Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sept 8: A Recap of Grandma Jane's Visit

Nick's mother came for about two weeks at the beginning of August.

I feel bad for people who don't get along with their in laws, and maybe I've got rose colored glasses because I only see mine once a year, if that, but either way, I get along fine with mine. Jane is smart and funny and agreeable and who doesn't mind an extra pair of hands?

And, now that I have boys, I respect her even more because let me tell you something, no WAY am I letting Scott marry some girl who will be kissin him and huggin all up on him and trying to get him away from me.

Never. Gonna. Happen.

Anyway. We OBVIOUSLY had a blast, despite the crap weather. And I say crap, but it wasn't really THAT bad. It was wet, yes, but it wasn't cold, so there's that. And it was my own fault for bringing ONLY my Toms to the Lake District while I had a gorgeous shiny pair of Hunter's sitting on my laundry room floor at home.

Other than the weather and my lack of proper footwear, the Lake District was awesome.  Gorgeous, fun, relaxing, the works.  The house we rented was a little out of the way, but it was huge and really cute and had a coal fireplace that was super fun.

And where would we be without a trip to Warwick? This time we let the kids go to "Knight School" and lemme tell ya, if you're headed up there, it's definitely worth the five pounds. The guy is SUPER good with kids (duh, every single person there is amazing) and my kids LOVED IT. I mean, pretending to cut a guy's head off? YES PLEASE.

And of course, St. Albans.  My love. We climbed the clock tower (my first time) for a fantastic view of the Cathedral from 93 steps up. Very cool, and I'm not big on heights, so that says something. Then we went to a park with the pieces of the Roman Wall, still standing some eighteen HUNDRED years later.  Mind. Blown.

So, that's Grandma Jane's visit, in a nutshell.

And, for any interested parties, here's a little hint of our Next Big Holiday.

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