Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 12: Throwback Thursday

So these are from the 2007 book.

Sweet Lord, that child sure took her time learning how to walk. I was practically in tears, crying "Ava, once the baby is born, I won't be able to carry you, you HAVE to walk!!!" FYI, babies? They don't really care when you cry.  Babies be babies.

 Thank God Arika came up to help me. Nick was deployed and I was MISERABLE. Absolutely miserable. I'm sure if you're healthy it's fine, but for fat lazy people, I do NOT recommend getting knocked up eight months after you deliver the first one.

 I thought the *one* plus to having a repeat section would be avoiding that awful pain that came with labor. Not so much. I woke up the DAY BEFORE THE SECTION WAS SCHEDULED with that horrible gut wrenching (literally) knife stabbing pain.  Seriously? Yes, seriously.  Warren is the only one who didn't ruin my life and send me into labor before surgery. THE ONLY ONE. That's why he's my favorite. That's also why he cries all the time, he still wants to be in there. STILL.

 Wasn't Scott gorgeous? Such a fatty. I'd like to address the stupid look on my face in those pics. Now, this is going to sound awful (what else is new?) but I did NOT want a boy.  It honestly never even dawned on me that that was even a possibility. I just assumed that I'd have girls. It wasn't really anything I even THOUGHT about. When the US tech said "It's a boy!" as soon as my big scan started, I burst into tears.  I cried through the whole thing. And I cried for days after that. And I thought I wouldn't love a boy, I really did. So that stupid look? It's me realizing that OF COURSE I LOVE MY SON. Like, DUH. Hit me like a ton of bricks.  Weirdo.

 Obviously, my mama had come up to replace Arika by this time.  She kept Ava while we drove to the hospital, then brought her to daycare so she could visit me in recovery, then went back to get her and then came BACK to the hospital to show her Scott.  Bless that woman. Poor Nick, as soon as he came back to recovery to see me, I opened my eyes and said "Is my mom here?!?!" I mean, I was glad to see him, blah blah blah, but he'd been there for the surgery, he'd only left like twenty minutes before to go with Scott to the nursery. I WANTED MY MAMA. I think it's a havin babies thing. You want your mama when you have a baby, am I right?

 Ohh, Past Jenn.  So stupid.  DON'T TAKE YOUR ONE MONTH OLD AND EIGHTEEN MONTH OLD ON VACATION. It's not a vacation. You will feel like your life is over. On that same stupidity note, I thought two babies on vacay was hard. HAHAHAHA. If only you could see me now, Past Jenn.
I seem to be missing a LOT of pictures from 2007.  Either I didn't ever take any, or I forgot to back them up.  I'm leaning towards forgetting to back them up.  Which mega sucks.

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  1. I think wanting your mama is just an all-the-time thing. At least for me. When I had wrist surgery 3 weeks ago, the first thing I remember crying (literally) when the nurse was all up in my face as I was coming out of the anesthesia was, "You're not my mom. I need my mom." Super grown up 20 year old, right here.

    Also, I still think you are just an awesome mom. I hope my life is somewhat like yours one day.