Monday, September 9, 2013

Sept 9: Menu Plan Monday

Wow. This brings back memories, right? I don't think I've posted a menu since we moved to London.

I know, you've missed it DESPERATELY.  And for that, I apologize.

I finally drank the kool aid and signed up for the Plan to Eat site. They give you a thirty day trial, and lemme tell you, their market researchers did right by them- that trial sucks you in. So easy!! So quick!! They have a pin it type button that REALLY WORKS!! It syncs with google calendar!  They have a link to make reading the recipe on your phone while you cook easy!!!

So yeah. I had to pay to continue. Well played, Plan to Eat geniuses.  Well played.

I just wish I could figure out how like look for friends or whatever. I know Skinny Taste uses it (okay, I might have made that up) and it would simplify things EVEN MORE (hard to believe that's possible) if I could just search her recipes right on the PTE site.

As a side note, Skinny Taste has been one of  my go-to blogs for food for a few years now, along with Life as a Lofthouse, which has apparently changed its name to Life IN the Lofthouse (??) but it's still the same great site, and Lovely Little Snippets. Remember that time I discovered Sante Fe Fish Tacos and then I died? That was LLS.  So. Good.

So yes, those are my go-tos for new recipes, but I'm also plowing through Dinner: A Love Story (SO GOOD, and not just as a recipe book, it's like a REAL book too, if that makes any sense). She's such a fantastic writer, and even though it's HIGH UNLIKELY, I'm secretly hoping her next book is some sort of novel.

Hey, a gal can dream.

And my last recommendation is Danielle at Against All Grain.  I've only recently discovered her, and I stupidly bought the Kindle version of her book instead of the real thing (it was twenty bucks cheaper) so I haven't dived (dove?) into it too much, but last night we had the Citrus Cumin Chicken and it was pretty good.  (After an extensive ninety second google search, I have decided that she hasn't posted this recipe online because she wants you to buy the book, which I understand, but still sort of sucks, you know?)

As a side note on my side note, you might be interested to know that I have adopted a psuedo paleo diet.  I still sneak a lot of Potty Training Candy (NOT paleo) and I usually have a sprinkle of cheese on my salads (not paleo) and salad dressing, and last weekend I had a cheesesteak and fries and last night I ate ALL THE PRETZELS and I still drink a Cherry Coke Zero every day at two thirty, but other than THAT I think it's going pretty well and I'm quite proud of myself and plan to blog about it this week.

Cue breathless anticipation.

Anyway, all that nonsense to say, HERE'S WHAT THE ENGELBRECHTS ARE EATING THIS WEEK.

Sunday: Lamb Shoulder Roast from Jamie Oliver. We're trying to get into the (apparently British) tradition of Sunday Roast.  Our friends had us over for one a few weeks ago and it was so fucking good that we've tried to duplicate it twice, with no luck.  Here's hoping the third time is the charm.

Monday: 30 Minute Lemon Brown Sugar Chicken.  Ahhh. This is an old standby, it's so good.  Do yourself a favor and add it to the rotation.

Tuesday: Leftovers. Gross.  This usually means cereal and frozen waffles for the kids and eggs and bacon for me and Nick.  We're so wasteful.  But not really, we're actually a family of six and a lot of times, we just don't HAVE any leftovers.

Wednesday: Pork Chops with Mustardy Apples and Onions.  Oh man, this is SO GOOD. It's from DALS and it likes like four minutes and it's SO GOOD. I literally lick the plate and gobble up all the onions.  SO GOOD.  Did I mention how good it is?

Thursday: Easy Crockpot Chicken Tacos.  I haven't made this yet, but I'm fairly confident as a: LLS hasn't let me down yet, and b: it's a chicken taco. You can't really go wrong, right? Anyway, we're about to put Scott in karate one evening a week (I know, I know, it's against EVERYTHING I stand for do participate in things like this, but something needs to be done with his anger and energy, and his school doesn't offer the plethora of right-at-the-school-right-after-school activities that Ava's does, so this is the only option.)  So I need a once a week crockpot meal so we can eat early. It won't always be on Thursdays, I actually have no idea what day it is.  Nick is in charge.  Duh.

Friday: BBQ Sticky Chicken with Lemon and Garlic, another one from Jamie Oliver. Haven't made this one yet either, but it sounds like a no brainer.  We almost always grill on Friday and Saturday, so whatever.  And now that it's not nine million degrees, I don't mind that you have to prebake these in the oven.

Saturday: I don't plan for Saturdays, whatever Nick wants to throw on the grill or pick up from the store or Pizza Express is what we eat.

So that's it for us.  What are ya'll cooking this week? Do you use Plan to Eat? Are you interested? I gotta say, the free trail is worth it.  Since it's free.  You don't have to put in your credit card info and remember to cancel at the thirty day mark like most 'free trials', it truly is free, no strings attached.  And I understand that you could do everything PTE offers with an excel spread sheet and Pinterest and your google calendar, but to have all three of them in one program is just worth five bucks a month for me.  Seriously.

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