Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sept 28: A Day on the South Bank (Photo Overload)

We haven't been into London since August and that's just unacceptable, so today we headed in. Rough life, I know.

I haven't taken many pics lately, so I grabbed my camera before we left, and I've been using my 28-can'trememberthenextpart since Christmas, minus the week in Ireland (swoon), so I swapped out for my old lover, the 50mm 1.8.  I forgot how much I love that lens!!

I also forgot that the last time I used my camera was in a barely lit restaurant. So yeah.  I took most of these pictures OUTSIDE in the FULL SUN with an iso of 6400.

I am such a fucking moron.



My life is HARD.

Regardless.  They were having some sort of Food Truck Festival Type Thing down there and it. Was. Epic.  The smells alone were enough to put me in a coma.  DEAR LORD.

This was some sort of Malaysian Pancake.  With rice? I don't know. It was SO FUCKING GOOD.  I seriously don't think I've ever had something that good.

But almost as good as the actual food was all the signs!!

 I don't know who started the whole Hipster Chalkboard Revolution, but for this food truck thing, it was wholly (is that a word?) appropriate and well done.  Tasteful.  Get it?!?! TASTEFUL. (That's how Ava ends her jokes, by explaining them to us in ALL THE DETAILS.)

And typically, I scoff at signs that declare anything the best on the PLANET, but this was no lie.  This sausage was the best I've ever had.

And I've had a lot of sausage.

Get it? SAUSAGE.

I'm kidding.

But it was amazing.
 I did not sample any cheese because I couldn't find anyone offering free samples of cheese.  Lame.

And I don't drink wine, but I thought this truck was pretty nifty.

Despite all that amazing food, we somehow ended up eating sushi.  Gag me.

Then it started raining a little, so we headed into the aquarium, which was actually why we'd come into the city in the first place, before we discovered all the pancakes and sausage to be had.

Here's my nerd herd kids. I used to wonder how I ended up with such nerdy kids.

 Then I remembered who their mama and daddy are.

Get it? NERDS.
 Favorite shot of the day ^^^

Then we went to play at the Jubille Gardens park, which I think is seriously lame (when compared to all the AMAZING parks and gardens in this amazing city) because it makes a terrible backdrop in pics, but the kids like it because it's fun to play on. Whatever. Nerds.

So I have absolutely no pictures of the park. You're welcome.

But then I caught sight of this bride.

How fucking cool would it be to get MARRIED here?!?! I bet she got some amazing shots in front of Big Ben too.  Bitch. I hate her.

I guess when Daisy marries Prince George, I can probably get a few shots of her in front of Big Ben too.  And if you can't accomplish things yourself, the next best thing is forcing your kids to live your dream for you, right?

 I almost didn't post this because it's so blurry and seriously, SO BLURRY, not a single thing is in focus, but look at my baby's sweet smile.  Notice the lack of diaper bulk!?!?

Then this one, why oh WHY couldn't she be facing into the frame?!?! It would have been PERFECT!!!

Then I got cold so we bailed and headed home.  Guess what Warren did on the train?

So that was our day. I know I've said it like seventeen thousand times, but seriously: I love this city.  LOVE IT. My heart aches at the thought of having to leave.  Honestly. I love it so much.  It's just perfect.

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