Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Wales was...less than overwhelming.
(This is all the pictures I already posted to facebook, and none of the ones from Instagram.)

It was SUPER cute in places, I'll give it that.  And instead of coming out and saying "Wales sucks" like I was initially going to do, I'll say that it was FREEZING and the house we rented was AWFUL and I was super antsy to just get to Ireland already.  So that might have had a lot to do with our experiences.  Nothing was truly AWFUL, it was just....meh.  Does that make any sense?

It was only a four hour ride to the house, so we made a detour to visit Tintern Abbey, which was AMAZING.  I'd say Tintern is just a smidge better than the boarder abbey we hit in Scotland.

After a freezing cold night shivering in the Worst House We've Ever Rented EVER, we got an early start for Pembroke Castle.  Mainly so we could enjoy the car heater.  It was closed (I really meant EARLY) so we found the CUTEST little breakfast place.

The castle was neat, not as cool as Warwick but certainly better than that Sterling Castle from Scotland.

We were going to tour Manorbrier Castle next, but we decided to just play around on the beach instead.  I think it was the right call :)

Daisy discovered the joy of throwing rocks into water, and she's been OBSESSED ever since.  Seriously.

This beach was VASTLY different for my tropical island babies.

After that, we warmed up in a traditional tea room.  So fun.

Then we wandered around the town and Warren fell asleep.  Because duh.

Next day was the best day in Wales.  We went to Carreg Castle, which is super old and ruined and PERFECT.  Exactly the kind of thing I'm always looking for.

Pretty badass.

Ugh, then we went to the National Showcaves.  It was super expensive, and just sort of tacky.  My mom and I went to these stalactite caves in Kentucky or something once, and it was WAAAAY better. I guess I was expecting it to be like that, otherwise why would I have wanted to go? Who knows.

Eating ice cream in the million below zero weather is apparently super fun though.

Sunday we headed up to ride the steam train through a valley that I can't remember the name of.  That was neat too, but it was pretty far from our rental.

So that was Wales.  I don't really know what else to say.  We might give it another try in the summer, if it ever gets warm enough it might be fun to go to the shore? Who knows. If anyone knows something we could have done to have a better time (besides get a house that doesn't suck) feel free to share.

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