Monday, September 30, 2013

Sept 30: Menu Plan Monday (And Another Rant about how Awesome Plan to Eat Is)

First, can I rave about Plan to Eat a little more without being obnoxious and annoying? I just don't know that I've ever loved a paying website MORE than I love Plan to Eat. And I'm sure it goes without saying, but they're totally NOT paying me even a dollar to gush about them.  I just really do love it that much. The latest feature I'm obsessed with? It can suck itself into your calendar.

I use my phone calendar for EVERYTHING.  And I do mean everything.  I map out my weekly chores.  Things as basic as 'fold laundry' or 'mop floors' (which should actually be 'remind Nick to mop floors' because ya'll KNOW I don't do that.) I put embarrassing things like 'walking dead UK premiere' in it (Friday Oct 18 on UK Fox) and 'divergent three published' (Tuesday Oct 22) along with the obvious 'fly to Iceland' and Nick's call schedule.

So seriously, everything.  I don't want to miss a thing. (Are you singing? Just admit it.)

I used to type up the menu in it too, just so I knew what was coming up and could take whatever out of the freezer and stuff like that. But PTE does it for you, AND it's a clickable link to the recipe all done up in the website AND they have a 'cooking view' that you can swipe through WHILE COOKING!!!

Here's a visual step by step because it's a slow morning here and I'm pretty bored.
You Start Here, in the Regular calendar view. My PTE just happens to be green, who knows why. Kids are yellow, my stuff is Pink. I have to take Scott today, hence the pink. Yeah, hence!!

When you click the green box to pull up the 'event' you get this. I haven't set ANY of this up, it all just happened magically!! I didn't have to do ANYTHING!!!

When you click either of the red links in the 'event' view, it takes you right to this.  Then you click the 'cooking view' and viola!! You get to the screen below.

This one is super cool because it's big enough for me to read, and if you swipe over the numbered direction part (only that part though, which can be annoying) it swipes to the next step of the recipe!!


Whatever. If you're not using Plan to Eat, you're just being silly.  It's like less than a dollar a day. It might be less than a dollar a week, I don't know math.

Onward? I'm joining the link party at Organizing Junkie for Menu Plan Monday.

Well for Monday, I was going to make these Skinnytaste Italian Meatballs with zucchini noodles for me and some regular pasta for the kids, but we're grilling out with potential new friends instead.  Can't argue with that.
(Side note: I have recently become too scared to steal blogger's photos and post them, even with the image via link thingie. I don't know where this fear came from, but alas, it is there. Which sucks because I myself am always much more likely to try a recipe if there's an accompanying photo. I'm going to take pics of my meals from now on to work around this, but still, I try a lot of new recipes, so there's a lot that I just don't have pictures of. I'm so bummed!!)

Tuesday: Another new one, this time from Weelicious, Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce. Have ya'll visited the Weelicious site? It's hit or miss for me, sometimes her stuff seems doable, sometimes it's a little too cutesy for my tastes. This recipe she's got for the Chicken Satay is actually from someone else, a Katie Chin, who I should probably follow as my husband has a soft spot for Thai food.  I'm not a HUGE fan, I feel like every time I eat anything Thai, alls I taste is peanut butter.  Which you'd think I'd love, since I LOOOOVVE peanut butter, but alas.  (Apparently the word of the day is ALAS.)

Wednesday is supposed to be leftovers, but I'm thinking of maybe whipping up the Italian meatballs and zucchini noodles instead.  Leftovers are so gross.

Thursday: My own version of the Comfort Meatballs.  OHHHHHHH, how I've missed these.  They don't sell the McKormick seasoning packets here (they're very strict or something on preservatives and chemicals and all that dangerous stuff that gives food a shelf life of seventy five years). I will be on the hunt this week for a do it yourself version of the packet, but I'm terrified that it's the chemical garbage that makes it sooooooo gooooooooodddd and these will taste like dirt and I'll hate and my life will be ruined FOR EH VER.

And if you want the PW version, here you go.

I know I don't usually plan for Fridays, but I've been craving these, so I went ahead and added them: Chicken Teriyaki Burgers.  I'm assuming Nick does something different with these, so maybe I'll have him share with me and I'll give these a post- they're THAT good. In fact, I probably already posted about them.  I'll give it a google and see what I can come up with.

Saturday grill out or eat out or take out or something else out.

Sunday another roast, this time I think we'll try Jamie's Mothership Sunday Roast Pork.  Huh. He's taken it off his website!! Weird.  Anyway, here's the link to just his site, if you wanna have a look around.  That's really weird! Yet another reason to use Plan to Eat, if I'd just pinned this, I wouldn't have access to the recipe, but since I magically sucked it into PTE, it's there waiting for me, along with a detailed shopping list of things I need to create it.

Oh, Plan to Eat. You complete me.

So what are ya'll cooking this week? If you need a little inspiration, head over to Organizing Junkie for hundreds of ideas.

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  1. I am willing to bet that this seasoning recipe is right up there with your packet. and you can make a bigger batch to have ready when you need it.

    2 1/2 tablespoons paprika
    2 tablespoons salt
    1/2 teaspoon dried parsley
    2 tablespoons garlic powder
    1 tablespoon black pepper
    1 tablespoon onion powder
    1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
    1 tablespoon dried leaf oregano
    1 tablespoon dried thyme
    1 tablespoon tony’s or season salt

    good stuff.