Blarney Castle, Drombeg Cirlce, Dublin

Again, I've already posted all of these on facebook, but I just can't help myself.

We took the ferry from Wales to Ireland on Monday.  We forgot our passports and decided to just hope for the best.  We made it through, customs on the Ireland side just asked us if we were British and Nick flashed his Royal Navy ID and we drove right through.  So I wouldn't say you NEED your passports, but I would have felt MUCH better if we'd had them.  I don't handle stress very well.  As if that was any sort of secret.

Anyway, by the time we landed it was like five, and the cottage we rented was another FOUR HOURS away.  Poor planning on our parts, what a bunch of idiots.  The cottage was FANTASTIC.  Cute, whimsical, warm, and big enough.  What else do we need?

On Tuesday, we got a decently early start and drove down the the Blarney Castle.

It was REALLY fantastic.  Very commercialized, but it didn't really bother me.

We climbed up to the Blarney Stone to kiss it and realized at the last minute that they were OBVIOUSLY not going to let our tiny little kids do it.  Warren started crying though and the dude in charge let him sneak down and give it a go.  This is as far back as he would scoot.  His mama didn't raise no fools.
 Nick did it.  I didn't even consider it.  It's REALLY high!!
After the castle, we toured the grounds for a bit.  It's REALLY pretty in there, if anyone is planning a trip.  Well worth it.

 So this happened.  They have a POISON GARDEN.  The really scary stuff is under those weird cage thing, but with our kids, we decided not to risk it and didn't even set foot in there.

So, this is one of Daisy June's thangs.  She likes to stick her head between your knees and hold on while you walk around.  It's SO weird.  That's a weird kid. And she's making me stand funny, that's why my boots look like that.  My cankles aren't THAT big.

Then we hit up a pub before heading to our next stop...

The Drombeg Stone Circle.

 I have a thing for these megalith things. Who knows why.  Because I'm a weirdo probably.

 There was NO info around this one, nothing like Stonehenge, but even still.  You know people did this THOUSANDS of years ago.  Why? How? And how did they get these heavy stones here? And why? And HOW?

 Whatever.  BLOWS MY MIND.  I just LOVE it.  I can't WAIT to get back to Stonehenge.  Although, obviously, they don't let you climb around there.  Bummer.

Had enough pictures yet? Just a few more, promise.

We went to Dublin on Wednesday.  I wasn't overly impressed, although the Guiness tour was pretty cool.  We rode the hop on hop off bus, saw Tom Cruise's hotel with tourists camped out front, saw all the rest of the tourists waiting at the red carpet for his new movie premier (I don't even know what movie, that's how late my EWs come out here!!!) and listened to our HILARIOUS busdriver give us a brief (VERY BRIEF) history of the city.
Can't even remember what church this is...

Warren slept through the bus tour. 

 And that was our first two days in Ireland.  Four more to go!! You lucky reader you.

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  1. I just had to look through these photos. I've never been to Blarney or Drombeg, but I so want to go now!! I think the church above is Christ Church Cathedral and I can't tell you how many times I've maneuvered a sleepy baby up and down the steps of a double decker tour bus. And nursed, too. That happened. Oh the places around Dublin I have nursed... I'm probably quite well known. ;)