Friday, August 30, 2013

Flash Back Friday (And *PERHAPS* a Return to Blogging?)

I was going to say that this was our very first picture as a family, but that's not true.  My friend Becca came to visit in the hospital and took one, but I'm still hooked up to an IV and it's all gross looking in my hand (hand?!?! Really!?!? So stupid.) so I picked this little gem instead. Sunshine, blue waters, green grass...we'd taken our Brand New Baby out for a walk, and I was taking pics of Nick at this random bench on the river in the neighborhood and this old lady walked by and was all 'oh how cute, she's precious, want me to take a pic of all of you?'

YES PLEASE. What a cool lady.  I try to make it a point, whenever we go anywhere, to offer to take people's pics so they can both be in it.

Let me rectify that statement to reflect the actual situation: I try to make it a point, wherever we go, to make Nick offer to take people's pics so they can both be in it.

There.  Full disclosure. Zoloft has been a miracle in the whole 'always always ALWAYS knowing without a doubt that my children are dead unless they are in my sight' and the crippling, unable to function anxiety of daily life, but it hasn't really done much for my distaste of talking to people.

Well that's not exactly true. I rarely break out in a cold sweat and hives at the thought of interacting with people anymore, but I still don't want to do it.  I guess it's better though.  I mean, having that choice is certainly nice.  It's not that I am INCAPABLE of talking to people.  I just don't want to suffer that discomfort.

Anyway, so yeah, guess I've basically quit blogging.  It's not like earlier this summer when I was in THE CREATIVITY BLACK HOLE and I JUST WANTED TO SHRIVEL UP AND DIE.  Like, at all.  I've been taking tons of pictures, having a blast editing them, creating all sorts of charts and graphs that don't actually make my life more organized because once I print them, I don't do anything else with them, and I've been reading up a storm.  Certainly I can think of a better cliche than that.  I've been a crazy reading lover? I've been a madman? I've been reading... a lot? This one is tough.

But yeah.  I just don't feel like blogging.  Or writing stories, which I of course miss dearly, but not enough to sit down and do it.  I guess reading takes care of that urge, or at least reading stuff I wish I'd written, which I've been doing a lot of lately.

Every time I think I want to blog, I sit at my beloved Mac Mac and spend twenty minutes searching spotify.  I have fine tuned the PERFECTO station, seriously.  If you use spotify (I miss Pandora dearly, mostly for the free and extremely cheap options, but I love spotify because you get SOOOO many  more choices of how to listen) start a 'radio station based on a track' and use The Boss' Atlantic City.  You have to thumbs down a few lame (but still pretty badass) tracks like Pink by Aerosmith and some Cat Stevens (ew) but then you're left with a blend of Bob Dylan and Amos Lee and REM and Van Morrison and Creedence and U2- and come on, this is actually happening as I type, Rounaround Sue just came on!!! It's just fun.  It's a great station, once you fine tune it.

So then, after I get my jams going ('turn that up, that's my JAM'-seven hundred points if you can name that clip) I open safari, with every intention of writing some brilliant prose to change your life and offer you hope for all the things, but first...let's google a little.

"How fat is too fat for leggins?"

"What if I wear a shirt so long that it's basically a dress?"

"Can my kids get drunk if I accidently put too much vanilla extract in their smoothie?"

"Is coconut rum as good for you as coconut oil?"

"Best low cal drink?" (Rum and diet coke, for the win!!! I already knew that, but I like for google to validate me every now and then)

"How many kids is too many kids?"

"Success rate of reversing tubal ligation?"

"Best warm European holidays for the dead of winter"

"What does Stephen King think I should read next?"

"What show does Stephen King think I should watch next?"

"What movies does Stephen King want me to see?"

(I need to pause for a sec to say that Wild Horses just came on my spotify. The ONLY thing this amazing station was missing was some Stones, and here it is!!! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!)

And by the time I'm done googling, my kids have destroyed something or another (since it's been like ninety minutes...) so my alone time in the office is over.

So yeah.  That's where I've been lately.

I'm not complaining.  (See above: creativity is going strong, zoloft and incredible summer sunshine is keeping me in a pretty good move, new neighbor moved in next door and is potential Fun Friend material, things are fine like wine.  Right as rain.) But I miss connecting to people on this blog (yes, the three of you who read it, we're awesome together!!!)  (Side note, Moon Shadow just came on.  See, if I'd thumbed down a few Cat Steven's songs on Pandora, she would have gotten the hint, but spotify just doesn't know when to quit.  SERIOUSLY?!?! But then, as if she knows I'm getting fed up and am about to stop paying the ridiculous monthly fee {I would NEVER} she pulls up Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress after I thumbs down the ridiculousness that is Moon Shadow.  Nicely played, spottily.)

What was I saying? Oh, blogging.  Yes.

So, the kids go back to school next week and here in England (still can't believe I fucking live in England!!!) you start FULL DAY school at four!!! TOO YOUNG!! But Warren is sort of an asshat, so I'm not overly sad to see him go.  I'll have my sweet (naughty, obnoxious, spoiled) Daisy June all day, just me and her, so I'm going to blog. (Update, Long Cool Woman followed by The Rising by the Boss.  NICELY DONE.) Everyone else did this whole Blog Every Day in August thang (okay, I know one person who did it, but I think it's a thing.  And she's one of my faves, def top five, maybe top three [you know how I love to rank things] {if you want to check her out, here she is. I love her.  We couldn't be more different, and I've never met her and only commented like once, but I just love her blog.})

What was I saying? I got lost in my parenthesis.  Blogging.  See, I don't even want to blog about blogging!!! That made me lol.  I hate people who say lol.  I'm looking at you Angela.  (For more parenthesis, I'd like to thank my darling little Angela for subtly hinting that perhaps I should get back into blogging.)

Anyway.  I'm going to blog every day in September.  So there.  Take that, Not Really Creativity Block But Still a Little Writer's Block I Guess.  Challenge accepted.

Engelbrecht out.  I need to google "why does anyone like Cat Stevens?"

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