Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11: Wordless Wednesday (not even close)

I always get bummed on Sept 11 because DUH. And it doesn't help that now I also get weird about Aug 29th (Hurricane Katrina, for those not in the know, the day I thought my entire family drowned and went into preterm labor with Ava and couldn't get ahold of my husband who was in the middle of a six month deployment) so yeah. How many thousands of lives were lost? On each occasion? Why? It just gets to me. As I'm sure it gets to most people. The why. It'll drive you crazy, you know?

I'll never forget last summer, when we took my mama to the airport and the kids watched her go through security and asked me what was up with that.

They don't know that it didn't used to be like that.

And then, since I thought they were old enough for the barest of bare bones, I had to explain to my precious babies, my BABIES, just why we're so worried about bad people sneaking guns or knives onto airplanes. And how so many years before they were even born, so bad men did just that, and then they used their naughty weapons to use the planes to attack a city in America  and hurt a lot of people who weren't supposed to ever get hurt.

And of course, OF COURSE, the first thing they say is WHY. Why did that happen?

And I told them I don't know. And that was fine, they got distracted by some vague shiny object in the distance and we left the airport and went on about our day. They don't know why, but they don't really care.


But I bet they will. And it breaks my heart.


  1. So sad. Seems like forever ago that we didn't have to lock our doors...that we were allowed to ride our bikes to a friends house a mile + away and be gone until dinnertime without our parents worrying. Now, because of all the sick individuals in the world, we can't let our children out of our sight for a min. Very very disturbing. XOXO

  2. Oh my gosh....both of those dates will always be seared in my brain. And I am dreading the day Mason asks "why".