Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ramblings and the Ring of Kerry

-So here's the thing.  Nick is back to shift work, which is seven twelve hour day shifts followed by seven twelve hour night shifts, with nary a day off between. Which translates to FOUR WEEKEND days with my children, two of which include a husband sleeping directly over our heads.  I planned on taking them to the park each of the four days, but so far, no dice.  When people talked about how much it rains in the England, they really weren't kidding.
Minus the week we spent in Ireland of course.  And if nonstop rain this weekend and next are the price I have to pay for those glorious (albeit cold) sunshiney days in Ireland, I'll GLADLY pay it.

So.  Back to the thing I was referencing before I got sidetracked by all that blue sky.  My kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves.  That's why I had so many so fast, and why Nick and I made a conscious decision not to spend a lot of time on our knees on the floor 'playing' with them.  I've delved into this decision before so I'm not going to reshash it, I just like to make a point that we didn't just 'ignore' them because we were selfish and thought they were boring.  We agonized over the decision and it's not like we roared LEAVE ME ALONE if any of them asked to play.  We played trains and baby dolls.  We still do.  It's just that, for the most part, we make sure that they know that they're expected to play.  Alone or with each other, it matters not to me.  Nick prefers they play with each other, but as a severe introvert, I understand the NEED to have some alone time, and it's blatently obvious that Scott is going to follow in my footsteps.  And even Little Miss Social Butterfly often comes home from school and wants a half hour in her room with the door closed.

Gosh, talk about a ramble.
ANYWAY.  So here's the thing.  It's Saturday morning and I'm watching reruns of The Middle and savoring a huge cup of PERFECTLY blended coffee and chocolate creamer and it's nice and warm and I didn't even have to microwave it because THEY'RE LEAVING ME ALONE. I can hear them, they're in the office.  Which means they've got markers and glue sticks out, and scissors.  Ohhh, scissors,  Which means there will be a HUGE mess and tiny tiny TINY scraps of paper ALL OVER the floor.

So, do I get up and tell them to knock it off and not make a mess? Or do I just let them go.  They're laughing.  No one is yelling, and so far, no one is hitting. The markers wipe up with a clorox wipe.  It comes off in the bath.  The roomba will get the paper bits.
I think I've made my decision.

-Honey, what were you so intent on pointing out?

-My weight loss journey is basically a disaster.  COMPLETELY.  All things considered, I'm about fifteen pounds lighter than I was six weeks after I delivered Daisy June.  TWO YEARS AGO.  I'm thirty pounds heavier than my Goal Weight, set up by me and my WW leader in Honolulu.  I'm ten pounds  heavier than I was when we got the news that we were coming here.  At that weight, ten pounds less than this one, I felt good.  My clothes fit pretty well, my belly was decently flat, and I just felt good, you know? Hence the weight gain.  I got comfortable, stopped tracking, and indulged in one too many rewards for all my hard work.
Haha, I'm just putting these up in order so it's easier to remember which ones I've already clicked, and this came up as I'm talking about how fat I am.  I look pretty good in this one!! But for the double chin.  And double butt.  And I'm not wearing a bra. 

So, thirty pounds is probably just NOT going to happen at this season in my life.  Maybe once ALL the kids are in school and I'm off the crazy meds and Nick is retired from the Navy, maybe then.  So twenty pounds will put me at my pre-Warren weight, the last time I feel like I really looked GOOD.  Like I looked like ME.  
Another one!! This is cracking me up.

So, with this in mind, I got back into the 30 Day Shred, which I really enjoy,  Today is Day 30.  Guess how many pounds I've lost?

I worked out AT LEAST four days a week, usually five.  And I really DID the workouts. And not a pound to show for it.

I feel better, that's VERY obvious to me.  And I'm grateful for that.  And I feel like my belly is a little less bloated, but truthfully, that's probably just wishful thinking.  My pants are still uber tight and I still need my spanks and I still throw out my back every time I pull them on.

You're supposed to be able to lose up to twenty pounds in those thirty days.  I didn't lose ANY.  I figure it must be the food.

So, back to tracking.  Back to drinking water.  Shudder.
I hate water. 

In ten pounds, I'm treating myself to those Lulumon yoga pants I've wanted for EVER.

And if I ever make it to twenty, watch out world, I'll think of something amazing to reward myself with.  Probably from the home section of Anthro.
We finished the Ring where we started, in Killarney.  We explored the city while Warren napped, then took a carriage ride.  Very touristy, VERY fun.

-I've finally got back to reading.  Every time I don't read for a while and then pick the books back up, I always realize how much I LOVE to read.  I've got another book reviews post in the works, but just wait- I'm reading some GOOD stuff.

-I can't think of anything else to say, so here's the last of the pics of my Favorite Day in Ireland.  Although the Clifffs was my favorite day too.  And I really like Blarney Castle and the Rock of Cashel.  Seven way tie?


  1. I am new to your blog. Just happened on it. Cute post today with gorgeous pictures.

  2. I love all of your sky is to.die.for! I travel vicariously through your pics lately! I have girl.boy.boy.girl, too, and I admire your travel skills (read: Patience with 4).

    1. I wouldn't exactly say I'm patient... But I just REALLY want to see all this stuff, and since we can't afford a nanny... Anyway. They spend a LOT of car time on ipads and stuff. But thank you!! There, that's more gracious. Thankyou for the compliment.