Monday, June 3, 2013


Ya'll.  Lemme tell you something before I make you sit through another Engelbrecht Vacation Slideshow.  So, every now and then I get a ringing in my ears.  It's EXTREMELY annoying, but doesn't last long.  But.  Being me, while it's happening, I always think crap, this is the end, I'm going to be hearing this FOREVER, it will never go away, I will go insane like Van Gogh and they're going to lock me in the fifty floor and it won't even matter because I'll STILL hear the ringing. I like to go ahead and FEEL THE FEELINGS, you know?

Anyway, it always goes away after just a few minutes, always.  But still, each time, I just KNOW it's the end of my sanity.  Seriously, that ringing sound drives people honest to God batshit crazy.  I've googled it.

So last night, at one thirty (as a side note, I went to bed early last night because I'm starting my New Plan, which includes getting up at five to work out so that I don't have to do it at nine thirty while Daisy sits there and watches the iPad, so I think it's pretty ironic that this happened last night, my first night of the New Plan.  Figures.) Anyway, at one thirty, I woke up and heard this AWFUL ringing, worse than usual, and a different, more annoying pitch.  It was BRUTAL.  So I figured this was it, the end, it would never go away and I was going to slowly go insane.

Bonus? Insane people don't have to work out.  True story, google it.

But it didn't go away, and when I covered my ears with my hands, it got fainter.  Hmm.  That made me think it was an actual noise, not something in my ears.  So I poked Nick until he woke up.  I was crying by now, and I asked him if he heard it or if he thought I was going insane.  He growled that he didn't hear anything and went back to sleep.

After a good thirty minutes of praying that it would just fade away, it really started to bother me that it faded when I covered my ears.  It was two in the morning now and I just wasn't functioning properly, but still.  Something was off.  So I got up.

It was our alarm.  No one was breaking in, it was just a fault or whatever, and emitting this horrible high pitched, not TOO loud screech.  If it had been a normal loud alarm sound, it would have been obvious from the get go.  Or maybe if I wasn't such a weirdo.

Anyway.  I made Nick get up and fix it, but he hasn't mentioned it today so I think he doesn't remember, so I had to share with you.  You're welcome.

So.  We went to Belgium last week.  It might be my favorite holiday so far.  It was just really relaxing.  Usually, I plan out a day by day, sometimes hour by hour, itinerary.  I like to have a plan, things just run better that way.  But it can be a little overwhelming, especially for a weeklong vacay.  So for this one, I didn't plan a thing.  Nick booked a house and a ferry, we drove out, and that was it for plans.  We spent six days just wandering Bruges and Brussels and Ghent and hanging out at the fabulous was awesome.  Truly more like an actual vacation than the typical tourist expedition type things we've been doing.

So here's some pics from the first days.  Another side note, I had to restore my phone to factory settings (see how I sound like I know what I'm talking about?!?!) because it turns off all the time, so I lost all the instagrammed pics.  I still have like, the pics, just not with filters.  And as a side note to the side note, it didn't help and my phone still turns off so it was a total waste of time.  Anyone have any more suggestions? It's not that the battery is dying, the phone is literally just turning off, then turning itself back on a few minutes later.  Very weird.

My baby's scar, that I had no idea was so bad until last Monday.  Mom of the year. 
Best Friends Forever

The house had a chalkboard wall.  HEAVEN.

Your husband might be a submariner if...

As soon as we unpacked, we headed into Bruges proper for supper.  That was the BEST part of the house we rented, we could walk right to the heart of the city in twenty minutes.  

We walked back first thing the next morning to do some proper exploring, and passed a little shop advertising passport photos and family sessions.  Hmmm.

I did not know that there were canals everywhere.  When I said I didn't plan a single thing, I really meant it ;) But yes, if you dind't know either, Bruges and Brussels and Ghent are all full of gorgeous, foul smelling canals.  Like Venice.  Maybe not. But still.  Very cool.

I talked about this on IG, but it bears repeating.  These ladies spent a good five minutes unashamedly photographing Ava.  It was VERY strange.  We got it all the time in Guam, and even sometimes in Hawaii, but here? Ava looks JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE here.  What?!?!

 Okay.  I'll be back with Brussels and Ghent and more Bruges.  And some travel tips, in case someone out there is googling "is it possible to visit Europe with four kids who are all a bunch of crybaby assholes without drinking heavily or selling a child or two." The answer, surprisingly, is YES!! It IS!!!

 Engelbrecht out.

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