Monday, September 2, 2013

Sept 2: Uncle Matt and LeighAnne, Recapped

Going through these pics for our 2013 scrapbook makes me physically ACHE for what I know is coming.  Back to boat life.  Nick gone for days, weeks, MONTHS at a time. Missing out on weird faces his children make, funny things they say, tears they cry, laughter they...hoot? Cackle? Not sure how to finish that one.

Remember on Friends when they get the Male Nanny and Ross says "It's like a woman wanting to be..." and then Joey says it too and Ross squeals "What is the end of that?!?!" and Joey says "Penis model." Remember that? Ahhhh, good times.

Anyway. I'm like eleven weeks behind on the 2013 book. It doesn't help that I took a time out to make a 2011 book and I'm three quarters of the way through a 2005/2006 book.  So yeah. Uncle Matt and Cousin LeighAnne came to visit like...the end of July?

It. Was. Epic.

LeighAnne was AMAZING with the kids, Uncle Matt was as entertaining as ever, Nick had a lot of downtime from work- we were LITERALLY one to one with those awful kids!! ONE TO ONE!!! Do you know how RARE that is?!?!


The first two days we just hung out in London. Hung out at the Marble Arch for a quick game of soccer, walked around Westminster and the Palace, took the kids to Hamley's for the first time...and bumped into Professor Lupin at Covent Gardens.

Yes.  That happened.

No, I didn't speak to him. And no, I don't regret it. Matt and LeighAnne got a kick out of my refusal to speak, but I don't ENJOY talking to people.  I break out in a cold sweat and hives at the idea of having to speak to someone on the phone to order a fucking pizza, I don't hardly want to talk to Professor Lupin.  Seeing him was MORE than enough for me.  Seriously.

Then we drove to Paris for three days.

No big deal.

Side note: I do NOT recommend driving. Take the Eurostar, it's TOTALLY worth it.

When we got back, I called my sweet, awesome sitter and the four of us adults went to London for Epic Date Night. We hit what, five pubs? Including The Tottenham, which featured frequently in Cuckoo's Calling, so that was pretty badass, at least for me.

By this time, we were all exhausted, so we fell back on our go-to, Warwick Castle.  Love that place.  Seriously, it's basically the best.

We also went to Chesington, but apparently I didn't take my camera that day. Matt and LeighAnne had to go back to Florida and it sucked (I may have cried) but we knew Grandma Jane was right around the corner, so it wasn't TOO too bad.

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