Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 14: White Cliffs of Dover

When my dad was here, he only wanted to do two things: see Stonehenge, and the White Cliffs of Dover.

Then he got here and fell in love with the Magic and Wonder that is the City of London.

He. Loved. It.

He couldn't get enough. Which is weird, if any of ya'll know my dad. He takes my stay inside and avoid all people hermitness to a WHOLE nother level. But he LOVED London. As do I.

Maybe London is some sort of place for introverts? A Big City for people who Hate Big Cities? Who knows. I do find it odd that we BOTH love it so much.

I mean, me? Loving a city? It's weird. When we were in Connecticut everyone was like OMIGOSHAREN'TYAGONNAGOTONYC!?!?!?! Um, fuck no. I can't go to New York!!! All those people?!?!? PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!!!!

I don't know. London is crowded. There are people everywhere. But it's just DIFFERENT. It's just perfect.

ANYWAY. My point is, he loved London so much that he wanted to spend all his time there. Riding the subways, exploring Kensington, riding the subways, exploring Westminster, riding the subways some more, going back to see a little more of Kensington and Notting Hill, and topping it off with a few more rides on the subway. So we made it to Stonehenge, but he never did get to Dover.

Well, we didn't have any plans this weekend, so we decided to head down there.  Over there? Not sure.

 Rough life, I know. Anyone married to a submariner and reading this? SHORE DUTY IS YOUR REWARD. And it's TOTALLY WORTH IT.

(Remind me of that when Nick goes back to sea. Groan.)
Why is this picture so big?!?!?

 Think Kelly Moore wants to pay me for this ad?

Anyway. These cliffs weren't as breathtaking as the Cliffs of Moher, but it was cooler in a way because we could do whatever we wanted. We could stand dangerously close to the edges, we could have walked right to the tippy tops of the white ones if we weren't so lazy and we didn't have ALL FOUR KIDS CRYING AT THE SAME TIME, but it was still cool. And there were no crowds!! Because it was freezing and raining, perhaps, but it was raining at lot in Ireland and it was still sucky crowded. Anyway.

 Why is Ava so angry up there? Your guess is literally as good as mine. I know she's only seven, but I SWEARTOGOD she's about to get her fucking period. She is so MOODY!!!
 See!?!?! This is like two minutes later, and she's all smiles!!! She's probably thinking of shoving me backwards down that cliff to my death. Ugh.

Then we overhiked back to the car and missed the cafe, so we headed down to the town and ate at the Oldest Pub in Dover. Ya'll, the walls were COVERED with signatures of people who swam the English Channel!!! Isn't that wild?!?! I mean, I knew people did it, but to see their names up there was just a little mind blowing. Can you imagine SWIMMING for fifteen hours straight?!?!?

 After lunch, we wanted to check out Dover Castle, just for fun. I'm so glad we did!! We almost didn't. It was super cute, and the grounds were HUGE, and they had a cute little train to take you from place to place, it was just neat. It wasn't as good as our favorite Warwick, but it was cool. AND all the history was in the same time period as Pillars of the Earth (mid to late twelfth century) so that was cool.

I love taking pictures of Ava taking pictures.
Nick tricked me into hiking all the way up to the roof. Groan.

We were gonna stop in Canterburry on the ride home (also featured in Pillars, I love that book SO MUCH!!!) but when we got there, all the kids were asleep and the cathedral closed in like twenty minutes, so we kept going. Sort of a bummer, but surely we'll be back before we  leave?

Anyway. That's all I've got. I made it with only two hours to spare!! Thirty days of blogging is HARD ;)

Engelbrecht out.


  1. Some of these pics are amazing! Love, love! Especially the one of Ava standing out alone looking at the cliffs.
    Also, love the pic of Dover Castle, but my brain kept saying...Who has to mow that?!

    1. Right?!?! In Guam and Hawaii, you would see guys ALL THE TIME with weedwackers, cutting the grass. So loud, and SO ANNOYING. No one came to cut our grass all summer, and I've never seen anyone doing any of the public grounds. Weird, right?!?